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Because I am bound and determined to finish the next chapter of TTYNKAP soon and I've been all "Music!!" since I got a new iPod...

I'd been wanting to do this for a while, but couldn't because of computer issues, but now everything is happy and shiny and I have music again and I'm working a bit on TTYKNAP every day now, upload hoooo~!

Fic theme - Tupac - Heaven Got a Ghetto.

...I dunno, either. But it happened that way. It kinda fits, though, in its way.

Jie's theme:
周杰倫 [Jay Chou] - 黃金甲 huang jin jia [Golden Armor]

...and thus begins the first of "TTYNKAP owes a massive debt to Jay Chou." See, not only is Jie Jay's namesake--Jay's name romanized is "Zhou Jie Lun", and the "Guang" comes from the first word in the song "The Casualties of Stopping War"--but Jie's character was influenced by Prince Jie, played by Jay Chou, in the movie "The Curse of the Golden Corset." For a long time, he just wouldn't solidify in my head. Auntie Qian, yesh, she was like Athena springing fully-formed and chewing people out from my head, but Jie was this big question mark. And then I watched "Curse of the Golden Flower." Or rather, I watched it, then watched a "Making of" where they talked to Zhang Yimou, and he talked about Prince Jie's dilemma and how Prince Jie had no choice but to do as he did, because of the culture and thinking of the time. And then I watched "Curse of the Golden Flower" again and suddenly the missing piece to my Jie--the thing I couldn't see with my American brain--just snapped into place because I was watching the movie with more understanding of the Chinese thinking behind Prince Jie--the piece of just what had shaped Jie and what his thinking had been just gelled and BOOM, I had Jie was there, and not some 2D "Reno's friend" faceless character.

This song is one of the theme songs to "Curse of the Golden Flower" that Jay wrote, and it is full of rocktastic awesome.

Reno's theme:
周杰倫 (Jay Chou) - 我的地盤 wo de di pan [My Territory]
This is the dorkiest song in existence. The first time I heard it, my eyes bugged out, and I knew for sure that Jay Chou had, indeed, been dropped on the head as a baby. But this song is one I classify as a mold song--even though you don't want it to, it grows on you. Now I love this song, even though I always yell "DURRR!" when it plays, because Jay intentionally put on a super thick Beijing accent for this.

...so yeah, imagine Reno, who has a strong Northern accent, making all those 'r's when he speaks. He'd say things like 'jinr' instead of 'jintian' and 'yi dianr' instead of 'yi dian'. *dies*

Jie and Reno's theme:
王力宏 [Wang Leehom] - 哥兒們 Ge'r-men [Brothers]
You know, I hate Wang Leehom. No, really, I do--I think he's the biggest poser on the planet. But as much as I hate him, I can't deny that this song fits Jie and Reno really well--I listen to it and have this image of them being stupid little teenage snots hanging out together and in general acting like the brothers they pretty much are.

Auntie Qian's theme:
孫燕姿 (Stephanie Sun) - 作戰 Zuo Zhen [Make War]
*grin* It took me a long time to think of a song for Auntie Qian. Truthfully, I still haven't found one that screams out "Auntie Qian!" to me, but this is pretty close.


1 - Flawless:
S.H.E - 中國話 Zhongguohua [The Chinese Language]
This song is adorable. It is light and bouncy and fun and, no kidding, about Chinese, and "The whole world is learning Chinese!"

2 - 笨蛋 Ben dan [Stupid Egg]:
孫燕姿 (Stephanie Sun) - 直來直往 zhi lai zhi wang [Straightforward]
*giggle* This song just amuses me.

3 - Half:
周杰倫 (Jay Chou) - 懦夫 Nuo fu (Coward)
The feeling of this song really matches this chapter, I think. And I love the verse "Bie rang wo de di qiu bian an"--Don't let me world turn dark.

4 - 花炮 Hua pao [Things That Go Boom]:
蘇打綠 - 飛魚 [Fei yu] Flying Fish
This is a chapter I had a hard time finding a good song for. This song is...close. Close enough, anyway. I wanted something light and bouncy and cute, and this song works. :D

S.H.E - Boom
*snicker* Here just because they sing "Boom boom boom, boom boom!" That, and it's a cool song. S.H.E. rocks, yo.

5 - Orders:
Beck - Loser
I hope this one is self-evident. >XD

S.H.E - 藉口 jie kou [Excuse]
...Jay Chou fans, listen carefully to this one. >XDDDD In the middle of this, they reference a Jay song big time, and it amuses me SO MUCH. :D

6 - 注音 Zhu yin [Bopomofo]:
林俊傑 [JJ Lin] - 聽不懂 沒關係 Ting bu dong mei guan xi [Don't get it, doesn't matter]
*snicker* I love this for the line JJ speaks when he says, "Mom, you just don't get it!" and a woman answers back "So what?" *dies*

7 - Serious:
王力宏 [Wang Lee Hom] - Like a Gunshot.
...I still hate Leehom, but this fits.

郑楠 - 叫 [jiao]
Because I hate Leehom, I'm giving you another choice, one I think fits just as well. And is kinda sexy in places.

8 - 工作 Gong zuo [Get A Job]:
The Offspring - Get a Job
*grin* I know, obvious song is obvious. XD this is where the English title of the chapter came from.

9 - Roadtrip:
周杰倫 Jay Chou - 鬥牛 [Bullfight/Pick-up Game]
周杰倫 Jay Chou - 將軍 [General/Checkmate]
Both of these songs are about one person against another. Interpret this for the next fic as you will. Especially since the odd-numbered fic are from Rude's POV, and this one takes place in Wutai. So in a way, knowing about these songs gives you a heads-up on things happening in the fic that you don't get to see happening because Rude is all "...They're all speaking Wutai. Bwuh." *is evil* Also, I picked the live version of the first song because it's hot.

I have songs for the rest of the chapters, but honestly, uploading those would practically border on spoiler. So, those will wait until I've written up through chapter 10.

Happy listening! :D


Takes skillz to delete an entry instead of updating...
It does, yo.

*snicker* I've done worse. ^_^

So...what is this fictunes of which the mod (that's you) speaks?
Tee hee! [info]fictunes is a com that [info]ciceqi started, where she'd upload a bunch of songs each month and people would write fic based on them. For some reason it never quite took off, and plus she was busy, so the comm got a bit neglected. I thought it was such a good idea that it was a shame to let it kind of wander into the world of abandoned comms and asked her about it, and now, w00t, I'm the new mod. I officially take over modding it next month, and I already have a LOT of songs planned to upload for my first month. :D I decided to pick a theme, and I'm doing "The Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues," and picked a song (or two) for each sin and virtue. And did my best to try to go musically all over the map so people can find something they might like. :D And yeah, I'm all excited. The comm is small and not that active, but I hope that eventually (and with some comm-pushing, which I suck at but OH WELL) it'll grow.