The Almighty Fic Master List

OK, this is my fic master list to end all master lists. Everything as I post it will be linked to from this post. So, yeah. The Almighty Master List. Some things aren't linked yet, because I haven't uploaded them to this journal yet. Meh, I'll get to it one of these days. XD


Multi-chapter fic:
The Things You Never Knew About People [drama, humor]. You'd be amazed, the things you never knew about people. Elena likes bad B horror movies. Rude has a sweet tooth. And Reno, well, Reno is a rather cunning linguist. NOW COMPLETE!
[Reno, Rude, Elena, backstory OCs]

Welcome to ShinraMart [FF7 AU WIP, crack] - Conbiniverse!
[Sephiroth, Zack, Cloud, et al]

Ein Sof [WIP, brainbendy] - They are the vessels of the Word.

Unparalleled Under Heaven [WIP, drama] - He is the Silver Dragon, unparalleled under heaven.

Harrow Children - [WIP, AU, drama] The line between the quick and the dead is thin and blurred, and some fragments of memories live on past death.
[Zack, Cloud, Tifa]

The Problem with Puppies [WIP, crack, AU] - Sephiroth has acquired a puppy. Because someone has to take over for Angeal.
[Zack, Sephiroth, Cloud]

In This Together [WIP, yaoi] - Once upon a time, there were two boys from Banora.
[Angeal, Genesis, Sephiroth]

[drama, au, WIP] - Rather than try to breed a new Ancient, Hojo decides to simply create a new one from Aerith and a terrorist who remembers more than she should.
[Tifa, Aerith]

Crossover! A Hope in Hell - Hope is a hard thing to come by, in both war and peace.
[Angeal, Gong-gil (The King and the Clown)]

Got No Plans to Die Tonight [drama, yaoi] - Reno's got his hand on the controls, and no plans to die tonight.
[Reno, Rude]

Something Delicate [brainbendy, het] - A dream of something that both was and was not. And perhaps sadder because of it.
[Zack, Aerith, Cloud]

The Best Laid Plans - [crack] Even Sephiroth wants Genesis to shut up about Loveless.
[Sephiroth, Genesis, Loveless]

Where One's Responsibilities Lie - [humor, fluff] In which Vincent learns that you are responsible for the things you pick up, and in which Cloud tells someone to stop angsting. Kweh.
[Vincent, Cloud, a chocobo]

Oedipus Tyrannus - [drama] Sephiroth doesn't understand. He doesn't understand at all.

The Meaning of the Word [drama] - Sometimes, having a limited vocabulary is a good thing.
[Rude, Reno]

Fixation [drama] - All Genesis really wants to be is enough.

The Weight of Morality [yaoi] - The boy doesn't know, and Angeal intends to keep it that way.

Fries With That? [crack] - Drivethrus are hell, yo.
[Reno, Rude]

Hide and Seek [drama] - Aerith and Tseng play hide and seek. Only Tseng doesn't know the rules.
[Tseng, Aerith]

Confutatis Maledictis [drama]- There are some things Sephiroth will never say.

Falling Into Grace - [drama, AU] And I am falling into grace, into the unknown, to where you are.
[Sephiroth, Aerith]

Bricks at the Devil - [drama] Don't show your tears to your oppressors; don't show your tears.

The Griffin and the Chimera - [drama] One was divine, chosen of the gods; one was an abomination, made not by the hands of gods.
[Angeal, Genesis]

Deadly Sweet Mother - [drama] Deadly sweet mother, with hatred, nausea blooms.
[Adrasteia Rhapsodos, Genesis]

Stranger in Midgar - [drama] Take my name, but just let me be.

Cooking With Zack - [humor, au] Well, someone has to cook when Tifa can't.
[Harrow Children happy-ending!verse]

Beating the Heat - [humor] Angeal really hates summer in Midgar.
[Angeal, Zack]

The Practicalities of Life - [crack] Why peanut butter can be your friend.
[Sephiroth, Genesis, Angeal, Zack]

Mideelian Cuisine Made (not so) E-Z - [humor] If you can't find a place that can make it for you, you'll just have to make it your own damned self.
[Angeal, Genesis]

Weaknesses - We all have our weaknesses.
[Reno, Rude]

Wanna Cup? - Sometimes, it's mighty hard to get a good cup of coffee.
[Reno, Rude]

What That Guy Needs - Reno meets Rude.
[Reno, Rude]

Scheherezade - Reno has a thousand and one different smiles, and each one tells a different story.
[Reno, Rude]

No Interruptions - Now there won't be any more unpleasant interruptions.

Tu che di gel sei cinta - Sometimes, Sephiroth can hear the voices, chanting his name.

Synapse - She whispered in his ear, and something within him fired.
[Sephiroth, Jenova]

Under the Table - Why it's not a good idea for a Turk and SOLDIER to go boozing. Or maybe why it is.
[Reno, Zack]

Fragments - They are more alike than he had known, until that moment.
[Cloud, Kadaj]

Second Day Chocolate - Why Sephiroth hates certain holidays.
[Sephiroth, Angeal, Cloud]

Nifelheimlich - How to properly deal with Marketing.
[Rufus, OCs]

A Pox on Both Your Houses - The scientists kind of overlooked something...
[Sephiroth, Angeal, Genesis]

3 AM - Sephiroth wishes he could get drunk like they do.
[Sephiroth, Angeal, Genesis]

Easier to Run - Sometimes you just have to do what's easiest.
[Tseng, Zack]

Materia Ice - Loz likes the materia ice man.
[Yazoo, Kadaj, Loz]

Flammis Acribus Addictis - And the wicked shall be consigned to the flames.

Seasons Change - Drabbles based on each of the seasons.

Crossover! O Come Sweet Death - Death must, one day, come for us all.
[Genesis, Tsuzuki]

In 100 Words - Drabbles written from a Dreamwidth comm prompt; link goes to my AO3 account where I cross-post as one story.


Final Fantasy XII:
Dance with the Devil - What Fran sees, in the pale moon light.
[Fran, Balthier]

Not Your Average... - This Sky Pirate cannot be contained by mere buttons.
[Balthier, Fran]

KH/FF12 Crossover thing:
1. Those Who Seek One Moment of Peace - The Viera had a saying about this...
2. Mating Season - The time came for all of them, after all.
3. Naming Advice - The naming of birds is a serious matter.
[Fran, Riku, Sora, Balthier, Cid]


CCS/X: Freeze My Love [multi-chapter, WIP]. A seal, once broken, can never be repaired, especially not in 1999 at the End of the World.

CCS/X: And Some Days, the Tree Gets You [drabble] - Li has a bad day.

Tokyo Babylon: The Most Frightening Thing - Because human beings are the most frightening things of all.

X/1999: Minutes to Midnight - It's ten years after the end of the world, and Tokyo feels fine.

Yami no Matsuei:
Drives [drabble] - Just what drives Hisoka.

Kiss - What would happen if we kissed?

Angel - No angel came. Do-do-do-a-do.

Hurt - I will make you hurt.

Skewing the Results [drabble] - Opening day at Krispy Kreme Shinjuku!


Fullmetal Alchemist:
Her Smile [drabble] - They remember her smile.

Paradise, Regained and Lost - Al and Ed dream.

A Man of Honor [drabble] - Hughes is, above all else, a man of honor.


Metal Gear Solid:
Soft - Hal Emmerich is soft, and what is soft is malleable.

Ienai - For you, some things cannot be spoken; cannot be healed.


Between a Good Man and a Great One'Cause Really</a> - 'Cause really, I'm a psycho. Told you I'm a psycho. And this is going to be such funsies! ...My dear.

Why They Get On - People think they've almost got it figured, why one Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson get on so well. ...Almost.
-Why They Get On - Greg thinks he's almost got it figured, why Sherlock and John get on so well.
-Sussing It Out - What Donovan hasn't quite got sussed out yet is who's fucking who.
-Doing the Legwork - Mycroft Holmes is quite certain he knows what it is his brother sees in John Watson. And, more importantly, what John Watson sees in his brother.

A Terrible and Strange Simpatico - It was a terrible and strange simpatico that John Watson and Mycroft Holmes shared; one that could not be put into words and that could not and would not be mentioned even obliquely.

Violin Concerto I - Nighttime is a different world; one in which Sherlock plays music that is unlike him and John's mind plays nightmares that leave him unlike himself.

Here There Be - Because every castle, or palace, as the case may be, has a dungeon.

Fratres for Violin and Piano - Every year, the Holmes boys pick a duet to play for Mummy. She'd always hoped it would help them get along better. This is, sadly, not the case, but John can see why she does it.

Why They Actually Do Get On - There are reasons that Sherlock and John get on so well. Namely, intimidation via Cluedo boards, pouting, and the occasional serial killer.
Chapter 1: Such is Life in 221B
Chapter 2: Just A Bit
Chapter 3: It's All Fine in the End


One Shots:
Gundam Wing: It's So All Right [drabble] - So don't worry. Everything''s all right.
Kingdom Hearts: But We Have Sharp Teeth [drabble] - You can try to kick the darkness in the face, but we have sharp teeth.
Kushiel Series: A Moment of Creature Comfort - Outside, there was a storm brewing, and it was a night, truly, where I was glad to be inside with a warm fire and the warmth of Imriel's cheek against my knee.
Saiyuki: Come Undone [drabble] - Cho Gonou has come undone.
Death Note: Role and Duty - It is his role and his duty, but he will make her as dirty as he feels.
Silent Hill 4: Not Again, Not Again, Not Again - What is real, what is real, what is real?
Final Fantasy XII: Family Resemblance - It's not his fault she looks so much like her sister.

La Danse Macabre [WIP]:
In Bloom gods. This is where all my time went, isn't it?


:3 Conbini!verse ♥

I hope you don't mind if I friend you?
Nope, it's totally cool. :D

And conbiniverse is fun.
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