jou's horrible, I-hate-my-brain thought for the day

Jou's Horrible, I-Hate-My-Brain Thought for the Day:

So how DO the pudding-type FF monsters reproduce?


*cough* *splutters* Um. Er. >__<
...mitosis, or sommat similar, I guess?
But because of their advanced eyes and mouths, they're obviously higher-level organisms, so they have to somehow sexually reproduce, right?

Well, maybe. But they're also magical beings, so! Normal rules don't have to apply. Right? Right?
That sounds good to me. They are magical being so they reproduce by, I dunno, budding or something.

The alternative is too horrible to contemplate. *death*

Yeah! Or. I dunno. They eat a certain type of fungus and split in two. Or something.

Yeaaaah. It really is. *flaily* Do Not Waaaaaaant. D:!!!!!!
Do you see why I hate my brain?

*cries*'s no worse than mine gets. So. *comfort hugs*
...Well, going by a completely different fandom, it's entirely possible that higher-level organisms can do the budding thing - hey, if giant robots can do it, why not monsters? Just look at Wheezing from Pokemon!

...Yeah, shutting up now. *sheepish grin* Hi, saw this on [info]raisedbymoogles' friends page and couldn't help myself...
lol, yeah, budding works. It's a much safer-for-the-brain alternative! XD
.. robots "bud"?

....... my braaaaaaaains, my squishy meaty mammal braaaaaains!
{i really need to marathon-read some Transformers stories, obviously.}

beyond that, just don't GO THERE, everyone knows that to preserve the sanity of all things with bones and erogenous zones we Just Don't Go There.

BIFURCATION. that's all you need to know.
Bifurcation,'s like parthenogenesis or budding. Some kind of asexual reproduction.
Yeah, that was about my reaction.
Parthenogenesis? YES! That makes sense! That would do it and not make my brain cry much! :D
Oh ya, if that's how it's written :x;; That particular biology class was so, so long ago... in a galaxy far, far away...
lol, I had to look it up, so no worries. XD
Maybe they're like bacteria: they reproduce through binary fission (so you get two offsprings identical to their "parent" -only tinier) but they can trade "genes" (or whatever mystical-defining-essence they might have) horizontally (
This way there could still be some genetic variability, without the potential ickyness of having pudding and sexual in the same sentence? =_=

(yeah, I know it's an old thread... sorry, but my inner geek wouldn't shut up)