The Conbiniverse Master List

When drabbles go WRONG, yo. >XD

"Conbini" is the Japanese shorthand word for "convenience store," and when the drabble request of "Zack, graveyard shift" came, all I could think of was...the conbini. And this was spawned. >XD

Yes, it gets a masterlist, because I just had two more plot bunnies sicced on me (the clones, man. And Yuffie the Shoplifter), and so, yes.

There is an icon, there is a poster, and THERE WILL BE MORE. >XDDDDD

ShinraMart: For All Your Shopping Needs.

The Graveyard Shift - The graveyard shift sucks. Except for when it doesn't.
Smile! - We at ShinraMart want to create a warm, inviting environment, conducive to shopping.
Put It Back - ShinraMart's new anti-shoplifting campaign.
The Five-Finger Discount Girl pt. 1 - Genesis vs. Yuffie, and she really likes those Materia jawbreakers.
The New Guy - The store's got a new guy.
The Five-Finger Discount Girl pt.2 - Now to call in the big guns.
Semaphore Signals by [info]writerzilch (thewriter0 on LJ) - Oh, the things you have to do to try and get free stuff.
The Jenova Cakes Incident by [info]cephy - Jenova Cakes: Just like Mother used to make.
Strategic Retreat - The inventory does have to be done.
The Five-Finger Discount Girl pt.3 - This time it's war.
One-Stop Shopping - TPTB decide that ShinraMart needs a new jingle.
Taste the Flavor by [info]writerzilch - It's all the moogles' fault.
Brothers! ...They're Close - Seph's three little...brothers...come to visit.

I get the feeling, whenever I have a bad day, I'm gonna write Conbiniverse, and seeing as I'm about to become an elementary school teacher...yes. Lots of fic is coming. >XD


*snickering at Yuffie the shoplifter* Maaan, she'd make it a point of pride to keep coming back to see if she could sneak one by Seph. *snickering more*
*snicker* I have this image where Genesis keeps stopping her and can never find anything on her, but he still gets pissed and kicks her out of the store...and then, from the outside, she waves a couple packs of Materia Jawbreakers around while sticking out her tongue, then takes off running.

When Yuffie meets Seph, though...oh man oh man. >XD

*seethes with hate for Yuffie, who is in Crisis Core and keeps STEALING MY TREASURE during the Materia Hunter Zack side missions*

New Guy

I'm glad to have given you nudge with the Materia jawbreakers XD And I can't wait for New Guy XD Yuffie vs. Seph = Total Win

Re: New Guy

*g* They might turn into Materia Gumballs, since I keep thinking that in my head, though, XD.

And Yuffie is prolly gonna get more than one fic--Yuffie vs. Genesis is first. Eventually, the store will call in the big guns. >XC
Oh, man, here you are! Awesome!
*grin* Um, yeah, here I am? XD (Sorry it took me so long; things get lost in my inbox sometimes...)

Couldn't resist.

Summer Holiday or The Beginning of Something Horrific
Anticipation before the battle. Well, anticipation and something... extra. (>____>)/. Zack's thinking of seriously taking away that broom.

School had finally let up for the summer. Well, it was great for the kids, at least. Zack couldn't remember ever dreading the holidays so much. This year, a heatwave had been predicted; the humidity, already bad because of the massive pollution, was expected to rise and people were warned to drink plenty, use lots of sunscreen yada yada.

Which meant the citizens swarming to the store in droves, in turn meaning they'd had 'The Big Security Talk' from the guys above. Like they hadn't met Sephiroth, or at least seen his likeness on those forbidding posters Marketing had brought out.

Ah, yes, Seph.

Zack leaned on the counter, something he would have probably gotten lightly scolded by Cloud for doing, but he just didn't have the energy today to serve customers with a cheery grin and have premonitions of doom at the same time.

He hadn't seen Sephiroth for most of the afternoon. He'd had this air of... eager anticipation about him ever since the news broadcast they'd sat down to watch over a quick cup of coffee in the breakroom before shift started. Zack had shared a glance with Cloud at the other man's expression, a chill going up his spine as he'd thought about the inevitable influx of shoplifters that would be coming in with the announcement.

Sighing, he checked his watch. It was almost time for his break, but Cloud was on a half-day, and Sephiroth was nowhere to be seen. It semed a little feeble to use the tannoy since there was no one else in the shop, and besides he didn't think it had worked since Reno's last escapade, just yesterday. Since it couldn't hurt to move from his position for a moment while he looked for the silver-haired man, Zack went through into the storeroom, expecting to find him polishing his broom or something.

What he actually saw did involve the forbidden love between man and his broom, yes. He stood there gaping like a landed fish for half a second before his brain couldn't take it anymore and, whirling around to head back into the shop, he tried to ignore the crooning noises and the mental images. He tried to refrain from rushing to the aisle where they kept household cleaning suplies and honest-to-god, bleaching his eyes and/or mind.

A customer who had chosen that unfortunate moment to enter and ask for the whereabouts of an item, took one look at the wide-eyed stare and far too many teeth Zack was giving him and fled, without glancing behind. The door slammed loudly. Zack didn't move, but his grin became less manic.

It was definitely time for an intervention.

Re: Couldn't resist.

*dies and is DED* I don't wanna know, I don't wanna know, I SO don't wanna know. >XDDD

*snicker* This is scarily like a fic I did, "The Best Laid Plans," only Seph's the one need bleach that time. >XD

Re: Couldn't resist.

Mwahaha. Yes, the world will never know, because Zack's brain went in repress-mode and made him forget it ever happened. To this day, he has not been able to figure out why the sight of those little packaged hot dogs they sell make him twitch so violently.