What was that about no urge to write? XD

I had this idea while I was taking a shower, and decided to throw it out to y'all for prompts.

Give me a character (or characters), a season, and an adjective or sign of the season (ie, for winter, hot chocolate), and I'll write you a drabble or a fic, depending on how it goes.

ie: Fran, winter, cold (because the reason this was floating in my head was from watching Fran run around in the snow in her thong and thinking, "She must be freezing."

Spring: When a thing is wick, it has a life about it.
1. Cloud, thaw: The Thawwind
2. Zack, blackflies: Bug Lure
3. Fran, "the first one to make a '...like bunnies' joke will not live long enough to regret it": Mating Season

Summer: Fish are jumpin', and the cotton is high.
1. Zack, swimsuits
2. Zack (and/or Loz?), frisbee

Autumn: Thank you so much, for allowing me to have the beauty of the Autumn.
1. Zack, Angeal, harvest moon: Red Moon (lj)
2. Sephiroth, meditation over tea: Busadou [武茶道] (Bonus: audio version
3. Sephiroth and Lazard, scarves

Winter: Snow can wait, I forgot my mittens...
1. Sephiroth, storm: The Road North (lj)
2. degenerating!Genesis, camouflage: ~Always Look On the Bright Side of Life!~
3. Middish!Angeal, not going home for the holidays: ShinRa Policy 109.B (lj)

Bonus! Anyone who can name all of the song lyrics here gets a fic. I will even attempt pr0n if someone can name ALL FOUR. >XD [info]chibirisuchan with her l33t google skills found all four, including the one that's a translation from a Jay Chou song. So she gets a fic, and I'm doomed, because HC, Puppyverse, and the impending KH/FF12/FF:Tactics ficverse attacking me are all HER doing. DOOMED.
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Fran, "the first one to make a '...like bunnies' joke will not live long enough to regret it". KH/FF12/FFT crossover 'verse. I will hate you so much if this turns into another verse, because that will make, what, three, that you will have set me off on. You and your plot cthulhus.

This would happen at the end of this looming 'verse's arcs, probably an epilogue or omake, because the whole point of it would be, of course, going the Sam Beckett route and putting right what Squeenix cocked up once went wrong of Fran and Balthier being split up and Balthier ending up 500 years in the future.


Title: Mating Season

The thing of it was, they really had no place to go back to. Thanks to the way the Dark had been called to Ivalice, they couldn't return there, no matter what the time. It was possible for them to return to the Ivalice of the future, but...but something about that Ivalice was horribly wrong, too much changed, and the very thought of stepping foot in the Mistless world made her feel sick--it was a barren place, now, even the Forest long changed. And going back to their time was impossible--they way there was barred to all save the humes, and even if she had been able to return, the thought of being the last of her kind there, of watching the Forest fall silent forever around her because she had long ago lost the ears to hear its voice, had filled her with such despair that even her two Moments of Troubles had seen fit to fall blessedly silent...or rather, Riku had clapped a hand over Sora's mouth and Kairi dragged the two of them away, and that was blessing enough.

It was bad enough to be the last of her kind and on a world that had never known those such as herself; it was entirely another to be the last when all around you knew what the loss meant.

And so they were here. She had wondered, briefly, if Balthier would return to Ivalice and home; the wonder of it was the way he instead starting badgering Cid for a gummi ship, because obviously a Space Pirate of his callibre was going to need the finest vessel that man could build, and surely none save Cid Highwind could do that.

It almost amused Fran, in a morose kind of way, how Balthier was careful to use Cid's full name or his last name. But then, all things considered, they had reasons.

And so it seemed he was staying, and she was almost sickly relieved at that, and simply not being alone.

Of course, this lead to other problems. It had never been much of a problem, on Ivalice. She of course knew that eventually the time would come; it did for all of the Viera, caused them to seek out males and...yes. Continue the species. Most Viera lived, of course, in their enclosed, female-only world until either curiousity or the time impelled them out of it. And the problem now, of course, was that as the last of her species, it seemed the ingrained biological imperatives were crying out a bit more forcefully than they ever had before.

And it wasn't as if Balthier was complaining.

Much. And usually it was more of a "You're killing me, woman, but I'll die a happy man" kind of complaints that were fairly easy to ignore.

Less easy where the comments of the Two Moments, as she thought of them in her head.

She had come out of her room needing food and drink, and outside of the kitchen of Aerith's home where they stayed until their gummi ship was ready, she could hear the two of them talking.

"I don't think they've come out of that bedroom for two days," Sora said, sounded vaguely impressed and horrified at the same time. "Aren't they gonna, like, die of whatsis, when you don't have enough water. Dehydration."


Pt. 2

Riku made a sarcastic comment about fluids that set the hair on Fran's ears bristling.

"I don't even believe you went there!" Sora groaned, but laughed.

"Like you weren't thinking it."

"No comment."


"I knew she was glad to see that guy, but dang, y'know?"

Riku snickered, and Sora groaned. "Oh, come on! I didn't mean it like...OK, I did, and...OK, for it to work I would have had to say he was happy to see her and...I hate you!"

She was going to drug them again, promise to Aerith be damned.

"Yeah, well, they're definitely glad to see each other, given how they've been screwing like--"

"Finish that sentence and it will not be a sedative I put in your drinks next time," she said from the doorway, and both of them went white.