Drabble post!

So, I did a drabble challenge a while back--the one that spawned ShinraMart, but didn't post the drabbles that got written on lj. So, here they are.

For [info]writerzilch:
Prompt: Reno being a total sadistic asshole and scaring the crap out of people.
No Interruptions

There was a reason why they made people go to the bathroom before they began interrogations.

It wasn't something so simple as courtesy. No, it was something far more basic and pragmatic: a high enough electric shock tended to cause...accidents.

"Now, didn't I tell you to go before we started, like a good boy?" Reno said, looking mildly disgusted but his eyes fire bright.

The tip of his baton ran down the man's face, in something obscenely like a lover's caress, and an anticipatory smile crept over Reno's face. "But since you went and made a mess already, guess that means I don't gotta play nice no more, do I?" he said, running the tip of the baton up and down the man's neck slowly as he spoke.

His finger shifted just slightly, and the man screamed as electricity coursed through him. The scream cut off with a chocking sob as Reno, with what seemed just a flick of his wrist, brought the baton down sharply on the man's collarbone, snapping it neatly. "Now, now, didn't I say none of that earlier? Didn't seem to take now, did it?"

Reno's nose wrinkled with disgust again. "I'm gonna have someone come clean you up, then we'll continue without," Reno said conversationally as the man panted, but his eyes still gleamed, and he sent another jolt of electricity through the man, where his baton still rested against the man's broken collarbone, "no interruptions this time," he said, and his smile made the man's blood run cold.

For [info]telophase:
Prompt: Something with Sephiroth. Work opera into it somehow. :D
Note: I kind of fail at writing Seph, and I know it. *sigh* Reno is so much easier for me.
Tu che di gel sei cinta

It seemed the first thing he could remember were the mako tanks. The tanks and the feeling of floating in mako, in something so viscous and thick that it seemed like it pressed against him rather than him floating in it. It tried to seep into him, did seep into him, only stopping when sheer osmosis begin to work against him.

Time passed slowly in the tanks, either slower or more quickly, depending on how drained he was and how long he had been in them.

The worst were the nights, when he couldn't sleep. All children have nightmares, even those in tanks, and nights when he couldn't sleep, the hours dragged on and on, themako pressed into him, and everything was awash with green.

It was one of those sleepless nights when he heard it. There was a new lab tech, a woman and very young from the looks of it. She was very studious, it seemed, looking over notes and constantly checking readings, but she also seemed on edge some how.

"Quiet," she finally mumbled to herself. "It's just so quiet, that's why I'm creeped out," she said, and Sephiroth wondered at why she felt that. She didn't seem to be looking at him, and it seemed like the only time he heard the word "creepy" was when the techs were looking at him furtively from the corners of their eyes, as if their whispers and the mako would keep it from him. But no, she seemed ill-at-ease because of something that wasn't him, and he went a little on edge himself, because it would be like them, the scientists and Hojo, to throw something at him when he was supposed to be sleeping. He watched warily as the woman pulled out a small tape recorder from her bag and fiddle with it, not sure what this new test was, but knowing it must be something.

He was surprised when the next thing he heard was...some kind of sound, something he couldn't place. It wasn't the whir of machines, other than that of the tape machine working, it wasn't the sounds of people talking though it was voices, and though it was voices, it wasn't screaming or whimpering. And there were sounds in the background, sounds moving in intervals like the moving voices were, moving with it and against it in the background in a way that seemed to bring attention to the sound of the woman doing something with her voice Sephiroth had never heard before.

He had no idea what exactly this meshing of sounds were, and, fascinated, he fought off sleep as he listened, and only when her shift ended and she put away the tape player before anyone came, did Sephiroth allow himself to sleep.


The woman, Marona Pryce, according to her name tag, had the night shift all that week and the next, and Sephiroth strained to stay awake, feigning sleep when she looked at him, to hear the strange sounds that she played when the labs became too "quiet" and "creepy." he was beginning to be able to pick out words, though he couldn't understand them. He was beginning to realize he liked the sounds, especially the ones where there was a large group, broken up into the pitch of their voices, with the ones with similiar voices moving their voices ways different from the other groups. Usually, Sephiroth hated the night time, hated the way he was trapped in the tanks and could hear every beep and hum of machinery more clearly than in the day, but now, he looked forward to it, almost smiled when he heard the sounds of Dr. Pryce taking out her tape player.

And as quickly as it began, it came to an abrupt end. In the middle of one of the parts Sephiroth liked, he heard the sound of the door opening, and his eyes flew open at the sound of the footsteps. He knew that tread, knew it far too well--it was Hojo, and Hojo when he was angry.

"So this is what is throwing off my results," Hojo's voice said angrily. "This is why it has been performing subpar for the last two weeks!"

"Dr. Hojo! I...I'm sorry," Dr. Pryce said, on her feet and looking nervous.

"Have you any idea what kind of damage you have done to my experiments with this?" Hojo said, looking absolutely furious as he took out the tape and broke it. "I can't have anything disrupting my experiments! Get her out of my lab!" he said angrily, gesturing to the trooper who had come in behind him. Sephiroth watched, no expression on his face, as Dr. Pryce was taken away, and Hojo came over to Sephiroth's tank and began adjusting some of the controls. Against his will, as the composition of the air and mako in the tanks changed, Sephiroth's eyes began to sink shut, and the last thing he heard was Hojo's satisfied, "There, that's better," and a muffled scream.

He never saw Dr. Pryce again. But sometimes, when he closed his eyes, he could hear those voices, rising in concert, voices like a weapon, looming and dangerous, and some days, as he felt himself growing more dangerous himself, he could almost hear them chanting his name.
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