A now, a Moment of Zen

A Moment of Zen.

So, Silla? One of the three Korean kingdoms that took over the entire Korean peninsula and ruled for close to 1000 years?

In characters, it's 新羅--"Shinra." (신라 in Korean: sin ra, but the "s" is closer to an "sh" sound)

I had noticed it before when a Korean guy I was teaching English to over a year ago was telling me about Korea's history, and when he was trying to romanize everything wrote out "Shinra" and I went "O_o?!" What came out of his mouth was closer to "Shilla" but I had a serious WTF moment and seeing "Shinra" on the page.

I forgot until I was looking something up on the Japanese wiki, and a "WTF" at seeing what I instantly read as 'shinra-jin' in kanji, so I clicked on the page for Silla and came across the hangul and went, "wtf, that jamo [Korean letter] is 'n' not 'r/l', that's...SHINRA?!"

Moment of Zen.

And the characters for the ShinRa we all know and love is 神羅. And 新羅 is normally 'Shiragi,' but the alternative reading is 'Shinra' or "Shirura'

...I'm going back to the nerd table now.


The More You Know. ;)
Can I sit at the nerd table with you and listen to your nerdy talk in glee and awe? 'Cause all that? That's just awesome crack that I love very much. ^_______^
Heh. You should have seen the rant I did over some stupidity involving "the Kanji language" and his extreme lack of any kind of knowledge of Chinese vs Japanese that Dan Brown did in one of his books.

Let's put it this way. It began with my insulting him via a four character compound, traipsed off into a comparison of Japanese and Chinese, meandered down to a breakdown of current simplified vs traditional character usage, and ended with a return to the beginning of me calling him an idiot in multiple languages. XD
8DDDDD Oh, to have been a fly on the wall while you did that, that is just awesome. I am a typical monolingual American-idiot, so the fact that you are multilingual and are not afraid to show off your considerable brains is really cool. I'll just be in the corner going 'wow' and geek out. ^_^
heh. It was a net-rant on my personal LJ, and the reason why when I put up a poll of whether or not I should read "Twilight," the winner was "Yes, because the post of frothing rage will be epic." XD
........................................Link please?!?!

Everything I've heard about "Twilight" makes me wanna buy that "And then Buffy Staked Edward. The End" T-shirt. Seeing you go "RAEG" at it would be memory worthy. ^_^ (can we say emotional-domestic abuse? Yes, good class.)
Hee! ^_^