A Hope in Hell masterlist

Title: A Hope in Hell
Fandom: FF7/The King and the Clown
Rating: R
Prompt: Angeal and Gong-gil with the title, "A Hope in Hell"
Summary: Hope is a hard thing to come by, in both war and 'peace.'
A\N: This is what happens when my two favorite characters collide. "I'll never write a crossover," I once said, Life enjoys making me eat my words.

For [info]no_true_pair; it kind of took on a life of its own.

Part One
When the city of Daerimmun fell, and with it the Chochung province, it was far simpler than they expected.

Part Two
Somehow, ShinRa be damned, he was going to make something better for someone.

Part Three
And while he'd never believed in juin before, he couldn't deny that the patterns here were making him cold.

Part Four
Angeal wondered if maybe he was going a little mad as well.

Part Five
If I'm hearing the rumors, they've spread pretty fucking far.

Part Six
So leave this to those of us who are not nor ever will be heroes...or good men.

Epilogue: In Yeon
Zack had always figured Angeal'd tell him one day, once he got it into his head that Zack really wasn't a wide-eyed little kid who wanted to hear hero stories about the war...but now he'd never know.