Hi, I'm BORED STUPID. I can't manage being upright for more than an hour at a stretch before I go "...lying down now" (yay, side effects) and need to be distracted, especially since the Magic 5% of common sense that saves me from being a complete idiot is telling me I need to stay home tomorrow (I went out to buy groceries, and it was a MISTAKE; I should have ordered another pizza and had the food come to me).

So! Because I can't manage anything that requires "upright" and all of my big fic projects require more thinking than me headachey brain (yay, side effects) can manage but I'm also, yeah, BORED STUPID, one comment drabbles! (I have a laptop, which is why I'm online at all--it goes into the bed with me. :D )

Give me a prompt and I'll write a one-comment drabble.* Any fandom or 'verse I've written for is OK (I'll even entertain crossovers XD ). It will ONLY be one comment, though, even if I have to beat it with a stick.

So, yeah. Give me something to amuse myself with. I will also cheerfully accept drabbles people write for me, because yeah, I am down for the count.

* Until I get tired and have to stop. Which may be at any moment.


Drabble One: Love Advice (FF7, TTYNKAP: Jie, Reno, Auntie Qian. Prompt: First heartbreak from love and Auntie Qian dispenses her advice on the matter) [LJ]

Drabble Two: Sage Advice (FF7:CC, Sephiroth and Genesis. Prompt: Boots, "keep them on".) [LJ]

Drabble Three: Accessory Advice (FF7: Tifa and Aerith. Prompt: Aeris and Tifa discuss Cloud.)

Drabble Four: General Advice (FF7, Puppyverse: Cloud and Sephiroth. Prompt: Seph helping Cloud out so he can get into SOLDIER) [LJ]

Drabble Five: Naming Advice (FF12/KH: Cid and Balthier. Prompt: the best way to name airships.)

Drabble Six: Play Advice (FF7, HC!verse: Zack and Marlene. Prompt: Zack is a big dork who plays Power Rangers.)

Drabble Seven: Health Advice (FF7:CC: Zack and Sephiroth. Prompt: Recuperation)

Drabble Eight: Life Advice (FF7, Puppyverse: Sephiroth, Zack, and Cloud. Prompt: Zack decides that he and Cloud need to take Sephiroth out to do something normal, possibly without actually informing either of them before hand.)


This is in that undefined "FF12 meets KH" thing that the universe seems to be poking me towards writing one day. ^^;;


"I am most in need," Balthier said with his most winning smile, "of a service only you can provide."

Cid chomped on his toothpick, wishing sincerely that it was a cigarette. Shera had made him give them up after their world was destroyed, saying with the world blowing up the last thing she wanted was him dying from throat cancer, and damned if she wasn't good at gumming up the gummi works if she smelled cigarette smoke on him. "Just get to the #*$&#! point already."

Balthier's lips quirked. "With a gift for words as you have, who else could I come to with this?"

"...This year already."

Balther's smile widened and Cid rolled his eyes. "I need a name for my lovely new bird," he said, and that got Cid's attention. "I wonder, what naming conventions do they have, in this part of the world, nay, universe?"

Cid chewed on his toothpick a little more. "Nothin' special, no taboos or anything. Just pick a name you like."


"What was the name of your last 'bird'?" Cid said, grinning at the 'bird.'

"She was the Strahl. And a lovely, sleek bird she was," Balthier said, his eyes going soft in a way Cid could very well appreciate. For all Balthier was a nancy-pansy sop, the guy did know his way around a ship. "Might I ask about yours?"

Cid grinned, chomping on his toothpick just a little more. He was going to need a new one pretty soon. "She was a pretty thing, so I named her after the prettiest thing I knew. The Shera."

"Ahh, then she must have been a lovely bird indeed," Balthier said, and Cid rolled his eyes.

"You don't have to butter me up, I'm already making you a ship."

Balthier laughed. "Which I will repay in full, once my new bird has her wings." He grew pensive. "But alas, if I called her the Fran, I daresay I would never hear the end of it."

"That bunny-girl talks?" Cid said with a grin.

Balthier laughs, "If you use that appellation in front of her, you will most definitely learn the sharpness of her tongue."

Cid snorted. "I know better than that. I saw what she did to Sora and Riku. I learn from other people's fuck ups."

Balthier's eyes grew far away. "But perhaps..." he said, and Cid raised his eyebrow.


Balthier smiled. "But perhaps 'The Viera' would not be such a bad name. So both my bird and my lady know they are not alone."

"Could be," Cid said, and took out another toothpick.
*snickering* Yeah, I can bet Sora and Riku ended up 10 different kinds of dead. ;-)

Very good!
*snicker* And yet, Sora and Riku keep saying dumb things in front of her. Kairi and Yuffie have a bet going one which one, Sora or Riku, ends up getting "accidentally" shot with an arrow first. XD
....bwahahaha Sora and Riku. Also, Cid calling Balthier a nancy-pansy sop. XD
*snicker* He totally, totally would. Or at least think it really, really hard. Then slip up and say it after a couple beers. >XD

And Riku and Sora, you know, you know, would say utterly stupid things to Fran, and then she would have to hurt them. XD
And Balthier, being just as drunk, would take it as a compliment. XD

Balthier: Fran, my darling, light of my life, what are you doing with that pipe wrench?
Fran: *growl* Those Keybearers must suffer.
Balthier: *airily* Ah. Carry on, then.
I find it hard to think of Riku as the type of person who's in the habit of opening his mouth and inserting a foot. Sora I can believe it of - he's got the right sort of temperament for it, and he's certainly impetuous enough to be able to do so. But then again, I tend to figure Fran's had the joy of putting up with Vaan all over Ivalice, and Vaan could easily win prizes even when put up against such masters of the art as George W Bush, so anything else should come as a welcome relief.
*snicker* Riku's problem is that he keeps saying snarky things (to Sora, because boys say stupid things to other boys) without realizing that Fran either a) is standing behind him or b) has much better hearing than he thinks. He learned about the second one quickly, and the first is massive, massive bad luck. He's also often just in the wrong place at the wrong time, namely when Sora opens his mouth and inserts his foot, and so Fran has lumped the two of them together as "deserving of beat-downs." XD

And I have no idea how Fran put up with Vaan, other than Vaan hung out more with Panelo and Fran stuck to flying the ship and/or shooting things full of arrows. In this 'verse, though, she's stuck dealing a LOT with the Keymasters, and so...yeah. Sora opens mouth and inserts foot often, and fun times are had by all watching.