Retranslation of Loveless

While looking for "Loveless" to use in a fic, I came across the English version, and looked for the Japanese as well.

The English version is...errrrr in a few places. As a result, I'm going to retranslate it (slowly, because I'm sick bleh).

So far, my retranslation rhymes, but god only knows how long that will last. ^^;;;

( Follow the fake cut to overthinkers! )



You are so awesome. You put so much thought into word choice and you made it rhyme and asdf';jfd <3
I find keeping the original tone of a piece of Japanese writing impossible sometimes. There's just so many nuances that I have no idea how to express. I wanna be like you someday.
-gold_panner on LJ
Hee, thanks! ^^;;

I've got the next two sections done, but the rhyming is taking a while, because I am not a poet. I'm trying!

And translating really is a skill that has to be worked at and mastered--I look back at some of my earlier translations and just cringe at how translationy they seem. I like to think I'm getting better at it. ^^