*facepalm* I am, indeed, a nerd

Yup, I'm an anal-retentive nerd.

Do not even ask me how much time I spent on wiki trying to find a name for a random small village next to Banora that has no importance other than a name.

On the plus side, I'm pretty sure I also just figured out where the heck the name "Banora" came from, apple connection and everything, so I'm proud of myself.

And slightly horrified by my own nerdishness, to have sought this out. Especially since I could have been, y'know, actually working on fic or gaming or something.

...oh god. *buries face in hands* I just read what I just wrote. I'm sure it's possible to be a bigger loser than I am, but I'm not sure how. ^^;;;;

Here, to redeem myself, here is a snippit of the fic I'm working on--it's going to chronologically be the first story of "In This Together."


She'd known the day was coming, of course, but still, there was nothing that really prepared you for the reality of going to register your child for school. Gillian took Angeal with her, of course--he was far too young to be left alone for long, for all Angeal was a good boy who never caused problems or got into mischief...much. Overly prim and fussy though he was, he was still only five-going-on-six years old, and that was old enough to make a mess of things.

So she took him with her when she went to register him. Banora was small, yes, but there were enough children in Banora and from the other nearby little village, Tanava, to make a small school, one with only or two homerooms per grade. And enough children to make Angeal cling tightly to her skirts the whole day. Angeal tended to stay close anyway, and was shy around strangers. She worried, a little, at it--she and Angeal had kept to themselves in Banora much of the time, since small towns were insular things and she wasn't from around there, and she'd shown up unmarried with a baby to boot, something a bit much for such a small village to take.

And Gillian had never been around children much until she had her own--the first time she'd had to change a diaper she'd been more than the slightest bit flummoxed--and half the time she'd worried she was doing something wrong. She had been a scientist; nothing in her life of dissecting and analysis had prepared her for having a child, or for the emotions that went along with it, and no one who could have told her--her mother had died when she was young enough that Gillian had only faint, faded flashes of the warmth of arms, of pale, serious eyes and reddish brown hair, and of the faint scent of copper; her father had been a gentle man, but still as much a scientist as she, and even if she'd thought for a second he might have possibly understood, he'd been twenty years older than Gillian's mother and had passed not long after she'd begun work on Project G and so hadn't been around to ask.

She wondered, sometimes, if it hadn't been the death of her father, the last of her family, that perhaps had added to the strange rush of feelings, so irrational and completely unlike her, when it came to her son. It had started the first time she had felt him moving, felt him kicking and realized she was truly carrying a child, a baby, her baby, and there had been no way, not after she'd seen him for the first time and the insane rush of feelings and panic that she'd felt when they took her baby away after she delivered him, that she could have prepared herself for it. She'd known, rationally, that there were just going to clean him and make sure he was healthy and do some other tests, but she hadn't been able to keep the insane panic at bay, or control herself when they took her baby.

She knew intellectually that it was normal; had read that women had an irrational reaction right after birth, but nothing had prepared her for the reality, and nothing had prepared her for deciding, in that split second when the doors shut behind them as they took her baby away, that ShinRa couldn't have him. And it hadn't been easy, and if it hadn't been for the fact that Hojo's experiment had proved to have better results than her own, she never would have been able to leave with him. As it was, they had only allowed her to leave on the condition that she moved to Banora, so she could be there to monitor Hollander's first attempt. Not that she really had; she and the Rhapsodoses moved in different circles--but they knew who she was and why she was there, and in his early infancy with them she had on more than one occasion gone to check on him, but those had dropped off as he and Angeal grew and she grew busy herself. They spoke by phone for updates, which she sent to ShinRa, and she trusted that if there was a problem, they would contact her.

So she really wasn't too familiar with children, and she was almost taken aback at seeing that Angeal seemed smaller than the other boys running around the playground wildly. And he showed no inclination to go play himself; he watched them all wide-eyed and clutched at her skirts as if he had no idea what to make of them.

It was, she thought, probably a good thing Angeal was not as much a "success" as Hojo's Sephiroth; she just couldn't see him being groomed to be a perfect weapon.

They had just reached the door to the school, past the playground, when she heard Angeal give a little gasp and clutch tighter at her skirts. "Angeal?" she asked, wondering what had happened.

Angeal was staring over at the playground with his mouth hanging open just slightly, his eyes wide. "Angeal?"

She wondered just what he was staring at and followed his line of sight, and her eyes went a little wide as she realized what had caught his attention--another little boy, slim and fast-moving and too pretty by half, with red hair that stood out immediately from the children around him.

Genesis Rhapsodos.

She'd always known this day was coming; in a town as small as Banora and as school as small as Banora and Tanava's, they were bound to meet, and had always wondered what would happen--would they somehow be drawn to each other, knowing they were different from everyone around, or would they treat each other as just another person? She'd always wondered, and now, seeing how Angeal was staring at Genesis and Genesis was staring back, she knew.

Angeal looked up at her with wide eyes, and she smiled. "You should go say hello," she said gently. The two boys had actually purposefully been kept away from each other, and she'd always wondered how good of an idea that was. And Angeal was a shy little thing to boot, today showing her almost painfully just how much he was; he had always preferred to stay close to her instead of going out and playing in the fields like she'd always seen other little boys doing. He was a good boy, quiet and serious--sometimes too serious, she sometimes thought--and always trying to help. He would push himself, trying--just a few days ago he'd tried to carry a bag far too heavy for him and dropped it; he'd been upset at dropping it, and when she said he should have told her it was heavy, he'd gotten that serious look on his face that was too old for him and said "but if I didn't carry it, Mama'd have to, and it was heavy!" through his sniffles, and she'd hugged him very tightly.

There were days were Gillian was very, very glad that ShinRa had lost interest in her son as soon as Hojo's S-project proved itself 'superior.'

Angeal bit his lip and didn't say anything, just clutched a little more at her skirts. He looked torn, and she was about to encourage him again when he clutched even tighter at her skirts, and she looked over to see Genesis heading straight towards them.

He stopped right in front of them and stared straight at Angeal, completely ignoring Gillian, to the point where she felt slightly insulted and self-conscious.

"I'm Genesis. What's your name?" the little boy said, and the way he had his head tilted up was so much like his adoptive father's that Gillian had to bite back a smile at it.

"...Angeal," Angeal said softly, so quietly it was almost a whisper.

Genesis tilted his head and frowned a little. "Your name is weird," Genesis said. "Why's your name weird?"

Angeal looked at his feet and didn't say anything at first, fisting his mother's skirts. Gillian felt the urge to jump in and say something, but she waited a little, just to see what her son would do. It was true; his name wasn't anything like the people around here; she was Visgradian, after all, and his name reflected that. The only reason Angeal even understood the dialect around Banora was that the old woman who would watch him when Gillian went out spoke it to him and he had picked it up from her; by now Gillian understood and could use it, but she'd always spoken to Angeal in Visgradian Standard.

Angeal finally answered Genesis. "Dunno."

Genesis grinned suddenly. "It's weird but I like it."

Angeal looked up, surprised. "I...I like my name, too," he said, almost shyly. "Even if it's kinda weird."

"Race you to the tree at the very end of the row!" Genesis said suddenly, pointing.

Angeal looked at Gillian once. She nodded, and he gave her a huge smile before he let go of her skirts and stepped out from behind her, and they took off as fast as they could run without another word between them.

She watched him running off, leaving her behind, and she felt a pang she had only felt that day he was born, when that door had closed behind the doctors as they took her son away.



Lovely snippet and *squee* are the two boys so cuuttee!! (snuggles them)
But don't beat yourself up about the nerdiness! I love the nerdiness and world-building! Makes everything more coherent and interconnected, it works.
Hee hee, thanks! Kiddy!Gen&Angeal are such fun to write.

And heh, nerdiness is my strength, I guess, so might's well roll with it...
d'awwwwwww! That is possibly the cutest thing this side of a sackful of kittens. <3333 BittyAngeal totally would've been shy before he grew up enough to pass it off for stern-and-serious, and BittyGenesis totally would've had flirting-and-attention-grabbing down just as much as breathing! ^____^ sooooo cute.
Hee hee, thanks! I can so totally see Angeal as this shy little boy that hid behind his mother's skirts...and then puberty hit, and we turned into this quiet, stern-and-serious giant.

And Genesis never getting over the fact that he used to be bigger than Angeal and is now a hell of a lot smaller. His ego just can't take that. >XD

And this fic is going to be called "Temper Tantrums and Breaking Pencils," which lets you know upfront just kind of kid Genesis was. Let's put it this way: this fic already contains Angeal's First Facepalm. >XDDD