[fic] It's So All Right

Title: It's So All Right
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Rating: PG
Summary: So don't worry. Everything's...it's all right.
A/N: Oldfic is OLD. ^^;;


I am destined to be killed by you.
-Duo Maxwell to Heero Yuy


It's all right. Everything's all right. Why are you asking me?

I didn't flinch. You just surprised me.

The bruise? haha. I fell. You know me. Clumsy Duo. I wasn't looking where I was putting my big head, and *bang*. Pretty bruise, ain't it? haa haa.

Why would you think that? Yeah, sure, I know, he's Mr. Soldier Man, Mr. Macho, but come on. He wouldn't...I mean...why would you think he would...yeah, sure, I mean sometimes I do stupid stuff, y'know. But it's all right. I mean, you can't be Mr. Perfect Soldier all the time. He's got cracks, y'know. And it's not like...I mean, he says he's sorry. Well...OK, so he doesn't. But...he doesn't say it aloud, but he is, I can tell. He says it in his own Heero way, y'know? I mean, c'mon, what can you expect from Mr. Perfect Soldier? He's just waiting to die and he's high strung, even if he doesn’t show it. He doesn't really know another way. So if I have to...if sometimes he...if...well, I mean...he has to let it out. And if I wasn't so stupid all the time... If I could just learn to keep my big mouth *shut*, and listen when he says "Shut up, Duo," then everything would be all right. But I'm stupid. I don't listen, so I can't be surprised, y'know? And it's not like he's gonna kill me. And if he does, well, shit. Everyone has to die sometime. Besides, he's not gonna kill me. I'm the one who always survives, remember?

So what's a bruise or two? Or that broken thumb? Or any of it? It's not his fault. It's not. I just talk too much. But everything's all right. I say the wrong thing, and I just bring it on myself. I'll learn, I will. And when I do...

So don't worry. Everything's all right.

Everything's ...everything's so...it's all right.

It's....it...i-it's...it's all...it's all ri....

...oh, God...



That Gundam math there sounds about right, yeah.
Or, possibly

Gundam Pilots = Unhealthy.