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on May 23rd, 2009 at 10:08 am

[fic] A Man of Honor

Title: A Man of Honor
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: R
Summary: Maes Hughes is, above all, a man of who keeps his word.
A/N: Old fic is old! I wrote this as a comment fic for someone on lj having a bad day. ^^;;


"You know that this was the last time," he said. The words were somewhere between a question and a statement, and for a moment, Roy was unsure of how to answer, or even if he was supposed to.

Finally, he managed the words. "So you're serious about her, then?"

Hughes nodded, pushing his glasses up with two fingers.

"When..." Roy stopped, and frowned. "When did you know?"

"I made her a promise today," Hughes said, his voice still low and calm; darkly serious. And that was all that needed to be said.

Roy looked at the lines of Hughes' back, the way it seemed to gleam in the darkened room, slick from sweat and reflecting the light.

Roy said nothing, there was nothing to say.

"But--" Hughes began. He turned then, to actually face Roy again. "But no matter what, I keep my word. And protect my oaths. All of them."

His eyes were dark, and serious.

"Ah," Roy said softly in acknowledgement, and nodded once.

And he watched Hughes rise; watched him dress and leave, and knew that Hughes was, and always would be, a man who kept his word. And whose loyalty was something that could not be measured.

Gracia had the man's heart, but Roy had his loyalty. He would give up this, these sweaty clandestine meetings, for Gracia, but for Roy, he would give up much, much more without a second thought if the need arose.

Those two things, heart and loyalty, Roy thought as he lay in his empty bed, could never be compared.

And he had the better end of things.

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