[info]megpie71 wrote
on July 23rd, 2009 at 02:33 am

Hey, send over the stuff Cloud doesn't want. I'll chow down on it. (Mad keen spicy food addict here - grew up on curry, and now don't really notice spiciness unless it's capable of melting cooking implements.)

Zack, some advice from one spicy food fan to another: to train up newbies, start with something very plain, and provide something acidic to cut the chilli burn (Mum used to use lemon pickle for us when we were kids; tomatoes also work to cut the burn down a bit), or make one of the dishes which uses yoghurt as a final ingredient. A korma or a tikka with coconut milk is usually mild enough. Failing that, provide ample amounts of rice, bread and other bland carbohydrate to bulk out the meal, and let them gorge on that. My guaranteed curries for my brother's family (who are mostly curry wimps) are things like red chicken curry (with lots of rice), chicken korma (with coconut milk in the sauce), or a kedgeree variant which I grew up with as "Mum's fish curry" (smoked fish cooked in a milky sauce, with very little curry powder). Start them on that, then work up to spicier stuff as they gain a tolerance.

But next time Zack's cooking, I'd love an invite!

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