[info]megpie71 wrote
on July 23rd, 2009 at 02:53 am

Oh, and Kadaj's "I'm not eating that" reminds me of years of trying to get my younger brother to eat anything he hadn't tried before. Sisyphus had it easy - he could have been given that task. Eventually, Mum would effectively stand over him and force feed a mouthful, which he'd then discover he liked... but oy, the performance to get to that point.

So I can definitely see Kadaj as the fussy eater of the trio - the one who has very definite likes and dislikes, and doesn't trust anything he hasn't eaten before. Loz is more likely to try anything at least once, while Yazoo would probably research the ingredients, and decide one way or t'other once he'd checked things out sufficiently. I get the feeling Tifa (who strikes me as the practical type, out of necessity) would have a very straightforward policy of "you eat what you're given, or you starve" - no between-meals snacking.

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