[info]chibirisuchan wrote
on July 24th, 2009 at 02:23 am

:3 Keep an eye on and_cupcakes - I'm going to be posting Zack's recipes and probably Tifa's fast remix versions too *sob* why do I do these things to myself as soon as I get the spice balances nailed. Keralan, Goan, and Tamil Nadu cooking in a mashup with touches of Malaysian Chinese on account of how Gongaga's a tropical port city and would be getting both hot-food influences and south-Wutai-fusion influences and and and *headdesk*

...it's like my brain decides that even if I haven't got time for ficcing amid summer crisis mode, I've got to come up with SOMETHING creative, and I have to eat one way or another, soooo it's clearly time to invent more fandom recipes. Or something.

did I mention *headdesk*?

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