[info]stopthatgirl7 wrote
on July 24th, 2009 at 03:05 am

Hee, glad you liked the expanded version! And I swear, I had to stop it from getting longer; my fic brain wanted to add a middle section of some kind.

As for timing, Zack is aided by being able to caste Haste on himself, and I can totally see him trying to cast Slow on the food, figuring it's worth a shot. >XDDDDD

And I can totally see Kadaj going, "I'll eat her food. I won't eat yours" with a glare at Zack. And quite possibly sticking his tongue out behind Zack's back, after learning about the gesture. And in Cloud's head, Aerith laughs and laughs and laughs and laaaaaaughs. And the Seph!bits just blink, because he was never that immature...and somewhere, Angeal's ghost cracks up at that and starts counting on his fingers the number of immature fights Seph and Gen got into. >XD

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