[fic] Come Undone (Saiyuki)

Title: Come Undone
Fandom: Saiyuki
Rating: PG
Warnings: blood
Summary: Who do you need, who do you love, when you've come undone?
A/N: This isn't as long or as clean as I would like; my copies of the manga are packed in a box in Gunma, which is very far from here. So I was rather dependent on my crappy memory. Alas.
Prompt: Come undone

He didn't scream.

Not when the youkai's claws dug into him. Cho Gonou was not the type to scream, even when his life had been so thoroughly upended, not even at all this pain and when everything had been taken away.

He didn't scream; instead he moved forward, moving without thought on instinct, and once again there was blood on his hands.

And then he was screaming, the sound echoing off the walls, as the last youkai fell and Gonou's body began to shake and writhe as something inside of him changed fundamentally.

Some vague part of him thought, How funny. So the stories were true.

The rest of him ripped apart, everything gone chaotic, and all he could think was "Kanan." He had done this for her, become this for her, and no...no, she couldn't be dead, surely he could save her.

But when he took her body in his arms, the reality was there and something in him snapped, broke, shattered, and now he screamed like he hadn't before, something desperate and pleading. "Kanan! Kanan!"

He was screaming her name, the sound all but tearing this throat as the vines wrapped around everything around her, and around him, binding them together, commingling their blood, and he could only scream.


And there was a voice, low and smooth and oddly amused, from behind him.

"Not quite, but close," the voice, pitched somewhere between male and female said, and for a split second, Gonou could feel the vines change into arms, like a thousand arms wrapping around him from behind. And one of those thousand hands reached to brush his ear with two cool fingers, and then, like that, the thousand arms of vines vanished, and in a flash of gold and the faint scent of lotus, the red haze clouding Gonou's vision faded to nothing and he was gone, elsewhere, clutching his bleeding stomach with a hand that was human...on the surface.

Gonou had no idea where he was, but standing still was impossible. He took a step, and then another, moving forward, moving somewhere, moving back to the castle, because if he was going to die, he wasn't going to do it here--it would be there, in that blood-drenched place, with Kanan in his arms.

But it was never that easy, and he collapsed, wanting to laugh or scream but holding it in, knowing he would die as he had lived, alone, with everything he had ever cared for stripped away.

At least he would die covered in blood, everything stained that beautiful rich red, even his vision now.

He started to fade, when he felt a foot push against him, a low voice asking if he was dead. Not yet, he wanted to answer. But soon enough, you really needn't rush me.

He didn't have the energy to answer, but, when he looked into the blood-red eyes looking into his own, he found he did have the energy to smile.
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Ooh, nice! And a great explanation for the way it coulda happened. (Where DID those pesky limiters come from, Minekura?!) :D :D :D Thank you!
I really did want this to be longer, but, yeah...my manga is very far away from me right now. *cry*

And glad you liked it! :D
Woo, Saiyuki fic! And Hakkai, too. Mm. :D It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if that's exactly what happened-- Kanzeon does seem the meddling sort!
Hakkai is my boy. I loves me some Hakkai. XD

And Kanzeon Is so the meddling type. I can see her going, "Eh, 'Kanan' is close enough. Let's see, where can I drop him...ah, and THERE we go. It's about time these two meet each other again."