The Things You Never Knew About People Masterlist

Yay, the masterlist for all the chapters in The Things You Never Knew About People.

Title: The Things You Never Knew About People
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7, Turkfic [Reno backstory]
Fic Summary: You'd be amazed, really, the things you never knew about people.

1 - Flawless
Elena likes horror flicks, Rude has a sweet tooth, and Reno, well, Reno is a rather cunning linguist.
status: complete; 2,044 words

2 - 笨蛋 Ben dan [Stupid Egg]
In the end, the first words they figured out together were "stupid" and "ben dan."
status: complete; 803 words

3 - Half
He was surprised to learn he didn't know half so much as he thought.
status: complete; 1,834 words

4 - 花炮 Hua pao [Things That Go Boom]
Reno really likes things that go boom.
status: complete; 8,739 words

5 - Orders
Orders are orders.
status: complete; 4,306 words

6 - 注音 Zhu yin [Bopomofo]
His stupid is infecting the other!
status: complete; 5,870 words

7 - Serious
You could tell, the exact moment when Reno got serious.
status: complete; 10,208 words

8 - 工作 Gong zuo [Get A Job]
It was never a good sign, when she stopped hitting and started smiling.
status: complete; 10,106 words

9 - Roadtrip
Oh, I just told them to fuck their moms.
status: complete; 14,635 words

10 - 失去 Shi qu [Losing It All]
You're gonna have to start calling me 'ge-ge.'
status: complete: 11280

11 - Revenge
Sometimes, it's personal.
status: complete, 9575

12 - 潛龍 Qian long [The Hidden Dragon]
Time to find a hidden dragon.
status: complete, 2000

Epilogue - Noodles
And as odd as it was to hear Reno speaking Wutai, it didn't quite match the brain-bending of seeing Reno cooking.
status: complete, 2450

Weisheng 尾聲 - Hui jia 會家 [Homecoming] - He had to go and be a nosy bastard.
status: complete, 5410


Weaknesses - The drabble that inadvertently started this whole thing. I wrote it as a drabble for [info]writerzilch, and later we were chatting about it, and about what other things that you never knew about the Turks, and it was all downhill from there. XD
The Things That Never Happened to People - Pretty much like the name implies, five things that never happened, but if they had, would have changed the course of things completely.
The Author's Notes - In which joudama proves herself an anal-retentive nerd of the highest caliber.