[fic] And Some Days, the Tree Gets You

Yay, re-archiving old fic!

Title: And Some Days, the Tree Gets You
Author: joudama
Fandom: Card Captor Sakura, Tokyo Babylon
Rating: G
Notes: This is crackfic, it really is. Little did I know when I first wrote this that it would tie into "Freeze My Love." But in a cracktastic kind of way.

And Some Days the Tree Gets You


Ueno Park:

"Well? I know you're here! Come out, Clow card!" Li yelled, pulling out his sword and pointing it at the tree. There was definitely magic around this tree. Powerful magic.

Hmmph. He'd show Sakura yet. He'd gather all the cards and...

"*What* are you doing?" a bemused voice asked.

Li nearly dropped his sword. He looked up to see an extraordinarily handsome, tall, and broad-shouldered man sitting in the branches of the tree, smoking a cigarette and staring at him through one dark eye.

~Ohmigod...I must look so...~

"I-I-I....!" he said, having no idea what to say as the man looked over him with a raised eyebrow. Li felt a blush rise over his cheeks and couldn't stop it. "I-I-I...!" he tried again. He put his sword up, nearly impaling himself on it, and took off running as fast as he could.

From the shadows of the sakura tree, the Sakurazukamori chuckled as blood dripped from his hands onto the ground where the boy had been standing.
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