TTYNKAP: Author's notes

Nope, this is not the post with the notes. Why? Because right now, it is full of massive spoilers. Rather, this is going to be the masterlist, because it's getting to be too long for people to really want to read at one sitting, and I think it'd work better as separate posts. Especially since some stuff I can post and have it not be spoilery, and I can post notes after some chapters to give background.

Also, I think entirely too much. Because holy hell, the length of these notes. *death*

Joudama Explains It All: TTYNKAP edition

I. The Naming of Cats Things is a Serious Matter
II. Light and Shadow: the 'lost' scenes
III. A Brief History of Gaia: Wutai
IV: The World of the Wutai Clans, aka "'Don Corneo'?! The hell?!"
V: The Psychology of Reno, aka "Not Your Average Thug"

I can go ahead and post part three now, if any one is interested--it's actually completely non-spoiler. Imagine that. >XD