[info]stopthatgirl7 wrote
on February 14th, 2010 at 06:19 am

[fic] In This Together: Letters Home

Title: Letters Home
Author: joudama
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Word count: 3,370ish
Prompt: Angeal/Genesis/Sephiroth: first impressions
Summary: Well, he promised he'd write.
A/N: This was written for areyougame. It was due on the 9th, but work went psycho crazy the last few weeks and I've been pulling a lot of overtime--my wallet will be happy, but I've been a little stressball. All that meant, alas, no writing time for me. ;_; There was a lot more I wanted to do with this, but it was already late, so... ;_;

Letters Home

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