Quick drabble challenge: Hojo edition.

It occurs to me that I've never written anything with Hojo.

Seeing as later in Puppyverse, which is going to be full-speed-ahead once I finish off at least one of my on-going fic, Hojo is going to be a major character, I need to get some Hojo practice in.

So...throw something Hojo at me. Anything (...famous last words, I know).

1. Paperwork and Plots - Hojo having very little patience for anything outside of science, like paperwork

2. Playing Your Cards Right - Hojo vs Gast back before Gast left Shinra/Hojo + his ideas of parenting (two prompts, which is why I let it go past the one-comment limit I gave myself.)

3. Getting the Knack of It - Hojo as a child and what brought him into the halls of science.

4. Valuable ShinRa Property - Hojo gives Seph The Talk.

5. The Perks of the Job - A young, up-and-coming-scientist Hojo being the utter heart throb of ShinRa.
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LOL, I work at a government research facility, so. Although I mainly see the researchers running around like chickens with their heads cut off around paper submission time.


While Professor Hojo very much enjoyed his status as the head of his lab in the science department, there were times when he thought he would gladly trade it in for the the positions of his underlings. While they were maddeningly and feverishly writing research papers for submissions, to gain notoriety and future positions much like the one Hojo himself held, he was stuck doing paperwork. All of his brilliance, wasted on monotonous forms and directing others--it had been weeks since he had even stepped food in his labs, and had been forced to pick the least incompetent of his staff to do his work.

Incensed, he made up his mind.

"Dr. Crescent," he said, looking up when she came in with the latest results--results of his own research, research he wasn not even able to oversee, even though it was his brilliance that was creating it--"Do something for me, will you?"

She blinked. "Professor?"

"I've decided. I can get nothing done here. I am going to do science, not paperwork," he said, and she smiled slightly at the way he spat out 'paperwork,' and Hojo found himself imagining her beneath him, writhing with her hair mussed, and her legs wrapped around his waist.

It made quite the nice image.

"So what are you going to do?" she said.

"One last bit of paperwork," he said, and felt his lips curving up slightly. "Forms on the relocation of the labs."

"ANd what do you want me to do?"

He gave her another smile, calculating in his head. Really, it was almost too easy. "You are the only one I trust not to botch my precious samples in the move," he said, and she flushed a faint pink.

It seemed this had been a good idea in more than one way, he decided, and wondered how much more flattering words of praise it would take for her to end up in his bed.

Ooooh. I like this. It's rare that anybody writes Hojo/Lucrecia in such a way that doesn't treat them both as complete psychopaths. And I think Hojo would have had to do a lot of manipulating to get to where he is by the time game canon kicks in.

Thank you!