Quick drabble challenge: Hojo edition.

It occurs to me that I've never written anything with Hojo.

Seeing as later in Puppyverse, which is going to be full-speed-ahead once I finish off at least one of my on-going fic, Hojo is going to be a major character, I need to get some Hojo practice in.

So...throw something Hojo at me. Anything (...famous last words, I know).

1. Paperwork and Plots - Hojo having very little patience for anything outside of science, like paperwork

2. Playing Your Cards Right - Hojo vs Gast back before Gast left Shinra/Hojo + his ideas of parenting (two prompts, which is why I let it go past the one-comment limit I gave myself.)

3. Getting the Knack of It - Hojo as a child and what brought him into the halls of science.

4. Valuable ShinRa Property - Hojo gives Seph The Talk.

5. The Perks of the Job - A young, up-and-coming-scientist Hojo being the utter heart throb of ShinRa.
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Heh, OK.


Getting the Knack of It

"He's such a smart and curious boy!"

It was the one refrain he'd heard the most, as a child. At it was definitely true--he was very curious.

He had always wondered how things worked. His mother used to tell stories, laughingly, about how even as a four or five year old, he'd always tried to take things apart and then put them back together again in different ways.

First it had been his toy trains, then the clock in the foyer. At first, it was a disaster, and he'd been spanked more than once for 'breaking' things, before he got the knack of it. But once he got the knack of it, well, after he had that, he always had varying degrees of success with everything mechanical, and soon could take apart and rebuild, better than before, nearly everything in his room.

It was a pity, alas, that his success didn't carry across when he tried to do the same thing to the cat, and he swore next time, he would get the knack of it.


-that- is so veryvery creepy. but its not really all that suprising that Hojo's a born sociopath. butbut the -Cat-.... so very creepy.
"Sociopath" really is the only way to make sense of Hojo, and it even accounts for the ICK of Hojo being surrounded by beach bunnies at Costa del Sol in the game--sociopaths can be very, very, very charming, and I can see Hojo knowing how to lay on the charm when he sees a need for it.

So yeah, with him as a "sociopath," first thought with him as a kid would be him doing one of the signs of psychopathy, which is torturing animals. ;__________;