Quick drabble challenge: Hojo edition.

It occurs to me that I've never written anything with Hojo.

Seeing as later in Puppyverse, which is going to be full-speed-ahead once I finish off at least one of my on-going fic, Hojo is going to be a major character, I need to get some Hojo practice in.

So...throw something Hojo at me. Anything (...famous last words, I know).

1. Paperwork and Plots - Hojo having very little patience for anything outside of science, like paperwork

2. Playing Your Cards Right - Hojo vs Gast back before Gast left Shinra/Hojo + his ideas of parenting (two prompts, which is why I let it go past the one-comment limit I gave myself.)

3. Getting the Knack of It - Hojo as a child and what brought him into the halls of science.

4. Valuable ShinRa Property - Hojo gives Seph The Talk.

5. The Perks of the Job - A young, up-and-coming-scientist Hojo being the utter heart throb of ShinRa.
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You asked for it...


Title: Valuable ShinRa Property


Hojo clinched his jaw tightly. "The idiots in charge of the war," Hojo said tightly, "have declared that you will be sent to Wutai to fight."

Project S's eyes lit up, and Hojo's scowl deepened.

"When am I to be deployed?" S asked, his voice finally having settled from the occasionally fits and starts of the changes puberty was bringing to his body.

It was those very changes that Hojo feared.

"In two weeks," Hojo said. "And before then, your training will be tripled, because I will not risk losing all of my hard work through a lucky shot on some Wutai's soldier's part," he said angrily. Project S--Sephiroth, he supposed he should use now, now that S was no longer confined to his labs--narrowed his eyes at that, as if angry that Hojo would think he would lose. "I have spent too much work and too much funding has been spent for you to die."

"I will not."

"Good," Hojo said flatly. "And there is something else you will not do."

Sephiroth stared at him.

"You will be going into the military. To be surrounded by nothing but imbeciles and grunts of the lowest variety. They lack the brains to do anything but kill. Or rather, anything but kill and fuck."

Sephiroth stared at him more, frowning slightly at Hojo's last word--which made sense, Hojo thought, since S had never heard the word before as anything other than the occasional muffled curse from a scientist, and so had no idea what the word meant. But out there, surrounded by fools who only knew how to fight and rut, it was certain S would learn far, far too quickly.

And Hojo had spent too much time and effort to let anyone reap his rewards.

"You will be surrounded by people with no thoughts in their heads but killing and engaging in sex with whatever women they find, and you will find yourself surrounded as well by women who will trade sex for money or food, or will simply be slower than the troops invading their villages," Hojo said shortly, pushing up his glasses. "And you will not engage in any of it."

"I will not," he snapped, "not run any risk of you leaving any genetic offspring in Wutai, especially since if they discovered that offspring, they would try to us it against us. The only one, after all, who would be capable of defeated one of my perfect experiments would be something of the same genetic stock. And that can not be allowed. You are valuable ShinRa property, down to every last cell your body produces. And you will not engage in any activities that will risk ShinRa...or, more importantly, my hard work. I will not allow you to give away what I worked so hard to develop."

Hojo stood, walked over to one of the storage cabinets, and pulled out a glass container. He walked over to Sephiroth and handed it to him. "You will produce a sperm sample so we have it on hand," he said flatly. It was all he needed, after all--he would have it freeze-dried and put into storage. "And you will leave none anywhere else."

And if there was one hint, at all, of Project S having no control over himself when the Wutai whores went after him, then he wold do what he would have to to protect his intellectual properties. He would not have Project S giving something as valuable as the gametes his body produced.

S tightened his hand against the container, a faint look of disgust on his face before he stood up and walked towards the room Hojo pointed at for him to go.

A single sign, Hojo thought when the door shut behind S, and he would have his project sterilized. Even without viable sperm cells from S--Hojo could always, after all, simply clone S should he have need of it.

He would protect, after all, what was his.