Quick drabble challenge: Hojo edition.

It occurs to me that I've never written anything with Hojo.

Seeing as later in Puppyverse, which is going to be full-speed-ahead once I finish off at least one of my on-going fic, Hojo is going to be a major character, I need to get some Hojo practice in.

So...throw something Hojo at me. Anything (...famous last words, I know).

1. Paperwork and Plots - Hojo having very little patience for anything outside of science, like paperwork

2. Playing Your Cards Right - Hojo vs Gast back before Gast left Shinra/Hojo + his ideas of parenting (two prompts, which is why I let it go past the one-comment limit I gave myself.)

3. Getting the Knack of It - Hojo as a child and what brought him into the halls of science.

4. Valuable ShinRa Property - Hojo gives Seph The Talk.

5. The Perks of the Job - A young, up-and-coming-scientist Hojo being the utter heart throb of ShinRa.
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Hee hee, late drabble is late.


"Welcome to the ShinRa science division," Dr. Gibson said, and Hojo smiled faintly.

For a brief moment, what Dr. Gibson had planned to say completely flew out her head, and the first coherent thought she had was, "...I am a pedophile for what I just thought. Hojo is only 23! You're twice his age!"

She coughed delicately. "Sorry, lost my train of thought, there. You will be assigned to the biomedical division, under myself and Dr. Onitsuka. I have nothing but the highest expectations for you!" she said brightly, and vowed to make sure it was mainly Dr. Onitsuka in charge of young Dr. Hojo, before she made a damned fool of herself.

"I look forward to learning all you can teach me," Hojo said smoothly, and damned if that man did have the sexiest smirk she had ever seen.


It did not take long for word to spread about the science department's newest hire, a young Dr. Hojo, to spread through the secretarial pool. Most of the scientists were older and not of interest, but Hojo, the youngest of the three newest hires in biomed, with is long, dark hair and a smile that made even foul-tempered Dr. Gibson turn bright red, definitely made that division a lot more noteworthy.

For the first time, there was actual competition for who got to deliver anything down to the labs, and more than one secretary had decided that she was going to somehow snag him.

By the time he'd gotten his second love letter and third proposition, Hojo thought to himself that he was rather going to enjoy working for ShinRa.