I totally tried to write more of both TTYNKAP and Puppyverse, and my ficbrain gave me the middle finger. Hell, it gave me the middle finger trying to write necessary plot-type stuff for HC. XD;;;;

Anyway, I need to get back into writing, but since my ficbrain is being tetchy and not quite getting into the writing groove (everything I write feels vaguely off, y'know?), I'm putting up a challenge for one-comment fic. Anything Compilation of FF7 or anything in jou!canon is game--I figure I need to prime the pump a bit before I can get back into my big projects since I haven't written anything of note in months. ;_;

So, prompts? I'll write up to five. :D

1. Puppyverse: Cloud's birthday party.
2. TTYKNAP - Reno, cuddling
3. HC - How'd Zack get that bike again?
4. Middish!verse: Mama's matzahballs
5. Puppyverse - "Ever notice that 'what the hell' is always the right decision?"


It took me forever because I couldn't pick a 'verse. It was too open. XD;;;; Finally, I went with Puppyverse, just 'cause.


Cissnei stared at Zack. "You are out of your mind," she finally said flatly. "The both of you," she said, giving Reno the same "You have lost it" look.

"Hey, I never had a mind to begin with," Reno said with a grin, and Zack grinned.

"Good one!"

"...I never should have introduced you two," Cissnei muttered under her breath.

"Babe, that was one of your better ideas!"

"Call me 'babe' again and I rip out your small intestines with my pumps," Cissnei snapped, and Reno just rolled her eyes.

"You two been friends how long, an' she's still this uptight?" Reno said, giving Zack a disbelieving look.

"You've been working with her how long, and she's still this uptight?" Zack shot back, and Cissnei barely managed to hold back a scream.

"You two are unbelievable!" she finally yelled. "I can't believe you want me to help you with this harebrained scheme to get General Sephiroth to enter a chocobo race! Reno, why under the heavens would you agree to that?"

Reno gave her a look. "Because I'll be betting on him, that's why! Do you have any idea how much you could make?! You've seen him on a chocobo!"

Cissnei froze, and the wheels in her head started turning, and a smile slowly lit up her face.

"The general does need to, um, cut loose and let his hair down. So to speak. So what the hell?" she said, and could all but hear her bank account begin to sing.

"Right answer!" Zack said with a grin.

"'What the hell' always is. Ain'T you noticed that by now?" Reno shot back, and the three of them began to plan.
Awwwww! <3333 I'm sorry, I love all your 'verses!

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