Yay, genking drabble challenges!

This is genked from raisedbymoogles:

Give me an AU from any of my fandoms, and I'll write you a short scene from it. Basically, like the in medias res thing I did a while back, where you get a snippit, not a whole story. :D

1. Kingdom Hearts, everyone genderswitched - Schaden-something

2. Fae!FFVII - The Poet and the Warrior (livejournal)

3. FF7, literal puppyverse? kemonomimi & fluffy tails & all - The Other Problem with Puppies

4. FF7, high school AU! - Detention Duty (dreamwidth)

5. FF7 characters as dragon riders - Out of the Frying Pan
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*dies* I've only played half of one game, and that was four years ago, so...


"Oh my god," Sora said, as soon as they could stop running, and clutched at his--her--chest. "OWW. How do girls run with these things?" he--she--gasped out. The sooner they were done with this world, the better. This place was weird, and there were no men, so all of them had found themselves...missing bits, but with...extra bits instead, and Sora wondered why it was he managed to have the biggest set of extra bits of any of them when he was the youngest.

Yeah, OK, they had been, um...fun that first day, but now that he was having to run around, he wanted them gone already.

Donald laughed at him. "I'm glad I'm a duck!" he said cheerfully, and Sora vaguely remembered a word Riku had taught him, schaden-something. Pleasure in other people's pain.

"Oh, yeah?" Sora said smugly. "What about that egg you laid this morning?"

Donald started spluttering, and Sora could almost forget how much his chest hurt.
Bwahahaha. Yes, Sora, I feel your pain. XD

*also, is suddenly hungry for an omlette*