Yay, genking drabble challenges!

This is genked from raisedbymoogles:

Give me an AU from any of my fandoms, and I'll write you a short scene from it. Basically, like the in medias res thing I did a while back, where you get a snippit, not a whole story. :D

1. Kingdom Hearts, everyone genderswitched - Schaden-something

2. Fae!FFVII - The Poet and the Warrior (livejournal)

3. FF7, literal puppyverse? kemonomimi & fluffy tails & all - The Other Problem with Puppies

4. FF7, high school AU! - Detention Duty (dreamwidth)

5. FF7 characters as dragon riders - Out of the Frying Pan
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hee hee, OK, you asked... Puppyverse puppyverse. XD


"Hide me!" Zack wailed as soon as he saw Cloud. Cloud's eyes went wide.

"Wha--?" Cloud managed. That was as far as he got before Zack grabbed him by the arm as he ran by. "Zack, what are you--let me--!" he spluttered as Zack beelined for a door.

Zack yelled, "C'mon, c'mon, open!" at the door, while looking furtively at the elevators. The door opened, and Zack ran in, still dragging Cloud behind him.

"Zack!" Cloud finally yelled.

Zack whimpered, but kept right on making his way for an exit at top speed, Cloud struggling behind him, and didn't stop until they made it out of the ShinRa building. "It's Sephiroth. He's got flea powder!" Zack said mournfully, his tail tucked between his legs, and he took a second to scratch just as mournfully at his ears.
pfffft ahahahaha heeeeee. :D Poor flea-scratchy puppyZack! (At least he's not a kittyZack, in which case I'd have to say poor Sephiroth, because dogs getting unpleasant treatment pretty much just look at you like the most horrible person ever. Cats? Cats fight back. XDDDD)
*snerk* Poor Zack indeed, because Cloud is not going to be sympathetic. XD CLoud's gonna be like, "You've got fleas?!" and do his best to drag back Zack towards the flea powder, all the while grousing that Zck had better not have given him fleas. XDDDD

Hee hee--Seph would just hit him with Sleep if he was a kitty!Zack, and learning the hard way that first time. >XDDDDDD
You know, we have this flea and tick shampoo at the animal hospital that works really well... :D?
But but but that would involve the B-word, which would be even *worse*, surely?
Honestly, you're not going to escape with copious amounts of Sad Puppy Face no matter what you do.