Yay, genking drabble challenges!

This is genked from raisedbymoogles:

Give me an AU from any of my fandoms, and I'll write you a short scene from it. Basically, like the in medias res thing I did a while back, where you get a snippit, not a whole story. :D

1. Kingdom Hearts, everyone genderswitched - Schaden-something

2. Fae!FFVII - The Poet and the Warrior (livejournal)

3. FF7, literal puppyverse? kemonomimi & fluffy tails & all - The Other Problem with Puppies

4. FF7, high school AU! - Detention Duty (dreamwidth)

5. FF7 characters as dragon riders - Out of the Frying Pan
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Heh heh, I live under a rock and have no idea what "How to Train Your Dragon" is, so, heh. Dragons. ^^;;


Angeal reached up and laid a steadying hand on the dragon's flank. "Easy now, boy. Calm down. I said calm--never mind," he said, shaking his head and just focusing on trying to settle the rather angry red dragon that was almost ready to start spitting fire. "It's all right now, Gen; no need to get all ornery," he said, biting back a smile. "It's a learning experience, OK?" he said, and was rewarded with a plume of warning smoke erupting from Gen's mouth.

"...Y'know what, maybe I'll go see if I can train on Sephiroth instead," Zack said, his eyes wide, and apparently, he said the exact wrong thing, because that was when Genesis really started snorting out flames.
IT'S A MOVIE WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT few characters have managed to be so adorkable and so badass at the same time as the main kid on this one. Also, the girls are fucking awesome. The adults not only manage to NOT piss me off (rare thing in a PG movie), they're also awesome, believable people, and totally badass actually I don't think there's a character in this movie who's not badass) And vikings. Vikings and dragons being awesome against each other. The ending hit me like a brick. I haven't gushed about a movie in my life as much as I'm gushing about this one. Not even anything from Disney. That's how seriously I'm in love with this.

Also, 98% on rotten tomatoes. Not making this up.

http://www.hic-dragon.jp/ - the official japanese page.

On to the fic: what. Genesis. As a dragon. DID NOT SEE THIS COMING. Now I have the mental image of him as a Monstrous Nightmare should have pic of one on the site linked above. And of course he'd hate to be overshadowed by that albino lizard, but it's his fault for being so antisocial - am I right, Genesis? Be more amiable next time, and maybe people won't be comparing the two of you. *tut tut*
Movies are waaaaaay too expensive in Japan, but I'll put it on my "rent the DVD" list. :D

And hee hee, Gen as a dragon. A foul-tempered dragon that massively plays favorites. >:D And for some reason, I'm envisioning Seph as a dragon who breathes super cold frost or water instead of fire, so the two of them really cause destruction when they get into it. XD Or Seph puts out the fires Gen causes and then gives him a look before turning his back on him.

...The dragonriders have all learned not to ever stable them near each other.
Aww, too bad. I didn't get to watch it in 3D, but everyone I know who did says the 3D was Avatar-level amazing.
There is a very good camrip going around the internet, though, if you decide you don't want to wait for the DVD. :D