[drabble] Under the Table

Title: Under the Table
Author: joudama
Fandom: FF7
Rating: worksafe!
Summary: Why it's not a good idea for a Turk and SOLDIER to go boozing. Or maybe why it is.
A/N: I wrote this, like, a month or so ago, on someone else's journal. And then remembered about it and decided to post it here before I completely forget about it.
Prompt: For [info]writerzilch. Crisis Core: Zack and Reno, stupid bets.


"Hey, I know you!" the red-headed Turk said, pointing suddenly at Zack. Zack blinked, completely confused.


"You! You're the one chasing Cissnei's skirts! Well, if she wore skirts."

"Hey! I'm not chasing her skirts!"

"Oh? Why not? You like guys better?" the Turk said, grinning.

"You must be Reno," Zack said, grinning back. "Cissnei told me you were a jackass."

Reno grinned more. "She talks about me, eh? I knew she wanted me."

Zack snickered. "Dare you to say that to her."

"...What makes you think I haven't?"

"The fact you still have your balls?"

Reno suddenly cracked up laughing. "I like you, kid. You busy now?"

Zack shook his head. "Nope. Just got back from a mission. I was going to go into town."

Reno grinned again and slung his arm over Zack's shoulder. "Great! I know just the place. There's this bar that just opened, and I need someone to go boozing with since my partner has decided he has to fuck off to somewhere that's not boozing with me. Let's go!" he said, and that was how Zack found himself in a shady bar in an even shadier part of the slums he had never been before.

"Let's see how well you hold your booze, SOLDIER boy," Reno said with a grin.

"I can drink a Turk under the table."

There was a gleam in Reno's eyes that almost worried Zack. "Oh, yeah? Let's find out. I bet I can drink you under the table."

"Loser pays the tab?"

"Loser pays," Reno said, nodding, and it was ON.


Zack had no memory of how he got from the bar to...wherever he was right now. Or how Reno had ended up in a dress, sprawled out on a couch and snoring. Or why Zack himself was wearing badly applied fingernail polish.

Some days, it was better not to ask.

He blinked, cursed the sun, checked his wallet, and grinned. Most of his money was still there, so it looked like he'd won.

He did just kinda wonder where all those phone numbers came from, though.
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*snicker* I still maintain that the two of them together could be an unstoppable force. ^^ A force of unrestrained mischief and mayhem, but still.
They would create so much destruction, and it would all be unintentional. I could so see Tseng pulling out a waver saying ShinRa was not responsible for whatever property damage the two of them caused and telling Reno he had to sign it. >XD