[drabble] Weaknesses

Title: Weaknesses
Rating: Oddly enough, G
Fandom: FF7
Comments: This drabble I did for [info]writerzilch way back when? Ended up kicking off TTYNKAP--Write Rude and Reno, she says. And weaknesses, she said. So I did. And after I wrote it, we were chatting on AIM about what other things people might not know about the Turks. As a throwaway line, one of us said something along the lines of, "Yeah, and imagine if Reno spoke Wutai!" as a joke, and, um, yeah. All downhill from there. >XD
Summary: Someone has a sweet tooth.



"Ya know," Reno says, an amused smile on his face, "I never woulda figured you for having a sweet tooth."

Rude pauses slightly, fork halfway to his mouth. "And why is that?"

Reno shrugs, the motion loose and unconcerned, almost as if he's drunk. Reno moves with a grace somewhere between that of a cat and those of a drunk man, loose-limbed and exaggerated. "You're so straight-edged. Seem like the type to count your carbs and measure your portions to the miligram. Not the type to eat cake every chance he gets."

Reno smiles again, all lazy and amused.

"We all have our weaknesses," Rude says, and brings the fork to his mouth, closing his eyes slightly and almost unseen behind his sunglasses as he tastes the cake, pulling the fork out slowly.

Reno chokes a little, watching that, and Rude almost smiles.
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