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I still want to write more, though--I've been feeling a bit drabble-ish lately. Whee!

For [info]cephy:
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Prompt: "Gotta kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight"

But We Have Sharp Teeth

When he was a kid--what are you saying, you still are, kid--he used to be afraid of the dark.

Yeah, OK, so, most kids are afraid of the dark. But it always kinda urked at Sora, that he was afraid of it. But he knew, he just knew that there were monsters that would come out of the shadows--no, no, the monsters are the shadows, the shadows are monsters, you know that, kid, and knew it even then--if he let his attention slip. They would come out of the shadows and eat his toes--steal your heart, we need it so much more than you, kid--unless his toes were perfectly covered and tucked up just the right way.

When he got older--oh, little boy--Sora realized how silly he was--oh, you silly, silly little boy--and kind of laughed in am embarrassed kind of way when he thought about it. Eventually, he'd grown out of it, after all, when the thought had come that if something tried to eat his toes--steal your heart--well, he could just kick it in the face, and that--oh, try it kid, just try it, we have such sharp teeth here in the shadows--would teach 'em. And when he though that, he stopped being afraid of the dark and the shadows in it.

And, oddly enough, that night, when he thought that, when he realized what power he himself might have, he could have sworn he had heard the shadows scream in a kind of soundless, frustrated--brat brat we'll have you yet we will oh we will--rage, one that, when the first warm light of the sun the next day hit him, really seemed rather silly indeed.


Fandom: FF7
Prompt: Reno and coffee

Wanna Cup?

"Yeah, so, hey, wanna cup of coffee? I know it's kinda early an', so I figured, hey, never hurts to be nice none, yeah?" Reno said, a vaguely manic smile on his face.

The man sitting bound on the floor, blood still shiny and fresh, spat in Reno's face.

"Now that, there wasn't any need for that," Reno said, making a face and standing up from the lazy crouch he had been in. "See if I ever offer you coffee again," he said with a little pout, and kicked him.

He turned to Rude. "Would you like a coffee, Rude?"

"There's coffee?"

"Right over there. Pot's still in one piece," Reno said, pointing over to where, in the midst of the chaos, there was, in fact, a pot of coffee.

"I would indeed like a cup," Rude said. It was far too early for them to be out, after all.

"Take over for me, yeah?" Reno said, and Rude nodded. And while Reno poured them both a cup of the man's coffee, Rude took over.

"Coffee break! Here ya go, partner," Reno said, handing him a cup.

"Thanks," Rude said politely, and wiped his bloody hands on a still-clean area of the bound man's shirt. He took the coffee and took a sip, and promptly wished he hadn't.

"Wow. This coffee," Reno said, looking at the cup in horror, "tastes like Odin shat it out and Ifrit set it on fire."

"...I won't argue with you," Rude said, because Reno had a point. "I see why he refused one."

"Same here. Hey, ya coulda warned a guy!" Reno said, and kicked the man in the face.


Writen for [info]cephy, then ported over to [info]finalfanasy100:
Fandom: FF7
Prompt: First Meeting

What That Guy Needs

Reno's first thought, when he met his new partner--Rude, what the heck kinda name was that anyway?-- was, "Damn, somebody really needs to give this guy a blow."

It wasn't necessarily that Reno wanted to give the guy a blowjob, it was that the guy looked like he really, really needed one. 'Cause really, how did one person get that stiff-lookin' and not break or nothin'? And he looked like he wasn't comfortable in his clothes or his own body neither, like none of it quite fit him right and he didn't know how to work it.

So yeah, Reno thought. This guy needed a blowjob. Or some booze. Maybe both. But maybe not at the same time.


For [info]ciceqi, originally posted on her journal (but edited and renamed here)
Fandom: FF7


Reno had a thousand different smiles, Rude thought, and he figured he had seen all of them--the glitteringly bright-eyed smile of watching a building blow up, the slow, lazy half-smile as he wrapped his hand around the controls of a helicopter and settled in for a long flight, the knife-like smile as he interrogated someone, the unfocused smile of a few shots of tequila, the up to no good smile as he planned something that was sure to get him yelled at if he were caught. Rude had seen all of those smiles and more; the thousand different smiles that flickered across his partner's face in the span of a day, of an hour, of an instant.

This smile now was something almost predatory but not; there was focus of the kind that screamed of danger when coming for Reno--screamed it now, but it was the kind of danger you wanted, the allure of a bright flame to a moth, of the snow maidens calling you. One where you saw the danger and you leapt for it.

Maybe it was the glittering eyes, perhaps it was the way the smile curved so slowly across his face. Or perhaps it was the delicate tip of a tongue running over his lower lip, and how it seemed tied into the way the man stood, somehow sinuous though he was still, as if the still was a lie, a trick of a brain unable to conceptualize perpetual motion.

Or maybe it was something simpler. Like the way that smile was so very close, so close Rude's breath caught because of the bright something behind Reno's light eyes, eyes that changed color with the light and time of day, but this close were a green shot through with blue, with flecks of grey in the mix as well. How fitting, Rude thought vaguely, that a man with such chameleon-like emotions should have eyes that were the same.

"So are ya gonna keep dancin' around it, partner, or make a move?" Reno said, his voice low and casual as always, but now there was another note to it.

"Around what?" Rude said, not giving an inch and wanting to know what it was Reno would say. He watched Reno's eyebrow raise, the faint moment of uncertainty that he tried to hide and then ignored--Rude could see the moment of "Am I wrong? Did I...No, I can't be--" flash through the man, transmitted in those indistinct eyes and the quicksilver play of a thousand expressions at once on his face.

"You watch me," Reno finally said, pulling back a bare sliver, but in Reno that was a valley, a gulf. "Ain't nobody never watched me as much as you. So are ya gonna just keep watchin', or you gonna do something?"

Rude let a faint smile come to his own lips. Trust Reno to have noticed that Rude's eyes always found him; were always on the man. But then, how could Rude not watch him? Not watch something always moving; never still and ever changing, trying to figure out the man's way of moving and thinking and doing; admiring the sheer agility and quickness of Reno even when he did small things, like pull out his baton with a grace that belied the intent--Reno was a dancer in motion even when still, and every moment cried out to be watched. And so Rude had observed, unable not to, and now he found his watching was not as unobserved as he had thought.

"Why would I make a move," Rude finally said, his words slow and careful, like everything he did--they were opposites, those two, water and stone. The stone never moved, but it was the water which changed it. He watched the smile on Reno's face begin to falter into uncertainty, and then he continued. "When you do it for me?"

Reno had a thousand smiles and they each told a different story, that Rude already knew. But as it turned out, Reno had a thousand and one, this smile now one obviously rare, one of almost childlike joy.

"Yeah," Reno finally said. "You're right," he said, and in a movement of burning grace, leaned in and made his move.


From lj:
For twins_eternal:
Fandom: FF7, TTYNKAPverse
Prompt: Reno + a member of Avalanche (preferably Yuffie), who finds out he can speak Wutai, or that he knows someone who's Wutai.

What's In a Name?


Reno's eye twitched slightly, and he was reminded of why he had always hated the sound of Yamatan Wutai, especially spoken by teenagers. "USO DESHOU! Reno-san wa Uutaigo ga dekiru no wa uso deshou! Ne! Ne! Uso deshou!"

Whoever told her he could speak Wutai, he thought, was gonna get a punch in the face.

"I have no idea what the fuck you're sayin', Yuffie," he finally said to the hyperactive teenager. "I never learned that Yamatan crap. I speak Northern," he finished, switching to Northern Wutai and hoping it would shut her up before his head exploded or somethin'. With a name like "Kisaragi" she was Yamatan, and Northern would make her head explode or something.

Yuffie's jaw dropped. "You really do speak Wutai!"

Reno blinked slightly. "You speak Northern? I thought the Yamatans still spoke Yamato, even now."

"Yamato's the court language," Yuffie said. "But my mother was Northern, from one of the old nobility, before the Yamatans took control," she said simply. She raised her head. "And my mother still had her pride as a Northern. She taught me Northern and she taught me pride in being so. And my father taught me the pride of being Yamatan, and through them both, pride in being Wutai," the girl said, eyes burning suddenly with a strength and pride that was deeply felt. "I'm going to rebuild Wutai, just watch."

"So," Reno said lazily, "that why you nicked all of Cloud's materia again, Yuffie?"

The girl gave him a cheeky grin and said, "Have to start somewhere!" and ran off. Then she turned and yelled, "And it's You Fei, Reno."

"Lei Nuo," Reno yelled back, and then the little thief, and the materia, were gone.