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Aug. 13th, 2009

[fic] Beating the Heat

Title: Beating the Heat
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7: CC
Rating: G
Word count: @900
Summary: Angeal really hates summer in Midgar.
Author's Notes: Tee-hee, ficlet time! This is based of something I did on [info]raisedbymoogles's journal, but greatly expanded because, heh, why not? >XD

Oh, and 34 degrees is about 93F. I think in Celsius now, so. ^^;;

Beating the Heat. )
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Jul. 22nd, 2009

[fic] Cooking With Zack

Title: Cooking With Zack
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7 (AC AU)
Rating: G
Word count: 1780ish
Summary: Well, someone has to cook when Tifa can't.
Author's Notes: This was a one-comment (in theory) b-day present for [info]chibirisuchan, and she asked me to post it on my journal as a fic so she could link to it. I (greatly) expanded this from the original, since I figured, "Hey, if I'm gonna post it, I'll do it right and fix some stuff and expand it a bit." It's now four pages. ^^;

And my language geekery comes out again, with Cloud lapsing into his native Nibelheim dialect for a bit. There's also a reason why I chose the kind of food mentioned in this; it's something I've played around with for puppyverse and will go into detail about later. *waves Overthinkers Club flag and grins an evil grin* Overthinkiners Unite! XD

This is a Harrow Children happy-ending!verse fic, btw, and takes place after the fic. ;)

Cooking With Zack. )
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Jul. 2nd, 2009

[fic] In This Together: A Series of Firsts

Title: A Series of Firsts
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7 (Crisis Core)
Rating: G
Word count: 4300ish
Summary: As long as they were together, she figured everything would be fine.
Author's Notes. )

A Series of Firsts. )
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Jun. 30th, 2009

[fic] Stranger in Midgar

Title: Stranger in Midgar
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (between the end of the game and AC)
Character/Pairing: Rufus Shinra
Rating: PG
Word Count: 924
A/N: I...had a rather hard time trying to figure out who to write this for, but when it came, oh boy, did it ever come. And this is technically early, but oh, well.
Music Prompt: Michael Jackson - Stranger in Moscow
Summary: Take my name but just let me be.

Stranger in Midgar
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May. 16th, 2009

[fic] Kiss

Title: Kiss
Author: joudama
Fandom: Yami no Matsuei
Rating: R
A/N: Oldfic is still old. ^^;; Like the other oldfic I just posted, "Hurt," this is also technically a song fic and requires you know the series pretty well because 'linear' got screwed. Yay, my experimental phase. >XD;;

What Would Happen If We Kissed? )
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[fic] Hurt

Title: Hurt
Fandom: Yami no Matsuei
Rating: R
Summary: I will make you hurt.
A/N: Old fic is old! XD;; This is a VERY old fic, as well as an experimental one, which is why it's so...colorful. But there was a method to my madness, and so I stand by this.

This is technically a songfic (in the same way as "Angel" was), and also not even vaguely linear. More than that, this is all stream-of-consciousness from the character's perspective, and they all take place at completely different times. You have to know the show fairly well to figure out what's happening when. And know the characters...Which is why it's color-coded. XD

I will make you hurt. )
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May. 4th, 2009

[fic] Harrow Children: Prologue (revised)

I should have the revision for part one up in a day or so; I won't repost it, just edit the fic and add a notice that it's been changed. :)

Title: Harrow Children
Author: joudama
Fandom: FF7 (Advent Children)
Rating: PG to R, worksafe
Warnings: AU. Also, epic.
Word count: 750ish
Status: 1/5
Summary: The line between the quick and the dead is thin and blurred, and some fragments of memories live on past death.
Prompt: Zack lives!Advent Children AU.
A/N: Blame [info]chibirisuchan for this. It's all her fault.

The rest of the notes. )


Prologue )

Part the First
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Mar. 29th, 2009

[fic] A Hope in Hell, pt 3 & 4

Title: A Hope in Hell
Author: joudama
Fandom: FF7/The King and the Clown
Status: 3&4/6
Rating: R (themes, hints of canon m/m from The King and the Clown)
Word count: 13300+
Prompt: Angeal and Gong-gil with the title "A Hope in Hell"
A\N: exploded in length, omfg. It took two posts. x_x

Part Three

Part Four
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Mar. 15th, 2009

[fic] The Things You Never Knew About People - Roadtrip (9/12) pt 2

Title: The Things You Never Knew About People - Roadtrip, pt 2
Status: 9/12 (plus two epilogues)
Fandom: FF7
Rating: PG
Summary: Oh, I just told them to fuck their moms.
A/N: This was too long to be one post, oh man.

Part One

Roadtrip, pt 2 )

[fic] The Things You Never Knew About People - Roadtrip (9/12) pt 1

Title: The Things You Never Knew About People - Roadtrip
Status: 9/12 (plus two epilogues)
Fandom: FF7
Rating: PG
Word count: 14700-ish
Summary: Oh, I just told them to fuck their moms.
A/N: Look at me; I'm making up shit on the Wutai continent! XD Also, "Visgradian (Standard)" is English (I went back to edit the earlier chapters to retcon that in)--as I'm doing more with Gaia, I'm filling in pieces of things, like the way I've shamelessly made up stuff on Wutai. One of those things was naming the continents on Gaia, and Visgrad is the continent that Midgar is on. It comes from a mix of "Asgard" and "Visgrid," the plain where the battle before Ragnorak occurs. :D I won't touch much on it in this fic, but it has and will show up in other series and stories that I'm working on now--internal consistency FTW.

As for Wutai, here's what I made up for this fic, and it's also internal canon for all my fic. :D There are five provinces in Wutai, thus the 'Wu' in 'Wutai'--it's 'five' in Chinese (and I spent a LOT of time on the Chinese wiki, yo). The 'wu' in 'wuzi', however, is a different 'wu' character, and it's like 'hanzi', where the 'han' refers to the Han Chinese. The 'wu' refers to the Wu people. Also, the 'wu' for the Wu clan is a different character. Don't think about it too hard. >XD;; But the big thing for this fic is the locations. I researched, yo. I'm not gonna spill out everything, but any of y'all interested, you can either wait for the Author's Notes Ultimania on names, which will come out when chapter 10 is done...or do a search on Diyu and Taohuayuan (Táohūayuán). :D

Oh, and I'd advise going back and reading chapter 7, just because this takes off right where Chapter 7 ended.

...oh, god, now I have to write chapter ten. D:

Chapter 9 - Roadtrip, part 1 )

Part 2

Feb. 28th, 2009

[fic] Puppyverse: Pavlov's Dog

Title: Pavlov's Dog
Fandom: FF7 AU
Rating: G
Status: 2/?!
Warnings: Bodily fluids, and not of the happy fun kind.
Word count: ~6500
Summary: In which Sephiroth develops something of a conditioned response.
A/N: This is an AU based off of *buries face in hands* "The Problem With Puppies." You have to have read that before you get this, but short version, Nibelheim doesn't happen because of...well, you'll see. OH GOD HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! ...somehow, I blame [info]chibirisuchan for this. Because it is always her fault. Always. >XD And this is a wee bit truncated, I admit that upfront--it hit 16 pages and I figured that was enough. ^^;;

Pavlov's Puppy )

Feb. 6th, 2009

[fic] Deadly Sweet Mother

Title: Deadly Sweet Mother
Author: joudama
Fandom: FF7
Warnings: Child abuse of the Bad Touch variety. x_x
Word count: 1900ish
Summary: Deadly sweet mother, with hatred, nausea blooms.
A\N: ...I hate my brain. ;_; Anything inspired by the fucked-up version of Dir en Grey's "embryo" is not going to be a happy, functional story. If I never write another fic like this, GOOD. I disturbed myself with this.

Oh, and "Chímaira" references a fic I did recently, "The Griffin and the Chimera." I also made up names for Genesis' parents. Pillaging Greek mythology FTW.

And I'd like booze now.

Deadly Sweet Mother )
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Feb. 1st, 2009

[fic] The Griffin and the Chimera

Title: The Griffin and the Chimera
Author: joudama
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Rating: work-safe
Warnings: None
Word Count: 850ish
Prompt: Angeal/Genesis: Wings – This was the first time he saw them.
Summary: One was divine, chosen of the gods; one was an abomination, made not by the hands of gods
A/N: ...for once, I don't actually have anything big and wordy to say. Wow. XD;; Actually, I thought of something: I am SO not an epic poet, and I'm sure any and all classicists out there weep for what I've done to mythology. I'm just following Squeenix's example, yo--shameless pillaging of imagery. ^^;;;

The Griffin and the Chimera.

Jan. 23rd, 2009

(fic) A Hope in Hell, pt 2

Title: A Hope in Hell
Author: joudama
Fandom: FF7/The King and the Clown
Status: 2/4 (~This is the fic that never ends, 'cause it goes on and on my friends...~)
Rating: worksafe, but PG to R just for themes. There are hints of canon m/m from The King and the Clown.
Word count: +6700
Prompt: Angeal and Gong-gil with the title, "A Hope in Hell"

A Hope in Hell, pt 2
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Jan. 11th, 2009

fic: A Hope in Hell (pt 1)

Title: A Hope in Hell
Fandom: FF7/The King and the Clown
Status: 1/3 (Broken up so I could have at least half of it out in time for [info]no_true_pair; the second half will come in a week or so, because the 'epilogue' third part is for a prompt the last week.)
Rating: worksafe, but PG to R just for themes. There are hints of m/m from The King and the Clown.
Word count: 8100+
Prompt: Angeal and Gong-gil with the title, "A Hope in Hell"

A Hope in Hell

...y'all have no IDEA how hard it is not to make this internal canon, just because of how much this is so digging around inside Angeal's brain and motivations. NO IDEA.
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Nov. 19th, 2008

[fic] Bricks at the Devil

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: worksafe
Warnings: ...Yuffie. GAH.
Word count: 1,240
Summary: Don't show your tears to your oppressors; don't show your tears.
Author's Notes. )

Bricks at the Devil )
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Nov. 2nd, 2008

[fic] In This Together (pt 3) - On the Road

I was going to wait until the day before the election to post this because I knew I'd need a distraction, but I know the day before the election I'm going to be twitching and gnawing at things and drinking. So I'm posting it now. ^^;;

Title: In This Together: On the Road
Author: joudama
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Rating: worksafe
Warnings: hints of m/m; pretty much pointless teenboy fluff
Word count: 3,270
Summary: It's not just me/We're a stubborn pair.
A/N: More teenage!Angeal and Gen. I had to do it; I wrote two fic with them as teenboys for [info]areyougame ("Make It Up" and "Something to Prove"), and I have this thing where I like the number three. So. >XD All three of them are standalone fics, but they just fit well together. Also, when the hell did these two become the pairing I write the most?! I kind of hate Genesis. *stomps on the Cockroach of ShinRa*

Also, god have mercy on my soul, I kind of want to keep GOING with this. I have ideas, and ones I can't shoehorn into Puppyverse. D: (my free time! ...ahem.)

Song Prompt: Soler - 惹我 [Je Ngo - Provoke Me]/堅持 [Jian1 chi2 - Insistence] (both)

On the Road
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Oct. 31st, 2008

Follow the Leader OMAKE!!!1!

Title: Follow the Leader OMAKE!!!1!
Author: joudama
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Rating: worksafe
Warnings: crack!
Word count: 615
Summary: Sephiroth really hates it when they go into dialect.
A/N: In the middle of Follow the Leader (read it first or this omake fic will make NO SENSE), I originally had Genesis roll his eyes at Angeal and tell him he hadn't quit kvetching about his driving the whole way. This instantly led to the Angeal in my head calling Gen "meshuggenah," and, well, it was all downhill from there. XD;; And y'all're all enablers. :p Also, this is not my internal canon, since I'm guessing in Mideel they speak something closer to Greek. Not, um, this. XD;;;

Sephiroth really hated it when the two of them went into dialect. )
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[fic] Follow the Leader

Title: Follow the Leader
Author: joudama
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Rating: worksafe aside from...
Warnings: Lots of badwerdz! XD Also hints of m/m.
Word count: 1093
Summary: Angeal wishes he had never let Genesis have the keys when they 'appropriated' that Wutai transport vehicle.
A/N: This is a sequel. I didn't plan for it to be when I grabbed the prompt, but then it hit me so hard when walking home. So, yeah, this is a sequel to "The Scorched Earth Policy," which was written for the last round of kinkfest. The main thing you need to know is that in SEP nineteenish-year-old Sephiroth got pissed at Genesis being a passive-aggressive bitch and got his own brand of bitch drama queen on in retaliation. ...This, of course, means war.
Prompt: Angeal/Genesis: "Fearless" Driving - Genesis: "I didn't feel like stopping, so I didn't."

Follow the Leader

AN/2: *buries face in hands* There is an omake for this. And there is no excuse for the omake save my brain is weird. Read at your own peril.

Oct. 28th, 2008

[fic] Falling Into Grace

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Word count: 941
Summary: And I am falling into grace, into the unknown, to where you are.
A/N: The title comes from the Lifehouse song "Unknown"--"And I am falling in grace, into the unknown, to where you are." I came home and wrote this in under an hour (about 30 minutes, with a phone call from a friend in Shanghai), and went somewhere I wasn't expecting. At ALL. x_X
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Sephiroth/Aerith: AU, what if Sephiroth, not Zack, had fallen through her roof that day? – “I'm Aerith. You came falling from above, gave me quite a scare.”

Falling Into Grace

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