Oct. 30th, 2015

Fic: The Things That Never Happened to People [TTYNKAP AU drabbles]

Title: The Things That Never Happened to People
Fandom: FF7
Rating: PG
Summary: I've been sitting on this one for a long time, heh. It's basically a "five things that never happened" - little changes that if they had happened, would have radically changed the way that Reno's life had gone. Each section takes place in a different backstory chapter.

The Things That Never Happened to People )

Sep. 25th, 2011

Thagirion Master List

Title: Thagirion
Fandom: FF7 (pre-game AU)
Rating: R
Summary/Prompt: Instead of waiting to breed new Ancients, Hojo decides to simply create a new one from Aerith and a terrorist who remembers more than she should.
A/N: This is for illumynare, who won my help_japan auction.

[Prologue] : If You Could Rewrite the Past
[Part 1] : One Set of Memories
[Part 2] : That Desolate, Arid Place
[Part 3] : What is Inside
[Part 4] : The Memories on the Other Side

[fic] Thagirion [上] - One Set of Memories

Title: Thagirion [上]
Author: joudama
Fandom: FF7 (AU)
Status: 2/4
Rating: R
Word count: 7,000ish
Summary/Prompt: Instead of waiting to breed new Ancients, Hojo decides to simply create a new one from Aerith and a terrorist who remembers more than she should.
A/N: This is for illumynare, who won my help_japan auction. :D She made an incredibly generous bid, and as someone actually living in Japan, I am extremely grateful. Also, I'd ask that if you enjoyed this fic, to please consider donating to $5 or so to a charity. It doesn't really matter which one, but it'd be a way for the spirit of help_japan--and all of the help_* auctions--to keep going.

For the sake of brevity, I'm cutting out the extensive author's notes I actually wrote for this--if you are interested, I'll be posting them separately, as an Ultimania. :D I also broke the story into four sections - the prologue and three chapters - instead of the original planned two sections (...then three sections...) for the sake of brevity and to ensure these came out with more frequency. ^^;;

And remember, this is an AU, so the characters and a lot of situations are different - I write 'butterfly effect' AUs, and this is one of them. Everything will become clear in the next part, when I do more filling in. Promise. XD


One Set of Memories )
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Jul. 4th, 2011

[fic] Thagirion [序]

Title: Thagirion [序]
Author: joudama
Fandom: FF7 (AU)
Status: 1/3
Rating: R
Word count: 2711
Summary/Prompt: Instead of waiting to breed new Ancients, Hojo decides to simply create a new one from Aerith and a terrorist who remembers more than she should.
Notes )

The day her father dies is the day Nibelheim burns to the ground. )
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May. 4th, 2009

[fic] Harrow Children: Prologue (revised)

I should have the revision for part one up in a day or so; I won't repost it, just edit the fic and add a notice that it's been changed. :)

Title: Harrow Children
Author: joudama
Fandom: FF7 (Advent Children)
Rating: PG to R, worksafe
Warnings: AU. Also, epic.
Word count: 750ish
Status: 1/5
Summary: The line between the quick and the dead is thin and blurred, and some fragments of memories live on past death.
Prompt: Zack lives!Advent Children AU.
A/N: Blame [info]chibirisuchan for this. It's all her fault.

The rest of the notes. )


Prologue )

Part the First
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Apr. 19th, 2009


Hi, I'm BORED STUPID. I can't manage being upright for more than an hour at a stretch before I go "...lying down now" (yay, side effects) and need to be distracted, especially since the Magic 5% of common sense that saves me from being a complete idiot is telling me I need to stay home tomorrow (I went out to buy groceries, and it was a MISTAKE; I should have ordered another pizza and had the food come to me).

So! Because I can't manage anything that requires "upright" and all of my big fic projects require more thinking than me headachey brain (yay, side effects) can manage but I'm also, yeah, BORED STUPID, one comment drabbles! (I have a laptop, which is why I'm online at all--it goes into the bed with me. :D )

Give me a prompt and I'll write a one-comment drabble.* Any fandom or 'verse I've written for is OK (I'll even entertain crossovers XD ). It will ONLY be one comment, though, even if I have to beat it with a stick.

So, yeah. Give me something to amuse myself with. I will also cheerfully accept drabbles people write for me, because yeah, I am down for the count.

* Until I get tired and have to stop. Which may be at any moment.


Drabble One: Love Advice (FF7, TTYNKAP: Jie, Reno, Auntie Qian. Prompt: First heartbreak from love and Auntie Qian dispenses her advice on the matter) [LJ]

Drabble Two: Sage Advice (FF7:CC, Sephiroth and Genesis. Prompt: Boots, "keep them on".) [LJ]

Drabble Three: Accessory Advice (FF7: Tifa and Aerith. Prompt: Aeris and Tifa discuss Cloud.)

Drabble Four: General Advice (FF7, Puppyverse: Cloud and Sephiroth. Prompt: Seph helping Cloud out so he can get into SOLDIER) [LJ]

Drabble Five: Naming Advice (FF12/KH: Cid and Balthier. Prompt: the best way to name airships.)

Drabble Six: Play Advice (FF7, HC!verse: Zack and Marlene. Prompt: Zack is a big dork who plays Power Rangers.)

Drabble Seven: Health Advice (FF7:CC: Zack and Sephiroth. Prompt: Recuperation)

Drabble Eight: Life Advice (FF7, Puppyverse: Sephiroth, Zack, and Cloud. Prompt: Zack decides that he and Cloud need to take Sephiroth out to do something normal, possibly without actually informing either of them before hand.)

Aug. 19th, 2008

Puppyverse masterlist

...I hate all of you because you are filthy, steenkin' enablers. :p

*buries face in hands* As soon as 'puppyverse' came to me, I knew I was doomed.

Just as I'm thinking "This is so not my fault," the song I'm listening to goes "I couldn't help it, it's all your fault." [info]chibirisuchan, I'm still looking at you and your plotcthulhus for this. SO not my fault. Plotcthulhu. Yeah.

Title: pffft, like i know yet. Right now it's just "the puppyverse" in my head. I'll think of something legit eventually. Or not. *throws hands in the air* Not my fault. XD
Warnings: AU where Nibelheim got, um, yeah. Trust me, it's Reno's fault. Also, crack-tinged...something.
Status: WIP, and I don't even know where it's going. Don't ask me. XD
Summary: Sephiroth has acquired a puppy. Because someone has to take over for Angeal.

The Problem with Puppies - The problem with puppies is that they eat, well, everything.
Pavlov's Dog - In which Sephiroth develops a conditioned response.
Puppy Chow - Puppies require special food.
Old Dogs and New Tricks - Sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks.
Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails - That's what little SOLDIERs are made of.
Puppy Love
Obedience School
Slipping the Leash - The Gongaga Incident
And Let Loose the Hounds of War - And now it's war.

...plotcthulhu. yeah.
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