Oct. 25th, 2008

music post!

I had been planning this post for a while, since I haven't done a real atm post in a while, and then heard two songs that totally smacked my upside the head and made the music lover in me start fangirling wildly. And so.

1. ...This one deleted because it's going up on fictunes next week. Glee! As a replacement, here, have this COMPLETELY AWESOME song by the same singer as #2, only this is one of his solo work. Holy wow yes.

信 [Shin] - 傷城 [Shang Cheng] City Of Sorrow

2. Shin (Band)(信乐团) - 千年之恋 [Qian nian zhi liang] Love of a Thousand Years
Yes, so, if you want a song guaranteed to make my jaw drop and little stars appear in my eyes, you do everything this song did. The rock lover and the opera lover in me both are waving flags for this song. I mean, it's a rock duet, with these amazing guitars, and then comes this operatic tenor singing "Love for a thousand years" in Italian. *swoon* The leader singer of Shin has the rock singing voice that I love, all rough and gruff and unpolished.

3. Soler - 兄弟 (Brothers)
A different Soler song is going up on fictunes, and I talk about them a bit there, but just for info, Soler is a duo, comprised of identical twin Eurasian brothers, and I heart Soler very much. That said, at first, I was like, "Wow, um, ow!" because they seemed to have some pitch problems at the beginning. Then came a place about a minute from the end where one of the twins went off on this absofuckinglutely amazing vocal riff, and suddenly I was like, "YES, rock on!"

4. Dir en Grey - Glass Skin
I've always liked DeG, but now that they've thrown Kyo sceaming and puking out the window and actually starting showing some musicianship, I love them. This is their newest single, and it's just full of win.

5. Jay-Z - Pray
I...don't like rap. I've always kinda been like, "If I want to listen to sprechstimme, I'll pick up some opera" and that was that. Yeah, there's some rap I like--I love the RZA's soundtrack for Afro Samurai--but in general, I've always been kinda meh. This song? HOLY SHIT. It's got that feel of epic like I love so much in my music. I mean, it's just teeth-achingly awesome. From the first notes, I was like "Aw damn", and never once, and this is rare for me when listening to rap, think, "This is would be great if it was sung." This is a song that could not be anything other than what it is.

Sep. 12th, 2008


Also, if you have not read Watase Yuu's BL manga Sakuragari, OMGWTFBBQ go download it like now. This has to be one of the single most emotionally fucked up things I have ever read--the bad guy is wow, EMOTIONALLY FUCKED UP.

There are four chapters out so far, but each chapter is between 60 and 100 pages long, so. Yeah. Go. Download. Read. Whimper. Repeat.

*grabby hands*

So, just watched the new trailer for Dissidia.

Yeeeah, I'll be getting this.

I absolutely love Sephiroth's redesigned uniform--the new belt and the handcuffy-bracelet are kinda working for me (Sephiroth discovers accessories AND color!) Squall's, yeah, so, WTF. That shirt is so close to cool and yet SO FAR.

Also, I would really, really like Kuja to put on some pants. I would really like him to put on some pants. The black thong look is not working for me.

Sep. 6th, 2008


Magneto has always been one of my favorite villains--quite possibly because when I first came across him as a kid, I was already interested in the Holocaust, and so his motivations made a lot of sense to me.

i saw this preview on scans_daily, and, um, YESPLZ.

Magneto's origin story: Testament

Holy god, that cover is gorgeous. And I read the preview, and i was really impressed, especially with the line, "It is just denegerate cunning"--that was incredibly realistic, and reminded me of the "degenerate art" that the Nazis banned (basically, any art or music created by Jews).


Just because

So, talking about The Curse of the Golden Flower and looking up the vids for the two songs Jay Chou did for the soundtrack got me looking at Jay vids on Youtube, and since I love Jay and love sharing Jay songs, here is the first song by Jay Chou that I ever heard, 安静 [An jing], "Silence."

Translation of the lyrics )

Sep. 1st, 2008

Hee, go me!

*grin* I put my money where my mouth is and put in six prompts for areyougame. And! Only one was FF7 related! (I loved FF7, y'all know I do, but the last round was crazymad FF7-heavy, so I'm doing my part to help it be a little more rounded out) Mind, all of them were Squeenix--FF12, FF7, FF4, and KH2--but that is because Squeenix owns my soul. :D (...and the other games I've played haven't been released in the US so no one could write for them, and the fact that none of you can play Mizu no senritsu and write me delicious, delicious fic of any of these pretty, pretty characters makes me ever so sad. *cough* Ahem.)

Hopefully people will grab a couple of my prompts. :D One of them is in hopes of cracktasticness, and I very well might snag that one back because heeeee. >XD

Mastered materia ice!

*ded* Go see the complete and utter awesome that [info]chibirisuchan came up with based off that Materia Ice drabble I did.

Materia Ice recipes



Areyougame prompting is now open!

...I, um, am not going to be ficcing as much as I did last round, thanks to the JLPT 1 now officially looming over my head. *whimper*

Aug. 22nd, 2008

The Jerry Springer Opera! >XDDD

Now, the first time I heard that someone had done a musical based on The Jerry Springer Show, my first reaction was WTF?! And it continued to be WTF until I heard it, and now, OH MAN, *hearts*. It is so full of awesome wrongness. It is the wrongest wrong that ever did wrong, and that's why it's so right.

Don't download if you're easily offended by anything.

And the best part? There is serious musical complexity in this. I know, right?! Blew me away to hear counterpoint, and in a duet between the Devil and Jesus ("Talk to the stigmata!")

1. Overtly-ture and Audience Very Plainsong - This sets up the musical and the tone perfectly--"My mom used to be my dad, snip snip!" XD SO WRONG.

2. I've Been Seein' Someone Else, Chick With a Dick, and Talk to the Hand - STEVE!!!! >XDDD And opera singers singing "What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fucking fucking fuck?!" and "Chick with a dick!" Also, Jerry's inner Valkyrie. XD And bitchy insults!

3. I Just Wanna Dance - The wanna-be poledancer's song, and you know what? This song is abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous. The only complant I have about it is it's only two and a half minutes long, and it really needed to be longer, and turned into a real solo piece, because yeah. This song is just...yeah: "I'm tired of laughin', and I'm tired of cryin'; I'm tired of failin' and I'm tired of all this tryin'. I wanna do some livin', 'cause I've done enough dyin'. I just wanna dance, I just wanna fuckin' dance."

The end of act I, Jerry is shot, and this is what leads into Act II, which takes place in Purgatory and Hell. No, I'm not kidding.

BONUS! Grilled and Roasted - How the Devil convinces Jerry to do a Jerry Springer in Hell show. By telling him what will happen to him if he doesn't do it. >XDDDDD It's only about 40 seconds long, but whoo boy. XD

4. Once In Happy Realms of Light and Fuck You Talk / Satan and Jesus Spat - The Devil's soliloquy--his point of view about being cast out of Heaven, and just what it is he wants now from God and Jesus. This is kinda like "I Just Wanna Dance," where it--the beginning, at least--is almost unexpectedly deep. The Devil's soliloquy leads directly into the confrontation duet between the devil and Jesus. Polyphony! Counterpoint! Stigmata!

5. Please Don't Die - A return from the underworld to the moment where Jerry was shot, and the audience singing for Jerry not to die. And, of course, Jerry's Final Thought.