Jan. 7th, 2010

100 word drabbles

To help me get back and stay in the swing of writing, I started doing 100 word drabbles for [info]ffvii_100.

Title: Shed Your Skin
Challenge: Crossovers
Characters: Snake, Otacon, Cloud
Author's Notes: Heh heh, it was the only series I could think of that would make sense--Metal Gear Solid. ;)

Shed Your Skin


Title: Pretty Things
Challenge: Lust
Characters: Angeal, Sephiroth, Genesis
Author's Notes: Lust, with a little touch of envy for flavor.

Pretty Things


Title: I Have Kissed Thy Mouth, Iokanaan
Challenge: Lust
Characters: Sephiroth, Angeal
Author's Notes: The title comes from Salome's monologue by Oscar Wilde: Ah! I have kissed thy mouth, Iokanaan, I have kissed thy mouth. There was a bitter taste on thy lips. Was it the taste of blood? Nay; but perchance it was the taste of love. They say that love hath a bitter taste. But what matter? what matter? I have kissed thy mouth.

I Have Kissed Thy Mouth, Iokanaan