Sep. 1st, 2009

[fic] Ienai

Title: Ienai
Author: joudama
Fandom: Metal Gear Solid
Rating: PG
Word count: 900-ish
Summary: For you, some things cannot be spoken; cannot be healed.
Song Prompt: Birdcage - Gackt
A/N: Written for fictunes.
The title, "Ienai," is Japanese, and I picked it for three reasons:

1. Otacon (Hal Emmerich) is a giant anime otaku; you know that man knows Japanese.
2. The line in "Birdcage" I genked the title from is 「悲しみは癒えない」 [kanashimi wa ienai]--"my loneliness can't be healed."
3. In Japanese, the words for "can't be healed," 「癒えない」, and "can't be spoken," 「言えない」, are homonyms--the kanji are different, but they're pronounced the same, "ienai."

This takes place after MGS2 and assumes you know Otacon's terrible, awful backstory. ;_; If not, here, take a moment to watch this clip and feel your heart getting pulled out and stomped on. "E.E" is Emma Emmerich, Otacon's step-sister. Until the clip, he hadn't seen her since she was six. And that dumb bird was hers.


Jun. 30th, 2009

[fic] Stranger in Midgar

Title: Stranger in Midgar
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (between the end of the game and AC)
Character/Pairing: Rufus Shinra
Rating: PG
Word Count: 924
A/N: I...had a rather hard time trying to figure out who to write this for, but when it came, oh boy, did it ever come. And this is technically early, but oh, well.
Music Prompt: Michael Jackson - Stranger in Moscow
Summary: Take my name but just let me be.

Stranger in Midgar
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Nov. 2nd, 2008

[fic] In This Together (pt 3) - On the Road

I was going to wait until the day before the election to post this because I knew I'd need a distraction, but I know the day before the election I'm going to be twitching and gnawing at things and drinking. So I'm posting it now. ^^;;

Title: In This Together: On the Road
Author: joudama
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Rating: worksafe
Warnings: hints of m/m; pretty much pointless teenboy fluff
Word count: 3,270
Summary: It's not just me/We're a stubborn pair.
A/N: More teenage!Angeal and Gen. I had to do it; I wrote two fic with them as teenboys for [info]areyougame ("Make It Up" and "Something to Prove"), and I have this thing where I like the number three. So. >XD All three of them are standalone fics, but they just fit well together. Also, when the hell did these two become the pairing I write the most?! I kind of hate Genesis. *stomps on the Cockroach of ShinRa*

Also, god have mercy on my soul, I kind of want to keep GOING with this. I have ideas, and ones I can't shoehorn into Puppyverse. D: (my free time! ...ahem.)

Song Prompt: Soler - 惹我 [Je Ngo - Provoke Me]/堅持 [Jian1 chi2 - Insistence] (both)

On the Road
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Oct. 28th, 2008

November fictunes!

Hey, all! Music prompts for November's [info]fictunes are posted! Go grab! Go fic! :DDD

Sep. 28th, 2008

October fictunes songs are up!

Any of y'all who aren't members of [info]fictunes, go join! It's a comm where the mod uploads songs every month and people write fic based on them.

And if you didn't know, I am the new mod! :DDDDDDD

I just uploaded October's music--18 songs (since this is my first post and I want to get a feel for what kind of music people can fic to) based on the theme of The Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues.

Join! Fic! Find new cool music! :DD

Apr. 2nd, 2008

Damn plotbunnies

See, I made the mistake of downloading all the songs up for fictunes last night, and sticking them on my iPod before I headed out to work so see if anything grabbed me.

Yeah, well, I got grabbed, and HARD. And I do mean hard; it's been gnawing at me all day, and I finally am writing it now, now that I've found the section off youtube I need from a certain scene in Crisis Core.

This is ALL the fault of this song and Ein Sof. It's not part of Ein Sof, but...yeah. Maybe the same 'verse or something. I'm going to finish it tonight if I can, because otherwise it won't leave me alone. I don't even like Aerith that much (because CC Aerith is a flake, I'm sorry. FLAAAAAAAKE, and unfortunately CC was my big introduction to canon Aerith [c.f, jou sucks at gaming and can't actually get through FF7,] and she was a flake. This makes me sad), but. ...*sniffle* This plot bunny was one that made me go, "*shoulderslump* ...shit," so. I warn any of you now before you read it. It made me make sadface.

And this fic makes me sad as I'm writing it, and I'm glad I splurged and bought a piece cake on the way home and that I haven't eaten it yet. Damn you, Squeenix, for killing Zack. I won't forgive you for that ever.

...and it doesn't help that I can't hear Aerith's Theme without automatically setting "Ave Maria" to it, after discovering that the words fit the melody line really well. So whenever I hear it, I start singing "Ave, ave! Ave Maria, grazia plena dominus tecum..." to myself.

ETA! And it's done! Something Delicate.

Feb. 4th, 2008

[fic] Got No Plans To Die Tonight

Title: Got No Plans To Die Tonight
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Character/Pairing: Reno/Rude
Rating: Worksafe...ish
Warnings: It's the Turks. Here there be blood and blows. And bad words.
Summary: Reno's got his hand on the controls and no plans to die.

Passin' out is lookin' like a better idea than it should.

(link goes to fictunes)
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