Sep. 1st, 2008


Adding to the Waaaaaaargh of my day, I just got my application form for the JLPT from the on-site Japanese teacher they have here (a lot of foreigners are here, so they offer Japanese classes for them to take. I can't take classes since I'm a contract worker, but after the failure of me trying to go get an application--there are no more applications in the city of Nara and only a handful of stores in Kyoto sell them--I went to ask if she had any and she said she was getting some this weekend and could get one for me.

So. Now I have an application form for the JLPT, and now all my free time is about to go up in a big puff of smoke because I have to pass the test this year.

Oh god, the JLPT. I hate this test. I really wish I had passed last year so I would never have to bother with it ever again. GAH.

O_o aka "You know it's going to be a surreal day WHEN"

You know it's going to be a surreal day when, first thing Monday morning, as you try to buy a breakfast bar from the Kiosk at the train station because you didn't have time to eat, you get groped by a drunk old man.


Basically, I went to the kiosk, and there was a drunk old man telling the nice obaasan (older woman) who worked there how much he loved her. I was like, "...fabulous" because he was blocking the way, and I had a train to catch. But I figured I'd be an excuse for the obaasan to get rid of the guy, too, so I grabbed a bottle of tea and a breakfast bar. The obaasan was immediately like, "Sorry, I have a customer. Here's your change," and the drunk old guy immediately saw me, and went, "Wow, you're really big." I smiled, nodded, and said, "Yeah, I guess so," and tried to pay for my food. Then he told me he loved everyone. He really loved everyone. But he hated big boobs.

*blink blink*

OK, I think, and go back to digging for my change, when all of a sudden, "Hey, let me just touch a little..." and suddenly, the drunken old guy who couldn't manage to see straight enough to get his change has grabbed my right boob.

I was like, "Ok, drunk guy, whatev," said, "NO," in Japanese and lightly pushed his hand away. And then he went under my arm to grab at my breast again. I shoved his hand off, and then he grabbed me a third time before both me and the obaasan's "NO!"s finally clicked or something and he laughed and drunkenly wandered away.

If I hadn't had to go catch a train right then, I swear I would have gone to get a station attendant, but, yeah, I miss that train and I'm 30 minutes late to work.

I'm still kind of just blinking in shock at it all--not the freaked out, traumatized shock (that's reserved for the guy who cornered me in a frickin' stairwell a couple years ago when I was on my way to work, and that was made extra creepy because he was asking how old I was and if I was twenty or not--basically, he was asking if I was legal, and, um, EW), but the WTF was that?! kind of shock. I'm still WTFing...although creeped out is beginning to sink in now. Gah. Delayed reaction and all that. GAH. *shudder*

Not the thing one is expecting, y'know, first thing Monday morning.


Can it be Friday already? I think my week should officially be over, because oh, come on.