Jul. 28th, 2008

[fic] The Most Frightening Thing

Title: The Most Frightening Thing
Author: joudama
Fandom: Tokyo Babylon
Rating: R, but worksafe
Warnings: The prompt is "bondage", yo. Treekink, if you kinda squint and are as happily boozed up as I am at the time of writing. *glee* *hic* *glee!*
Word count: 1,108
Summary: Because the most frightening things of all are human beings.
A/N: I so love writing headspace. *glee* Also, the quotes from Tokyo Babylon are from the first book, crappy translations mine. This is after TB yet before X.
Prompt: Seishiro/Subaru - bondage - "like a dream to me, you are not what you seem..."

The Most Frightening Thing
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Jul. 10th, 2008

[fic] The Meaning of the Word

Title: The Meaning of the Word
Author: joudama
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Rating: worksafe
Warnings: bad werdz, yay! *hearts Reno*
Word count: 1,165
Summary: Sometimes, having a limited vocabulary is a good thing.
Prompt: Rude/Reno - Injury/Escape - "...partners, yo."
A/N: None! :D

The Meaning of the Word
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Jul. 7th, 2008

[fic] The Scorched-Earth Policy

Title: The Scorched-Earth Policy
Author: joudama
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7 (Crisis Core)
Rating: worksafe-ish
Warnings: This started out crack, and then the middle grew, like, a plot 'n' shit and got all deep. Then the crack came back! With exhibitionism for flavor.
Word count: 5,584
Summary: There were some sounds that Sephiroth never wanted to hear. Ever.
Prompt: Genesis/Sephiroth/Angeal - Brake Failure - "This. Cannot. Be."
A/N: What I know about cars is pretty much limited to "you put gas in it and turn the key and it goes." Yes, I am a Packled. I'm OK with this.

This takes place well before Crisis Core, during the Wutai war, and Sephiroth, Genesis, and Angeal are about eighteen or nineteen. All the city names, I made up, but for those of you geography types: Wutai is split into five provinces (hence the "wu," which is "five"--and yes, I actually went to the Chinese wikipedia page for FF7 and dug the name out of the morass of Chinese characters); "Daerimmun" (Gate of Great Woods) is in the Chochung Province (in the middle part of Wutai), "Gingseng" (Border Castle) is on the border between Chochung and Gwongnaam to its north, and "Nankyo" (Southern Capital) is in the Yamato Province in the south (...dur) and was the old capital of Wutai long, long ago (also, dur). I, um, kinda like writing Wutai, if you hadn't noticed. ^^;;

Oh, and *kissieface*, I love you, Gacktesis~ *kissieface* >:D heh heh heh.

The Scorched-Earth Policy
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Jul. 1st, 2008

[fic] Ein Sof: Aharit ha-yamim

Title: Aharit ha-yamim
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Rating: PG
Warnings: Worksafe! But maybe not so very keeping-brain-unbent-safe. ^^;;
Word count: 1,235
Summary: In the end, he would be the one who stood in the flames of the end of days, the planet at his feet.
Prompt: Sephiroth/Aeris - healing - Lights will guide you home/And ignite your bones/And I will try to fix you.
Author's Notes )

Aharit ha-yamim (kinkfest, yay!)

Mar. 29th, 2008

[Fic] Ein Sof - Da'at (3/12)

Fic Title: Ein Sof
Chapter Title: Da'at
Rating: R for vague smuttiness
Word count: 1,118 (excluding A/N)
Summary: Reunion will make you whole.
The A/N. )


( Reunion will make you whole. )

Mar. 28th, 2008

[Fic] Ein Sof - Shevirat ha-kelim (2/12)

Title: Shevirat ha-kelim
Author: stopthatgirl7
Rating: R
Word count: 1,713 (not including A/N)
Summary: Rejoice, for you shall be the ruler of this world.
A/N: This is the prequel, of sorts, to Malkhut.

*puts on new Joudama Explains It All hat* Now we have to look at Lurianic Kabbalah and things start getting all "…bwuh?" Under Lurianic Kabbalah, God filled all, leaving no room for creation. In order to create the universe, God had to pull back and create a space where He wasn't there. This pulling-away is known as tzimtzum. God pulled back in stages, and those "stages" became the sephirot, which were to be vessels to emanate the divine back into the space He had pulled away from. Only, there was a wee little problem. God had these vessels all lined up in a nice, tidy little row, and He let His light shine...but the sephirot were kind of not unified as set aspects yet and thus were unstable, so when the energy of God went through them, the first three sephirot were displaced so they were no longer in a line, and the other seven? *points to fic title*

"Shevirat ha-kelim" means "the breaking of the vessels" and refers to the moment when the lower seven of the first set of vessels, the kelim, that were to house the sephirot shattered into 288 "sparks," which scattered and fell from their position. The shattered vessels were replaced, but the shattered fragments, animated by a residue of god's creative power, remained and conflicted with the aspects of the sephirot they replaced. *takes off Joudama Explains It All hat and wanders off in search of aspirin*

Oh, and a shout-out has to go to [info]chibirisuchan, because she gave me an interesting way of looking at the whys of the shattering that I can't say here because that would be spoiler! Hee!

( Follow the fake-cut to the fic, yay! )

Mar. 21st, 2008

[Fic] Ein Sof - Malkhut (1/12)

Fic Title: Ein Sof
Chapter Title: Malkhut
Rating: PG! ...ish
Word count: 2,112 (Oh, hey, cool!)
Summary: He is a vessel, a shell made only to hold the Word.
A/N: If something doesn't quite make sense yet, don't worry, it will. This is brainbendy anyway, so don't worry about it at all--I wrote this first anyway, after all. And besides, anything based off Kabbalistic imagery shouldn't completely make sense at first anyway. If it does, you're doing it wrong.

*puts on Joudama Explains It All hat* The title of this fic comes from the sephira Malkhut, which is the lowest point on the Tree of Life, and is according to some Kabbalistic thinking, the point above the Qliphoth (The Tree of Death, or the "shadow" of the Tree of Life, formed when the first imperfect vessels shattered because they couldn't contain the Word of God.) Highest above Malkhut in the Tree of Life is the highest of all the sephirot, Keter, which is only below the source of the sephirot, Ein Sof. Keter is pure consciousness, and is the point that crystallizes out of the Ein Sof, and commences the process of emanation of the Word.

But the funny thing of it is, Keter may be the highest sephira, but everything from the world below--namely, our reality--has to be filtered up through Malkhut to reach Keter, and anything coming from Keter can only be felt by those on the planes below when filtered and interpreted through Malkhut (which is why Malkhut is associated with the mouth and the power of speech.) *takes off Joudama Explains It All hat and sets it on fire*

( Follow the fake cut to kinkfest! )

Oh, and? GOD, I hate writing Sephiroth. For some reason, I just can't get a handle on him. GAH.

Mar. 1st, 2008

[Fic] A Moment of Creature Comfort

The first of my three kinkfest fic, posted!

...there is no kink. I don't know how that happened.

It also has a word count of 666.

Yeeeeah. >XD

Anyway, the fic!

Title: A Moment of Creature Comfort
Fandom: the Kushiel series
Summary: Outside, there was a storm brewing, and it was a night, truly, where I was glad to be inside with a warm fire and the warmth of Imriel's cheek against my knee.

A Moment of Creature Comfort
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