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Apr. 8th, 2011

Scientific!Hojo is fun to write!

Be afraid of my new fic. Be very, very afraid.

Mwa. XD

Hojo's notes for his new experiment. )


Jou nerds out a bit. )

...and this, boys and girls, is why most of the ten pages I have of the 'fic' are actually notes, research, and URLs. */nerd*

Apr. 1st, 2011


I'm currently working on the fic prompt I got for help_japan (holy wow, I wasn't expecting it to go for as much as it did), but I'm a bit stuck on something, and I wanted other people's opinion--I need to bounce ideas of someone so I can figure out which track to take. Basically, I had a track chosen, and then I read a line in 1Q84 yesterday that really hit me and opened up a whole other possible direction to go. Both tracks would have the same plot, but the whole focus and subtext would be radically different--so until I can figure out which way to go, I'm kind of at an impasse. Basically, I can't even begin, because the theme of the subtext will determine how I write the whole thing.

Since there are a lot of writers here, so you all know how much theme matters, I figured I'd toss it out for y'all's ideas.

The prompt and the possible themes. )

So, yeah. Can y'all see why I'm completely torn and why I'd need to figure out which theme to use before I can even start? What do y'all think? Both subthemes are probably going to be there on some level, because both of them are in my head, but I have to pick a main one because that's going to determine the overall direction of the fic.

Also, Murakami is so awesome. There's a reason why he's my favorite author. *hugs 1Q84*

Feb. 18th, 2011

Yup. New fic is disturbing.

Yup. New fic is disturbing me. I should not be surprised by this but hey.

The fic takes place during the Fort Tamblin mission of CC.

Chímaira. )


And that's, like, not even the most disturbing, that's just the beginning of the psychological WTF. This is Angeal's defection, after all, and it's going to cover when Gen finally snaps. So, yeah. Fucked up, and hey, NO PRESSURE on me or nothin'. *headdesk* I'm stupid, though, and am writing this only from Angeal's POV, so argh, SO HARD to write Gen's snapping, because it's someone watching him snap, which is an entirely different thing and an entirely different set of "unreliable narrator" issues, because he's guessing at what's going on in Gen's head, versus my knowing what's going on in his head, and it's a balancing act to make sure Angeal picks up on enough but not too much to where it's unrealistic for him to know, plus he has to make mistakes with the visual and vocal cues he's getting, because he's, y'know, not a mind-reader and also in full-on unreliable narrator-ville himself because, oh, hey, major life shock just happened!

...why do I do this to myself again? XD;;;

Feb. 17th, 2010

*spock* Fascinating. */spock*

So, I'm in the process of torturing myself by reading a book on Japanese history in Japanese. Torture because, oh god, it's basically a refresher textbook written for adults, and I'm going into it knowing nil and there's, of course, almost no furigana, Normally this isn't a big deal, but when trying to slog through country names during the Kofun Period...yeah.

Anyway, I just got to a section on the relationship Yamato had with the three big Korean countries, and that's where things get interesting for this here overthinker.


"Yamato royal authority gained a foothold in the area and from the 4th century had friendly relations with Baekje, were holding Silla in check, and stood against Goguryeo; there were harsh battles with Goguryeo especially after the end of the 4th century."

That may not seem like much...but "Silla" in Japanese is Shiragi, but the modern way to read the name kanji, and the one listed first in Wiki, is Shinra, and uses one of the same kanji--羅. (Heck, trying to type in "Shiragi" got me the wrong kanji, but "Shinra" got the right ones 新羅 on the first go, and "Shinra" was what my Japanese teacher said yesterday when I was asking him how to read all the place names.)

So yeah. Hunh. Stuff is definitely going in the hopper.


ETA - I just looked at the hangul for "Silla" (I can read some hangul),'s "Sinra" (신라). Only, yeah, that "s" in Korean is often "sh."'s definitely Shinra.

AHAHAHAHAHA, I am so amused. I am going to read up on Silla for more things to pluck for fic purposes.

Oct. 15th, 2009


Y'know, one good? bad? thing about me getting to final translate at work again is that it means I am, once again, living on Wikipedia at work.

This means my overthinkers club brain is kicking into gear. After all, I just finished an article on a big battle during the Muromachi period that was chock full of the rivalries and backstabbing going on before the battle, then an article on a town in North Korea with a concentration camp, just set up to translate an article on the decorative cord tied on katana, then decided to work on an article about the Greek wind gods. Meaning I've been all over the place on wiki reading about Greek mythology and Japanese history.

And making fast a furious mental notes of things to add into upcoming fic to pad out the world building.

Also, I just saw Diwali has started, and I had planned to integrate bits of that into a Gaian winter holiday (since, yeah, there wouldn't be a Christmas there), and also seeing a connection between the Ancients and the Jewish diaspora (said two bits were all contemplating during the first two hours I was at work).

...My brain is a scary, scary thing.

For now, it's lunchtime, and off to write more Sephiroth and a Kitten. I kind of worry people will compare this upcoming fic to "Where One's Responsibilities Lie," but *dies* the two are so different. The premise is the same--big and emo meets cute and fluffy--but oh, lord, how very, very different the outcomes are. >XD

Sep. 5th, 2009

Codec from jou (freq. 198.42) [aka, extended author's notes on 'Ienai']

I had originally been going to include this in "Ienai," then decided that since it was, well, as long as the fic, to do it in the same style as my "Ultimanias" for my FF7 fic--make it a separate post, and my fellow nerds could read it if they wanted.

Codec from jou (freq. 198.42): I picked that number for a reason. XD )

Aug. 20th, 2009

I've clearly lost my mind

I started working on another MGS fic (like "Soft," the one I'm working on came at me as a flash of a scene, and that doesn't happen often, so I'm working on it). I like MGS already because, like I said in another entry, it lets me work on the surreal.

So I started writing it in third person, but a very...odd third person. Most third person I work on is third person limited (the present, Rude POV in TTYNKAP is the best example) with occasional omniscient fic. This fic, I was working from a more objective form of the third person; Otacon's POV, but very much detached, focusing less on trying to make the reader empathize, but describing his feelings as simple facts. I can't describe it much better; it was an odd style for me, one I've used with writing Sephiroth, because it seems like a good way to get better into his head, ironically enough, because he's so detached from his own emotions. But I was pushing it in another, more formal kind of direction, using it for effect because Otacon's emotions are so always on the surface and overwhelming for him.

Like I said, I'm playing around with new techniques in MGS fandom. Little things that I hope will make me a better writer.

So I was thinking about this as I was walking to the post office, and I was thinking about MGS and the post-modern, and smiling a little at how MGS makes all this fourth-wall breaking comments, reminding you all the time that you're playing a game. And that's when an idea hit me. I went back and completely revised what I had so far of the fic, and will write the rest of it in the new style.

Second person.

I'm...kind of excited. I've never written second person before, but it seems like it's perfect for MGS and all it's meta.

And yes, I am working on HC, too. I like multitasking! :D

Jul. 28th, 2009


I've had this internet argument before (heh, including once on a snark comm; the person arguing up a blue streak for "USian" oddly enough didn't respond to my explanation, probably because she had no comeback for it.) I just typed it up to explain to someone why USian is NO, and I'm going to post it here so I can pull it out easily whenever I need to.

Why 'USian' is WRONG WRONG WRONG When Referring to People from the United States of America

The short answer is: English doesn't work that way. People trying to use it are actually making a very, very fundamental mistake between English and other languages that do use the equivalent of "USian," one that is rooted in not how native English speakers see the USA but how they see the world itself.

To break this down:

Mexico is actually "The United Mexican States." China is "The People's Republic of China." America is "The United States of America." As a result, when shortened, the form of government in the country name is dropped: Mexico, China, America.

America gets away with "The United States" for the same reason as the Philippines (the Philippine Islands) do, because the "of America" can be considered "of the (North) American continent." This is because when the US was formed, North and South America were still "America." But our concept of the world changed, and "America" along with it. And if you're getting confused, let me explain. ^^;;

In the non-English speaking countries where the equivalent of "USian" is used for American, it's because they don't divide North and South America into two separate continents--they are all simply "America." Which means that the word we use for both continents combined, "the Americas" is simply "America." (a source: Real Academia Española: Diccionario panhispánico de dudas (DRAE pág. 274). Madrid: Santillana, 2005. En inglés, America significa ‘Estados Unidos’, y Americas significa ‘América’. And to pull out wiki, here's the section on 'the number of continents, which shows the breakdown in how the number of continents is taught in different parts of the world. Native English speaking countries and Latin American countries are not taught the same thing.')

Therefore, in languages where the six-continent/North-and-South-America="America," it makes logical sense to refer to someone from the Americas as "American" and someone from the US as "USian," because America is not the word for a country, but the combined North and South American landmass.

In countries where English is the native language, however, the continents are considered separate and "America" doesn't mean "the combined North and South American continent" but the "United States of America" (see the above rule about shortening country names.) There is a linguistic difference. A native English speaker trying to say someone is from North or South America has to use either "from the Americas" or the old-fashioned "from the New World" and it's awkward because we don't have a single word for someone from what we consider to be two continents, precisely because we do consider them to be separate. We would say they were North American or South American because that's how we conceive of it (anectdata, I've said plenty of times that I'm North America, but would be flummoxed if I had to say I was from the Americas and would have no idea why I would be saying that because to me it makes no sense--two big continents, there, so why conflate them?). But languages where the continents are combined, such as in Spanish, just say "American" for this because that's how they see it (see above Spanish bit. I know y'all are smart and can parse it; it ain't hard).

If you're speaking Spanish, then yes, you should be using the Spanish word for "USian" (Estadounidense) and not "American" (Americano/a) because it is the correct and appropriate term in that language and not doing so is incorrect and will cause misunderstandings. That's how the language works and you roll with it.

'USian' is not, however, the correct and appropriate term in English for someone from the USA because of that very fundamental difference in the way landmasses are counted and taught. As a result, when I see a non-native speaker saying "USian," I consider them to be making an English mistake because of a failing in learning English--they weren't taught about that North & South America continents vs the continent of the Americas and so are fundamentally using the wrong term, and when I see a native English speaker making that mistake, likewise, I consider them to have not realized just why, linguistically, the word that we use is the standard in English (because we have seven continents) is not the same as it is in languages where USian is used (because they have six).

So just as it would be inappropriate to use "American" in Spanish to refer to someone from the US, it is in many way inappropriate to use "USian" in English. Doing so is trying to shoehorn in an equivalency of "America" and "the Americas" that isn't there in English just because of a fundamental difference in word use in a completely different language.

So in other words: English doesn't work that way so quit mucking it up.

Jun. 4th, 2009

TTYNKAP AN Ultimania: A Brief History of Wutai

And behold, the revamp, edited, and expanded version of the first part of the TTYNKAP AN Ultimania. Though this one is more an Ultimania for the world building I'm doing for all of Wutai and the history of Gaia, really. ^^;;

A Brief History of Gaia: Wutai )

May. 20th, 2009

*facepalm* I am, indeed, a nerd

Yup, I'm an anal-retentive nerd.

Do not even ask me how much time I spent on wiki trying to find a name for a random small village next to Banora that has no importance other than a name.

On the plus side, I'm pretty sure I also just figured out where the heck the name "Banora" came from, apple connection and everything, so I'm proud of myself.

And slightly horrified by my own nerdishness, to have sought this out. Especially since I could have been, y'know, actually working on fic or gaming or something.

...oh god. *buries face in hands* I just read what I just wrote. I'm sure it's possible to be a bigger loser than I am, but I'm not sure how. ^^;;;;

Here, to redeem myself, here is a snippit of the fic I'm working on--it's going to chronologically be the first story of "In This Together."

Gillian had known this day was coming. )

Apr. 22nd, 2009

Retranslation of Loveless

While looking for "Loveless" to use in a fic, I came across the English version, and looked for the Japanese as well.

The English version is...errrrr in a few places. As a result, I'm going to retranslate it (slowly, because I'm sick bleh).

So far, my retranslation rhymes, but god only knows how long that will last. ^^;;;

( Follow the fake cut to overthinkers! )

Mar. 27th, 2009

The Cetra Diaspora

I still think too much, like this is news to anybody. I thought of this when I was doing the ever dangerous "walking to the bakery to buy lunch" yesterday, and then decided to write it out today, since I was running late this morning and didn't have time to upload AHIH to Google docs so I could work on that during lunch.

( The Cetra Diaspora )

The faux-cut goes to [info]overthinkers, since hey, the comm is there, I should use it!

This is still very rough, and I need to do some revision to "A History of the World, Part 1", which I referred to, but hey. Any and all thoughts and comments welcome. :D

Mar. 2nd, 2009

A now, a Moment of Zen

A Moment of Zen.

So, Silla? One of the three Korean kingdoms that took over the entire Korean peninsula and ruled for close to 1000 years?

In characters, it's 新羅--"Shinra." (신라 in Korean: sin ra, but the "s" is closer to an "sh" sound)

I had noticed it before when a Korean guy I was teaching English to over a year ago was telling me about Korea's history, and when he was trying to romanize everything wrote out "Shinra" and I went "O_o?!" What came out of his mouth was closer to "Shilla" but I had a serious WTF moment and seeing "Shinra" on the page.

I forgot until I was looking something up on the Japanese wiki, and a "WTF" at seeing what I instantly read as 'shinra-jin' in kanji, so I clicked on the page for Silla and came across the hangul and went, "wtf, that jamo [Korean letter] is 'n' not 'r/l', that's...SHINRA?!"

Moment of Zen.

And the characters for the ShinRa we all know and love is 神羅. And 新羅 is normally 'Shiragi,' but the alternative reading is 'Shinra' or "Shirura'

...I'm going back to the nerd table now.

Dec. 16th, 2008


The Overthinkers Club: Making Sense of This Shit Since the Creators Can't Be Arsed To.



Dec. 5th, 2008


I may be late to the party, but, OK. So In KH, Sora's name in Japanese means "sky." "Riku" means "land."

"Kairi" can mean "estrangement" (乖離) or "dissociation" (解離).


It can also mean "nautical mile," but that's just silly.

Nov. 21st, 2008

Opinion time!

So, after that Yuffie fic, and someone pointing out on LJ that it was too formal in tone (it was; I've revised), I decided one bit of formality stayed--"don the clothes"--because it felt like a formal, four-character compound while I was writing.

...y'all know me. You know where this is going.

I came up with the four-character compound. *waves Overthinkers Club banner*

Or rather, I came up with several *waves banner again*, and can't pick which one I like best. Which one do y'all like? Whichever one gets decided on in the end will be jou-cannon Wutai, and will prolly show up at some point in other fic.

The choices are:

脱紫穿黄 (tuo zi chuan huang) - remove the purple and don the yellow
脱紫穿綠 (tuo zi chuan lu) - remove the purple and don the green
穿綠黄衣 (chuan lu huang yi) - don the green and yellow clothes
帝穿綠黄 (di chuan lu huang) - the emperor dons green and yellow

I think the third is too straightforward for a four-character compound, so I'm leaning towards the first, second, or fourth.

Examples of compounds. )

Nov. 2nd, 2008

jou's horrible, I-hate-my-brain thought for the day

Jou's Horrible, I-Hate-My-Brain Thought for the Day:

So how DO the pudding-type FF monsters reproduce?

Oct. 15th, 2008

*waves Overthinkers Club banner*

I have been bugged by a long time by Squeenix's um, creative use of ages and timing in the FF7 world. OK, fine, it's making me froth at the mouth because it makes no sense.

And then it occurred to me that maybe a year on Gaia is longer than it is on Earth, and suddenly things work a LOT better, and explains why everyone is ridiculously young.

So I'm thinking a year on Gaia would be one to two months longer than it is on Earth. One month longer would put twenty-five-year-old Seph in CC at 27 Earth-years, and two months longer puts him at 29. It makes Zack being able to join SOLDIER at fourteen (the equivalent of 15 in a 13 month year and 16 in a 14 month year) not seem like it's uncomfortably skirting the edge of child soldier.

I'm still toying which one I think works best, but it's definitely going to be part of my fandom internal canon.

...this also means that Angeal would not have been that underage in that last fic, and waahey, works out quite nicely and I'm not going to hell. W00t!

Sep. 2nd, 2008

Go, ME!

...I have created a monster with materia ice, and it seems to have found its wings and is taking off (first chibirisuchan's recipes, now raisedbymoogle's fic based off those recipes). *wipes tear of pride*

...and, um, I have had a puppyverse fic planned for a while that uses "mastered" (aka, alcoholic as hell) materia ice. So it will be showing up again and is "canon" in my 'verses the same as McMoogles (and a few other things, like some names for the continents, a couple holidays [one of which y'all will see for Christmas], the Silver Dragon/Ginryuu/Yin Long/"Annals of the Silver Dragon" and an imperialist Wutai past) have become.


Aug. 15th, 2008

Yup, still a member of the Overthinkers' Club

See, when something bugs and niggles at me, I can never let it go. Even when I try to.

This is why that Valentine's Day-esque holiday in "Second Day Chocolate" now has a name: "Tryanur."

And where did such a wacky looking name come from? Why, Sanskrit! It's from the the word "tryah" (three) and "anura-", the root for "love."

Why Sanskrit of all things? Because this kind of holiday has the Cetra written all over it, and the name of the City of the Ancients given in AC was "Ajit," and that's a word derived from Sanskrit meaning "invincible" ('ajita', and yes, my wiki-fu is strong.)

I accept my loserdom and revel it in, yo. And I need to make myself a "Loser" icon or something...

ETA: I took a Nerd-Geek-Dork Quiz. Note the language of newspaper the guy in the pic reading. >XD;;

Given the topic of the post, the results should shock none of you. )

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