May. 31st, 2008

[fic] ShinraMart - "One-Stop Shopping"

Title: "One-Stop Shopping"
Author: joudama
Fandom: FF7 AU Conbiniverse
Rating: G
Warnings: craaaaaaack
Word count: 690
Summary: TPTB decide that ShinraMart needs a jingle.
A/N: ...I sang the "jingle" to test it; it does indeed scan. >XDDDDDDD Also, thanks to laurent_atl and seishonagon on LJ for the translations!
Prompt: Brainstorming the ShinraMart jingle.

One-Stop Shopping. )

Feb. 27th, 2008


[info]cephy rocks all. Just so you know. She wrote me more ShinraMart. >XD

Sugar high!Sephiroth! >XD

I am slain. >XDDDD

And since I finished that last chapter of TTYNKAP *cheers*, I think it's time for me to write a bit more of ShinraMart, to cleanse the palate a bit. Because there's no palate-cleanser like crack.

Feb. 16th, 2008

Yay, passing the crackpipe!

Because conbiniverse is the crackiest crack that ever did crack, yo, and the crackpipe must be passed!

Untitled drabble by [info]cephy - Juicy Jelly Tonberry Tots give Zack ideas.
Taste the Flavor by [info]writerzilch - It's all the moogles' fault.

Feb. 11th, 2008

Oh, gaaaawd *dies*

Conbiniverse just keeps growing--I just added two new stories, because the Yuffie Arc is gonna take more than one story. Because it's YUFFIE. The THIEF. >XDDDDDDD

Oh, gaaawd, my brain, where did it go?

ETA: AHAHAHAHAHA, the crackpipe has been passed.

Feb. 10th, 2008

The Conbiniverse Master List

When drabbles go WRONG, yo. >XD

"Conbini" is the Japanese shorthand word for "convenience store," and when the drabble request of "Zack, graveyard shift" came, all I could think of was...the conbini. And this was spawned. >XD

Yes, it gets a masterlist, because I just had two more plot bunnies sicced on me (the clones, man. And Yuffie the Shoplifter), and so, yes.

There is an icon, there is a poster, and THERE WILL BE MORE. >XDDDDD

ShinraMart: For All Your Shopping Needs.

The Graveyard Shift - The graveyard shift sucks. Except for when it doesn't.
Smile! - We at ShinraMart want to create a warm, inviting environment, conducive to shopping.
Put It Back - ShinraMart's new anti-shoplifting campaign.
The Five-Finger Discount Girl pt. 1 - Genesis vs. Yuffie, and she really likes those Materia jawbreakers.
The New Guy - The store's got a new guy.
The Five-Finger Discount Girl pt.2 - Now to call in the big guns.
Semaphore Signals by [info]writerzilch (thewriter0 on LJ) - Oh, the things you have to do to try and get free stuff.
The Jenova Cakes Incident by [info]cephy - Jenova Cakes: Just like Mother used to make.
Strategic Retreat - The inventory does have to be done.
The Five-Finger Discount Girl pt.3 - This time it's war.
One-Stop Shopping - TPTB decide that ShinraMart needs a new jingle.
Taste the Flavor by [info]writerzilch - It's all the moogles' fault.
Brothers! ...They're Close - Seph's three little...brothers...come to visit.

I get the feeling, whenever I have a bad day, I'm gonna write Conbiniverse, and seeing as I'm about to become an elementary school teacher...yes. Lots of fic is coming. >XD

[Conbiniverse] Put It Back.

More Conbiniverse fic!

Title: Put It Back
Series: FF7, but SO very AU. Conbiniverse.
Notes: Masamune is ALL [info]cephy's fault.
Summary: ShinraMart's new anti-shoplifting campaign.

Put It Back. )

[Conbiniverse] Welcome to ShinraMart!

This? Is PURE, UNADULTERATED CRACK, and it's all [info]cephy's fault. She accepted this as all her fault, but is oddly unrepentant.

She made the drabble request of "Zack, the graveyard shift." Yeah, well, I had recently read a story in Japanese class during the late shift at a conbini (convenience store), and so the first thing that popped into my head was "conbini." And nothing else would come. So. Um. Yes. AU LIKE WHOA, YO. >XD And crackilicious to boot. XD

Title: The Graveyard Shift
Series: FF7, but SO very AU. Conbiniverse.
Summary: The graveyard shift sucks. Except for when it doesn't.

The Graveyard Shift )

And then the plotbunnies attacked, wearing conbini uniforms and yelling "Welcome to ShinraMart!"

Title: Smile!
Series: FF7, but SO very AU. Conbiniverse.
Notes:...Blame [info]cephy AND [info]writerzilch for this one. Timeline-wise, this is before "The Graveyard Shift." Hee.
Summary: Here at ShinraMart, we want to create a warm, friendly, conducive-to-shopping environment.

Smile! )

All of the pure, unadulterated crack that spawned this can be found here.

...There WILL be more. I promise. >XD

Though I'm not sure that's so much as a promise than a threat.

Feb. 8th, 2008

Drabble challenge!

So, I am trying to get back into writing after far, FAR too long a hiatus--I wrote exactly jack and shit in 2007. I've made an oath to write at least one page of something every day, which is very doable given that I have two big fic projects plus signed up for kinkfest.

But I'm trying to really get back into things, which is why I'm putting a drabble challenge. Give me a prompt and, within 24 hours of me reading the e-mail (probably less since I intend to write the drabble as soon as I read it) I will produce something for you.

So, prompt away. XD If I don't know the fandom, well, I'll tell you and hey! Chance for you to fanpush! :D

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