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Oct. 27th, 2011


I'm going to informally do NaNoWriMo this year, and my goal is to finish Harrow Children. ^^;;;

Wish me luck, y'all. I haven't been doing much writing because I haven't had much time, but danggit, I'm gonna try to make some. I need to finish SOMETHING, and HC is so dang close. I also want to go back and finish up more of A Hope in Hell, since I finally have my DVD of the King and the Clown again.

...Don't even ask me about TTYNKAP. The next chapter scares me and I've been avoiding it. Also, I need to get back into Chinese more before I tackle it, and I've been doing so much Korean lately that my Chinese-brain has atrophied. Which is why AHIH has priority over it (plus, I want to write more Park. I really like Park a lot for some reason.)

But first, yeah, I want to write more Zack-Tifa angst. >XD;;; Zack is kind of my new chew toy, and I'm not ready to switch over and make Tifa my chew toy, which I'd need for Thagirion.

A snippit of me using Zack for a chew toy in HC. XD;;; )

Apr. 19th, 2011

Ahahahaha, this is gonna be looooong...

I have 17 pages done of Thagirion, the new fic.

There is not one single completed scene within this 17 pages (although admittedly, part of why it's so long is because there's a lot of doubling. Y'all will see. It's all a part of the Murakami-inspired memory themes). There are two bits of completed exposition, and that's IT.

The first one, I put up a bit before. Here's the second, in the same "Hojo is creepy" vein. *throws hands in the air* It's all set-up, OMFG.

Ahahahaha, exposition with a teeny bit of plot just for plot set up. )

Apr. 8th, 2011

Scientific!Hojo is fun to write!

Be afraid of my new fic. Be very, very afraid.

Mwa. XD

Hojo's notes for his new experiment. )


Jou nerds out a bit. )

...and this, boys and girls, is why most of the ten pages I have of the 'fic' are actually notes, research, and URLs. */nerd*

Feb. 18th, 2011

Yup. New fic is disturbing.

Yup. New fic is disturbing me. I should not be surprised by this but hey.

The fic takes place during the Fort Tamblin mission of CC.

Chímaira. )


And that's, like, not even the most disturbing, that's just the beginning of the psychological WTF. This is Angeal's defection, after all, and it's going to cover when Gen finally snaps. So, yeah. Fucked up, and hey, NO PRESSURE on me or nothin'. *headdesk* I'm stupid, though, and am writing this only from Angeal's POV, so argh, SO HARD to write Gen's snapping, because it's someone watching him snap, which is an entirely different thing and an entirely different set of "unreliable narrator" issues, because he's guessing at what's going on in Gen's head, versus my knowing what's going on in his head, and it's a balancing act to make sure Angeal picks up on enough but not too much to where it's unrealistic for him to know, plus he has to make mistakes with the visual and vocal cues he's getting, because he's, y'know, not a mind-reader and also in full-on unreliable narrator-ville himself because, oh, hey, major life shock just happened!

...why do I do this to myself again? XD;;;

Feb. 3rd, 2011

Hisashiburi da ne. ^^;;

I'm trying to get back into writing a bit. XD

Free time, whazzat?

But, yeah. Trying. XD;;;

Here's the mental image that got me back to working on something:
Yes, this is for the song 'I Want You,' so this is vaguely, er, unhealthy. )

Sep. 22nd, 2010

Proof that I am, in fact writing. Sometimes.

I had started writing more, then the JLPT panic kicked in again (I swear, I really am starting to think the reason why my stomach got worse all of a sudden is the JLPT--I was doing better until I mailed off the form to take the test, and now my throat's gone back to shit and my meds got upped. Argh. I better pass this test in December so I never have to think about it again. So most of my free time has gone into studying.)

Anyway, the entire first scene of the next chapter of HC is finally done, so I'm sharing. XD

..oh, and I did decide what to do with whether or not I show the triplets' POV. Mwa.

The ShinRa Company may have been broken, but Rufus Shinra was very far from powerless and very far from moral. )

Sep. 11th, 2010

*snerk* Scenes like this...

*snerk* Scenes like this are why the last HC chapter is 20 pages and yet no plot is happening. XD

Zack, you don't wear pj's. )


>XD Because moments of random humor are important, too.

Feb. 8th, 2010

*snicker* Also, just because

Just because, a snippet from a HC happyending!verse that I may or may not ever write. I started working on it for shits-n-giggles, then went, "Oh, god, I have no idea how this could possibly end," so it very well may never come to pass. Just a warning.

So he never saw it coming when Kadaj hit him with Sleep. )

Jan. 6th, 2010

Back into the writing swing of things...

I'm trying to get back into writing, since 2009 was pretty much a bust in that department. Plus, finishing part 2 of HC really got me going, so now I want to write more. I worked a bit on part 3 of HC, but I'm kinda OMFG DRAMA'd out from that. >XD And am working on something lighter--In This Together. XD

The chronologically second fic in the series is fairly close to done, but of course that's not the one my brain wants to work on--I woke up this morning with thoughts of Gen and Angeal in the army and did a bit of them joining SOLDIER, and my brain really wants to work on Angeal Meeting Sephiroth. >XD And I worked on a fic right before they leave Banora for Midgar.

Yup, it's brainless fluff time for my brain. >XD My ficbrain pooped itself out with the latest part of HC, and now is like, "thinking is haaaaaaard" >XD;;;

In This Together snippit! )

Aug. 10th, 2009

Let's get this party started...

I have my a/c on, a couple hours to kill before sleepy time, a pot of water on for tea, Advent Children Complete in my PS3, and the second part of HC pulled up in NeoOffice.

*rubs hands together*

Let's get this party started.


...oh, and I plan to remake my HC playlist (it got lost when iPod then my Mac went belly up), which means I will for damn sure be working on HC. I was listening to my iPod while walking home and Hitoto Yo's "Morinaki" (Sympathetic tears) came on, and went, "That SO needs to be on my HC playlist," and when a thought like THAT pops up...yeah, that's my fic brain getting ready to start her engines. :D

ETA - Comments now contain snippits of Cloud!snark. :DDDD

And lol, after an hour and a half, I watched all of two scenes. Mind, I was writing the whole time and another three pages and over 1000 words. I had thought I'd watch more than I did, but heh, nope. Now to finish up the first scene and clean it up some, and I'll call it an evening writing-wise. :D

May. 20th, 2009

*facepalm* I am, indeed, a nerd

Yup, I'm an anal-retentive nerd.

Do not even ask me how much time I spent on wiki trying to find a name for a random small village next to Banora that has no importance other than a name.

On the plus side, I'm pretty sure I also just figured out where the heck the name "Banora" came from, apple connection and everything, so I'm proud of myself.

And slightly horrified by my own nerdishness, to have sought this out. Especially since I could have been, y'know, actually working on fic or gaming or something.

...oh god. *buries face in hands* I just read what I just wrote. I'm sure it's possible to be a bigger loser than I am, but I'm not sure how. ^^;;;;

Here, to redeem myself, here is a snippit of the fic I'm working on--it's going to chronologically be the first story of "In This Together."

Gillian had known this day was coming. )

Apr. 15th, 2009

heh ^^;;

To make up for that downer snippet of HC, here's the beginning of the next part. I promise, it is not a big downer. ^^;;

Be nice. )

Apr. 14th, 2009

Yeah, HC is sort of back--my fic brain is not understanding that the movie is NOT out yet and won't be for a couple days, and even then, I'm not buying it until the week after next, when I break down and get my PS3.

Anyhoo, I've been puttering around with HC now (mainly tweaking, but filling in a few scenes that aren't in any way, shape, or form dependent on the movie), and figured I'd share to, y'know, prove I'm actually working on it. That, and I'm an attention whore. XD;;

Anyway, this is a safe scene to show because it's all flashback! :D

McMoogles time! )

Also, I'm definitely hitting the doctor soon. Blah.

Nov. 28th, 2008


I started working on one of my 0tP fic, and this one? Is going to be a long doozy of a fic. But then, anything titled "A Hope in Hell" is going to by nature be a long doozy of a fic.

It's five pages so far, and here's a preview. :D

It was the bodies that got to Angeal. )
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Oct. 23rd, 2008

*snicker* I'm giving the Devil his due here...

Because only Hojo could do this:


"The gift of the goddess..." Genesis began.

"Do be silent," Hojo snapped suddenly, startling Genesis. "I am attempting to work and can not concentrate with your drivel. If I have to hear you quote that ridiculous book one more time, the next test injection will have a sedative and I will surgically remove your vocal chords."

The look on Hojo's face indicated he was completely serious, and wide-eyed, Genesis' mouth snapped shut and he blinked, looking shocked and confused. Hojo went back to this test tubes with rolled eyes, muttering about 'obsession' and 'further signs of deterioration.'

And Genesis still just stood there, stunned.


...I feel so bad for cheering Hojo. I'll clean this up and write the puppyverse scene that goes with it later, but this just hit me and I had to get it down. XD

In general, as I noted on my lj, the puppyverse combo of Genesis+Hojo+Jenova=BAD, but it would seem not always... By the time Hojo is done with all his smackdowns (I honestly have the weird impression Hojo is trying to make Genesis cry or something, just to see if he can), Genesis is going to be needing a blankie and a lie-down. XDDDDD

Sep. 20th, 2008

Yay, writing!

I hereby solemnly swear to write at least a page of TTYNKAP a day until it is done. I just wrote a page, bringing the word count of chapter 9 to 21, with ten of those pages now being linear! Go, me!

Also, I am having far, FAR too much fun with playing with aspects of Chinese mythology and Buddhism with the names of places. *glee* (I know there aren't many people that will get it, but ahh, well.) And I'm having a ball incorporating aspects of Wutai's past and religion into this. The Yin Long! *is a dork*

And now, a hint of what's coming in the fic. XD

Rude gets a little surprise one morning... )

Sep. 12th, 2008

I <3 puppyverse

I really need to sit down and write a whole fic instead of snippits. Mind, I wrote the beginning of the first fic, but still.

Snippits amuse me so. >XD

Zack makes a stupid bet. )

Sep. 11th, 2008


I was working a bit on puppyverse this morning, and yeah, Sephiroth is my most favoritest straight man evar. It's fun making him snap in the non-"Now I'm gonna blow up the planet!" kind of way.

I need to write more Sephiroth, Needer of a Blankey and a Lie-Down fics. Clearly.

And for some reason, I want to write more Auntie Qian. Maybe because she's just that full of snark and awesome. I want to write a random TTYNKAP side-story or something with her. But nah, need to work on the REAL TTYKNAP chapters, not random Auntie Qian being Auntie Qian.

I will never again be able to create a character as awesome as her, I already accept that.

Sep. 2nd, 2008

Mastered materia ice!

In honor of the materia ice thing going around like a viral meme, here is a snippit of an upcoming puppyverse fic. >XD

Oh, the joys of Gongagan moonshine. XD )

Aug. 29th, 2008


...I just got the oddest mental image of Gallian Beast!Vincent curled up next to the white chocobo from "Where One's Responsibilities Lie," and...and it is horrifyingly cute. And disturbing all at the same time, especially since Gallian Beast licked the chocobo and then she warked at him and snuggled against him with big "Mama! <33333" heart emoticons all over the place.

The image came because of the stray thought of "What would Vincent do if a predator tried to attack his chocobo?" and BAM out came Gallian Beast and BOOM, there goes predator in a mass of blood and gore.

*headdesk* See, this is what happens when I don't get enough sleep.

ETA - And now Cloud is just standing there and blinking and dot-dot-dotting at this. And a voice in his head is saying, "Never have children, Vincent. Ever."


ETA2 - ...and it's turning into a full scene, because my head hates me like that, where a big beastie of some kind attacked the chocobo and hurt its leg, and Vincent heard her terrified and pain-filled crying and suddenly BOOM out comes Gallian Beast and then SQUISH RIP SQUISH there goes the big beastie, and Gallian Beast goes over to the chocobo and licks her injured leg and then they're snuggling up with her being all "Mama! <3!" and nosing him and Gallian Beast all "protect baby!" and growling at anyone that comes near them, including the people with Cure, and Cloud is just standing there going, "...this is the single most disturbing thing I've ever seen in my life," Cid standing there with his mouth hanging open and cig burning away to nothing, and Tifa with little hearts in her eyes, thinking it's adorable and oh GOD what is wrong with my brain *headdesk*.

ETA3 - I should mention that I am also seeing much of this in chibi-form.

*facepalm* I need more booze for this.

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