May. 6th, 2014

Snippits of WIP!

So, to show a bit of what I'm working on, and to show that, no, really, stuff is getting written, here are a few snippits from the last couple fic I've been tinkering away at.

Thagirion: Meet Dr. Laumbe. )

Why They Actually Do Get On: Yeah, so, no one likes 2 am phone calls. )

The Things You Never Knew About People (Shi Qu): Reno is a grass-brained hooligan. )

Harrow Children: They're after Jenova's head. )

The Yellow Farce: The Limping Doctor doesn't always limp. )

There, so those are bits and bobs from everything I'm currently working on. And yes, I am indeed working on both Harrow Children and TTYNKAP. Thagirion and some of my Sherlock stuff is ahead of it in my queue, but I am actively working on everything listed it.