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Nov. 21st, 2015

[fic] The Things You Never Knew About People: 尾聲-會家 Wei Sheng: Hui Jia [Homecoming]

Title: The Things You Never Knew About People - Weisheng: Hui jia [Homecoming]
Status: 14/14: COMPLETE!
Fandom: FF7
Rating: PG
Word count: 5425
A/N: ...And with this, so ends TTYNKAP. I'd like to thank everyone for sticking around and being so patient with me, for all the years it took me to write this. Thank you all so, so much. I almost can't believe that I'm actually done. life went through a lot in the time I was writing this, and just...yeah. I'm not sure what else to say other than I hope all of y'all like this, and thank you so, so much for reading.


尾聲-會家 Wei Sheng [Epilogue: Homecoming] )

Nov. 16th, 2015

[fic] The Things You Never Knew About People: Epilogue - Noodles

Title: The Things You Never Knew About People - Epilogue: Noodles
Status: 13/14
Fandom: FF7
Rating: PG
Word count: 2450
Summary: And as odd as it was to hear Reno speaking Wutai, it didn't quite match the brain-bending of seeing Reno cooking.
A/N: OMFG, we're almost done--there's only one more part after this, the last "Wutai" epilogue. That's still got some work to do, but still. OMFG like whoa.

Epilogue - Noodles )

[fic] The Things You Never Knew About People: 潛龍 Qian Long [The Hidden Dragon]

Title: The Things You Never Knew About People - Qian Long [The Hidden Dragon]
Status: 12/14
Fandom: FF7
Word count: 2000
Summary: Time to find a hidden dragon.
A/N: And with this, the main body of TTYNKAP is done!  There are still two more sections, the epilogues...but the main part is done, done like dinner.  The first epilogue is done and should be soon, but the last one is only halfway done. Thank all y'all for sticking with me so far; we're coming down the homestretch now. :D
This title comes from a four-character compound that is ALSO the title of a song I really, really like: 潛龍勿用, "Don't Use the Hidden Dragon."  That basically means keep your strengths hidden (until it's the right time to use them.)
潛龍 Qian Long [The Hidden Dragon] )

Nov. 15th, 2015

[fic] The Things You Never Knew About People: Revenge

Title: The Things You Never Knew About People - Revenge
Status: 11/14
Fandom: FF7
Rating: R
Word count: 9575
Summary: Sometimes, it's personal.
A/N: Sorry it took longer than I thought to get this part out; I had some problems with tendonitis in my right wrist, which made typing a pain in the butt. ^^;; It almost DIDN'T come out because right after I finished it, Evernote bleeping DELETED IT. Thankfully, I had saved a copy to Dropbox because I am paranoid. Y'all, make sure you always back things up.

11 - Revenge )

Oct. 30th, 2015

Fic: The Things That Never Happened to People [TTYNKAP AU drabbles]

Title: The Things That Never Happened to People
Fandom: FF7
Rating: PG
Summary: I've been sitting on this one for a long time, heh. It's basically a "five things that never happened" - little changes that if they had happened, would have radically changed the way that Reno's life had gone. Each section takes place in a different backstory chapter.

The Things That Never Happened to People )

Oct. 18th, 2015

[fic] The Things You Never Knew About People: Shi Qu [Losing It All]

Title: The Things You Never Knew About People - Shi qu [Losing it All]
Status: 10/14 [12 story chapters, plus two epilogues]
Fandom: FF7
Rating: R
Word count: 11280
A/N: ...yeah, so, this is just a wee bit late, eh? Yeah. Also...this is a bit rough, since it's unbeta'd, and I'm sure there are places that need work or maybe don't work? Sorry...

On a writing note, I'm using a custom in China and Korea for Wutai, where even after marriage a woman keeps the name she was born with, and but her children take their father's names. ...You'll see. Also, I'm going to be posting another "Ultimania" author's notes for this to lj/ij/dreamwidth, because this chapter had to come out first.

Losing It All )

Aug. 10th, 2010


I totally tried to write more of both TTYNKAP and Puppyverse, and my ficbrain gave me the middle finger. Hell, it gave me the middle finger trying to write necessary plot-type stuff for HC. XD;;;;

Anyway, I need to get back into writing, but since my ficbrain is being tetchy and not quite getting into the writing groove (everything I write feels vaguely off, y'know?), I'm putting up a challenge for one-comment fic. Anything Compilation of FF7 or anything in jou!canon is game--I figure I need to prime the pump a bit before I can get back into my big projects since I haven't written anything of note in months. ;_;

So, prompts? I'll write up to five. :D

1. Puppyverse: Cloud's birthday party.
2. TTYKNAP - Reno, cuddling
3. HC - How'd Zack get that bike again?
4. Middish!verse: Mama's matzahballs
5. Puppyverse - "Ever notice that 'what the hell' is always the right decision?"

Apr. 19th, 2009


Hi, I'm BORED STUPID. I can't manage being upright for more than an hour at a stretch before I go "...lying down now" (yay, side effects) and need to be distracted, especially since the Magic 5% of common sense that saves me from being a complete idiot is telling me I need to stay home tomorrow (I went out to buy groceries, and it was a MISTAKE; I should have ordered another pizza and had the food come to me).

So! Because I can't manage anything that requires "upright" and all of my big fic projects require more thinking than me headachey brain (yay, side effects) can manage but I'm also, yeah, BORED STUPID, one comment drabbles! (I have a laptop, which is why I'm online at all--it goes into the bed with me. :D )

Give me a prompt and I'll write a one-comment drabble.* Any fandom or 'verse I've written for is OK (I'll even entertain crossovers XD ). It will ONLY be one comment, though, even if I have to beat it with a stick.

So, yeah. Give me something to amuse myself with. I will also cheerfully accept drabbles people write for me, because yeah, I am down for the count.

* Until I get tired and have to stop. Which may be at any moment.


Drabble One: Love Advice (FF7, TTYNKAP: Jie, Reno, Auntie Qian. Prompt: First heartbreak from love and Auntie Qian dispenses her advice on the matter) [LJ]

Drabble Two: Sage Advice (FF7:CC, Sephiroth and Genesis. Prompt: Boots, "keep them on".) [LJ]

Drabble Three: Accessory Advice (FF7: Tifa and Aerith. Prompt: Aeris and Tifa discuss Cloud.)

Drabble Four: General Advice (FF7, Puppyverse: Cloud and Sephiroth. Prompt: Seph helping Cloud out so he can get into SOLDIER) [LJ]

Drabble Five: Naming Advice (FF12/KH: Cid and Balthier. Prompt: the best way to name airships.)

Drabble Six: Play Advice (FF7, HC!verse: Zack and Marlene. Prompt: Zack is a big dork who plays Power Rangers.)

Drabble Seven: Health Advice (FF7:CC: Zack and Sephiroth. Prompt: Recuperation)

Drabble Eight: Life Advice (FF7, Puppyverse: Sephiroth, Zack, and Cloud. Prompt: Zack decides that he and Cloud need to take Sephiroth out to do something normal, possibly without actually informing either of them before hand.)

Mar. 15th, 2009

[fic] The Things You Never Knew About People - Roadtrip (9/12) pt 2

Title: The Things You Never Knew About People - Roadtrip, pt 2
Status: 9/12 (plus two epilogues)
Fandom: FF7
Rating: PG
Summary: Oh, I just told them to fuck their moms.
A/N: This was too long to be one post, oh man.

Part One

Roadtrip, pt 2 )

[fic] The Things You Never Knew About People - Roadtrip (9/12) pt 1

Title: The Things You Never Knew About People - Roadtrip
Status: 9/12 (plus two epilogues)
Fandom: FF7
Rating: PG
Word count: 14700-ish
Summary: Oh, I just told them to fuck their moms.
A/N: Look at me; I'm making up shit on the Wutai continent! XD Also, "Visgradian (Standard)" is English (I went back to edit the earlier chapters to retcon that in)--as I'm doing more with Gaia, I'm filling in pieces of things, like the way I've shamelessly made up stuff on Wutai. One of those things was naming the continents on Gaia, and Visgrad is the continent that Midgar is on. It comes from a mix of "Asgard" and "Visgrid," the plain where the battle before Ragnorak occurs. :D I won't touch much on it in this fic, but it has and will show up in other series and stories that I'm working on now--internal consistency FTW.

As for Wutai, here's what I made up for this fic, and it's also internal canon for all my fic. :D There are five provinces in Wutai, thus the 'Wu' in 'Wutai'--it's 'five' in Chinese (and I spent a LOT of time on the Chinese wiki, yo). The 'wu' in 'wuzi', however, is a different 'wu' character, and it's like 'hanzi', where the 'han' refers to the Han Chinese. The 'wu' refers to the Wu people. Also, the 'wu' for the Wu clan is a different character. Don't think about it too hard. >XD;; But the big thing for this fic is the locations. I researched, yo. I'm not gonna spill out everything, but any of y'all interested, you can either wait for the Author's Notes Ultimania on names, which will come out when chapter 10 is done...or do a search on Diyu and Taohuayuan (Táohūayuán). :D

Oh, and I'd advise going back and reading chapter 7, just because this takes off right where Chapter 7 ended.

...oh, god, now I have to write chapter ten. D:

Chapter 9 - Roadtrip, part 1 )

Part 2

Sep. 25th, 2008

Takes skillz to delete an entry instead of updating...

It does, yo.

But luckily, I cross-post, so yay, cut and paste!


Because I am bound and determined to finish the next chapter of TTYNKAP soon and I've been all "Music!!" since I got a new iPod...

I'd been wanting to do this for a while, but couldn't because of computer issues, but now everything is happy and shiny and I have music again and I'm working a bit on TTYKNAP every day now, upload hoooo~!

Soundtrack here! )

Apr. 20th, 2008

TTYNKAP AN: A Brief History of Wutai

I haven't been in the mood to write fic much lately, because I think I killed myself doing kinkfest, and my fic-brain needed a rest. Plus, I've been stuck with some small details of TTYNKAP for a while (like, names and stuff) and I needed to plot out some history and other such things before I could proceed. So I started working on the Author's Notes to TTYNKAP, because I figure, everything going into this fic ought to get explained. LOL, I want my hard word acknowledged, dammit. XD

A lot of what I've written is spoiler, which is why I'm posting the AN in pieces/subsections: only when something is no longer spoiler will I be explaining it. So I'm sitting on a bunch of them, and will be until after chapter 10 (that chapter is going to be the biggie. Oh my.) Some will have to wait until after the fic is done. *g* But as long as they were getting, I figured in pieces was better than dumping it on you all at once.

So, without further ado, the first of the author's notes, and this is due to change at any moment just because I might figure something out later (translation, I welcome your thoughts.) :D

The Geography and Brief History of Wutai, aka 'Why the hell does Midgar have signs in characters?' )

Apr. 19th, 2008

TTYNKAP: Author's notes

Nope, this is not the post with the notes. Why? Because right now, it is full of massive spoilers. Rather, this is going to be the masterlist, because it's getting to be too long for people to really want to read at one sitting, and I think it'd work better as separate posts. Especially since some stuff I can post and have it not be spoilery, and I can post notes after some chapters to give background.

Also, I think entirely too much. Because holy hell, the length of these notes. *death*

Joudama Explains It All: TTYNKAP edition

I. The Naming of Cats Things is a Serious Matter
II. Light and Shadow: the 'lost' scenes
III. A Brief History of Gaia: Wutai
IV: The World of the Wutai Clans, aka "'Don Corneo'?! The hell?!"
V: The Psychology of Reno, aka "Not Your Average Thug"

I can go ahead and post part three now, if any one is interested--it's actually completely non-spoiler. Imagine that. >XD

Feb. 26th, 2008

[Fic] The Things You Never Knew About People [8/14] - Gong zuo [Get A Job]

Title: Gong zuo [Get A Job]
Author: joudama
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: R for language
Notes: I found a site that had some examples from a book in China called "100 Things Parents Should NOT to Say to Their Kids," and once I stopped cracking up, promptly stole the best lines for Jie's mom to say, because YES. >XD Part of why I was laughing so hard was because I could see her saying every single one of them, especially, "Don't worry. No one saw us."

...God, I love Jie's mom. I make no bones about this. Of all the OC's I've ever created for anything, she is, by far and hands down, my favorite. I love her in all her surly, sullen, short-tempered, bad-parent glory.

Also, "Tsai" is romanized in pinyin as "Cai," but all the people with that name I know go by "Tsai," and so "Cai" looks funny to me. So, yeah. But then, "Tseng" should be "Ceng," so hey. Precedent!

Status: 8/14 (including epilogue in two parts)
Summary: It was never a good sign, when she stopped hitting and started smiling.
Master link to all previous chapters

Di ba hua - Gong zuo [Chapter eight: get a job] )

Chapter 9: Roadtrip | TTYKNAP master list

Jan. 23rd, 2008


All the drabbles I've done lately, all conveniently in one place.

I still want to write more, though--I've been feeling a bit drabble-ish lately. Whee!

For [info]cephy:
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Prompt: "Gotta kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight"

But We Have Sharp Teeth )

Fandom: FF7
Prompt: Reno and coffee

Wanna Cup? )

Writen for [info]cephy, then ported over to [info]finalfanasy100:
Fandom: FF7
Prompt: First Meeting

What That Guy Needs. )

For [info]ciceqi, originally posted on her journal (but edited and renamed here)
Fandom: FF7

Scheherazade )

From lj:
For twins_eternal:
Fandom: FF7, TTYNKAPverse
Prompt: Reno + a member of Avalanche (preferably Yuffie), who finds out he can speak Wutai, or that he knows someone who's Wutai.

What's In a Name? )

Jan. 17th, 2008

[Fic] The Things You Never Knew About People [7/14] - Serious

Title: Serious
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: R for bad language and violence (it's the Turks, yo)
Notes: Yeah, so, don't expect the next chapter to be out this quick--vacation is over and I'm back in school full-time, plus working, plus looking for a job before my visa expires. Yay! *death* I'm not going to have time to write seriously until the end of March, if I'm lucky, but I promise I'll keep plugging away bit by bit when I have any free time at all. But, um, yeah. Things go back to a trickle for a bit. Yeah. ^^;; Sorry!
Status: 7/14 - Halfway done!
Summary: You could tell, the exact moment when Reno got serious.

Chapter 7 - Serious )

Chapter 8: Get A Job | TTYKNAP master list

Jan. 7th, 2008

The Things You Never Knew About People Masterlist

Yay, the masterlist for all the chapters in The Things You Never Knew About People.

Title: The Things You Never Knew About People
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7, Turkfic [Reno backstory]
Fic Summary: You'd be amazed, really, the things you never knew about people.

1 - Flawless
Elena likes horror flicks, Rude has a sweet tooth, and Reno, well, Reno is a rather cunning linguist.
status: complete; 2,044 words

2 - 笨蛋 Ben dan [Stupid Egg]
In the end, the first words they figured out together were "stupid" and "ben dan."
status: complete; 803 words

3 - Half
He was surprised to learn he didn't know half so much as he thought.
status: complete; 1,834 words

4 - 花炮 Hua pao [Things That Go Boom]
Reno really likes things that go boom.
status: complete; 8,739 words

5 - Orders
Orders are orders.
status: complete; 4,306 words

6 - 注音 Zhu yin [Bopomofo]
His stupid is infecting the other!
status: complete; 5,870 words

7 - Serious
You could tell, the exact moment when Reno got serious.
status: complete; 10,208 words

8 - 工作 Gong zuo [Get A Job]
It was never a good sign, when she stopped hitting and started smiling.
status: complete; 10,106 words

9 - Roadtrip
Oh, I just told them to fuck their moms.
status: complete; 14,635 words

10 - 失去 Shi qu [Losing It All]
You're gonna have to start calling me 'ge-ge.'
status: complete: 11280

11 - Revenge
Sometimes, it's personal.
status: complete, 9575

12 - 潛龍 Qian long [The Hidden Dragon]
Time to find a hidden dragon.
status: complete, 2000

Epilogue - Noodles
And as odd as it was to hear Reno speaking Wutai, it didn't quite match the brain-bending of seeing Reno cooking.
status: complete, 2450

Weisheng 尾聲 - Hui jia 會家 [Homecoming] - He had to go and be a nosy bastard.
status: complete, 5410


Weaknesses - The drabble that inadvertently started this whole thing. I wrote it as a drabble for [info]writerzilch, and later we were chatting about it, and about what other things that you never knew about the Turks, and it was all downhill from there. XD
The Things That Never Happened to People - Pretty much like the name implies, five things that never happened, but if they had, would have changed the course of things completely.
The Author's Notes - In which joudama proves herself an anal-retentive nerd of the highest caliber.

[Fic] The Things You Never Knew About People [6/14] - Zhu yin

Title: Zhu yin [bopomofo]
Author: joudama
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: PG-13 for language
Notes: As with the last flashback chapter, Wutai dialogue is in italics. Likewise, there are some grammar mistakes; those are intentional because Jie and Reno are still in the process of learning their respective second languages, and speaking from experience, when you're upset or nervous, your skillz go to shit. Yeah. XD Oh, and remember the joke from before, motorcycles are stupid because they say "ben" [stupid] >XD

Also, according to the timelines I looked up online, around now is when the war with Wutai is starting. It's important to know, but not something easy to work into the story, since this is done from Reno's POV, and Reno is only about ten--he just doesn't think about the fact that a war is happening, because he's ten and a slum kid, so it has no real bearing, yet, on his life. Yet.

And! Bopomofo does actually exist; it's a system used in Taiwan for teaching little kids Mandarin, and used before they start learning characters. If your comp can see it, the "Wutai" chapter name under the cut has the bopomofo under it, above the romanization. See why Reno had no idea what to make of romanized Wutai?

Status: 6/12 (plus epilogue in two parts)
Summary: Jie's mom really owed him big for this.

Di liu hua - Zhu yin [Chapter six: Bopomofo] )

Chapter 7: Serious | TTYKNAP master list

[Fic] The Things You Never Knew About People [5/14] - Orders

Title: Orders
Author: joudama
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: R for bad language
Notes: *d00d*, I had fun with this chapter. >XD
Status: 5/12 (plus epilogue in two parts)
Summary: Orders are orders.

Chapter Five - Orders )

Chapter 6: Bopomofo | TTYKNAP master list

[Fic] The Things You Never Knew About People [4/12] - Hua pao

Title: Hua pao [things that go boom]
Author: joudama
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: PG-13 for language
Notes: So, Reno is in the process of learning Wutai at this point. Being in the process, he doesn't understand everything. To show this, along with all the language switching, all dialogue in Wutai will be in italics. When Reno doesn't understand, since this is Reno-POV, the words he doesn't understand will be in unitalicized "Wutai". Ie: "I xihuan blow shit up." So the italics, Reno understands, the non-italicized, he doesn't. OK? (And please to be excusing any language goofs I made) ...and yes, I am a language geek. Heh. ^^;; Inversely? Jie is learning Standard (English). Sometimes he can't manage it. When he gives up and says something in Wutai it the middle of a sentence, it'll be italicized. If Reno knows the word, it'll be translated into English; if no, it'll be in Wutai.

With one exception, where I'm leaving something in Wutai that Reno understands in Wutai. Basically, the joke doesn't translate otherwise. All you need to remember is ben means "stupid." >XD

Reno's name in the Chinese version of FF7 is "Lei Nuo," and Jie's mom, unable to really get a good grasp on his name due to extreme lack of Standard ability at this point, calls him by that. And speaking of, the English "translations" of the Chinese chapter names are by no means exact. I'm just playing around with them because I can. XD

...Also, OMFG, 22 pages. WTFBBQ.

Status: 4/12 (plus epilogue in two parts)
Summary: Reno really likes things that go boom.

Di si hua - Hua pao [Chapter four: Things That Go Boom] )

Chapter 5: Orders | TTYKNAP master list

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