Sep. 5th, 2009

Codec from jou (freq. 198.42) [aka, extended author's notes on 'Ienai']

I had originally been going to include this in "Ienai," then decided that since it was, well, as long as the fic, to do it in the same style as my "Ultimanias" for my FF7 fic--make it a separate post, and my fellow nerds could read it if they wanted.

Codec from jou (freq. 198.42): I picked that number for a reason. XD )

Jun. 4th, 2009

TTYNKAP AN Ultimania: A Brief History of Wutai

And behold, the revamp, edited, and expanded version of the first part of the TTYNKAP AN Ultimania. Though this one is more an Ultimania for the world building I'm doing for all of Wutai and the history of Gaia, really. ^^;;

A Brief History of Gaia: Wutai )

Apr. 20th, 2008

TTYNKAP AN: A Brief History of Wutai

I haven't been in the mood to write fic much lately, because I think I killed myself doing kinkfest, and my fic-brain needed a rest. Plus, I've been stuck with some small details of TTYNKAP for a while (like, names and stuff) and I needed to plot out some history and other such things before I could proceed. So I started working on the Author's Notes to TTYNKAP, because I figure, everything going into this fic ought to get explained. LOL, I want my hard word acknowledged, dammit. XD

A lot of what I've written is spoiler, which is why I'm posting the AN in pieces/subsections: only when something is no longer spoiler will I be explaining it. So I'm sitting on a bunch of them, and will be until after chapter 10 (that chapter is going to be the biggie. Oh my.) Some will have to wait until after the fic is done. *g* But as long as they were getting, I figured in pieces was better than dumping it on you all at once.

So, without further ado, the first of the author's notes, and this is due to change at any moment just because I might figure something out later (translation, I welcome your thoughts.) :D

The Geography and Brief History of Wutai, aka 'Why the hell does Midgar have signs in characters?' )

Apr. 19th, 2008

TTYNKAP: Author's notes

Nope, this is not the post with the notes. Why? Because right now, it is full of massive spoilers. Rather, this is going to be the masterlist, because it's getting to be too long for people to really want to read at one sitting, and I think it'd work better as separate posts. Especially since some stuff I can post and have it not be spoilery, and I can post notes after some chapters to give background.

Also, I think entirely too much. Because holy hell, the length of these notes. *death*

Joudama Explains It All: TTYNKAP edition

I. The Naming of Cats Things is a Serious Matter
II. Light and Shadow: the 'lost' scenes
III. A Brief History of Gaia: Wutai
IV: The World of the Wutai Clans, aka "'Don Corneo'?! The hell?!"
V: The Psychology of Reno, aka "Not Your Average Thug"

I can go ahead and post part three now, if any one is interested--it's actually completely non-spoiler. Imagine that. >XD