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Aug. 17th, 2010

Wii FIt Challenge: HAHAHAHAHAHA~

I decided to find out how much I weigh, so I flipped on my Wii and finally put in my correct height (I was going with 172cm, which is what it was when they measured me at a check up last year, even though I was going, "Bullcrap. My friend D is 174, and I'm taller than him," at that. I got measured again recently, and it told me 173.6, and I'm guessing that's way closer to right.)

Putting in my correct height took my BMI down a lot (as in, I've lost about 2 kilo since I was last on the Wii Fit, finally reaching one of my goals by going under 80 kilo/175 pounds, and with that and my corrected height, my BMI is the high end of 25), and the game told me I should shoot for a BMI of 22, and my weight for that would be...66.6 kilo.


Apr. 10th, 2010

Oh, wow

I just weighed myself in the longest time in forever (I haven'T been using my Wii Fit lately, because I've been so busy, plus I walk between an hour and two hours every day now) and realized that since I started trying to get in better shape last October, I've lost exactly 8 kilo--which is just over 17.5 pounds. Right now I'm at 80.5 kilo, and a goal I've kind of had as pie in the sky for a while is getting under 80 kilo--which is actually looking possible now.

Go, me. :D

Mar. 16th, 2010

Wii Fit Challenge~: Oh, wow, everything hurts

Time spent: 1:03
Calories burned: 275
BMI: 28.06

I swear to god, the trainer jinxes me. The second he says, "Nice balance!", I immediately lose my balance and nearly fall off the damned balance board. It has reached the point where as soon as he says it, I start yelling, "Shut up! Shut up! Bastard!"'s a good thing the trainer is not a real person, because I cuss at him a lot. When I'm not calling him a dork. Usually whenever he yells for me to count, I respond back with, "Fuck you, no." XD;;;;

It is a good thing I live alone. XD;;;;

Also, everything hurts. A lot. I wanted to die in the middle of the jackknives and my abs and sides currently hate me and want me to die. On the plus side, I finally beat the beginner level of the cursed obstacle course again, and that means it's time to do the higher levels again...which means lots and lots of me telling the game it is a dirty, rotten cheater.

Because it is.

Mar. 15th, 2010

Wii Fit Challenge~: You lie like a lying thing.

Time spent: 1:05
Calories burned: 304
BMI: 28.09

Yeah, I've gained weight. And I can tell, too--I feel rounder, and I don't like it. I was going to exercise Saturday, but my body decided it was sleep time...ALL DAY. I was going to yesterday, but I was so stuffed I felt kinda sick when I got home, and after five minutes went, "No, I have to stop and digest."

Today, since I feel rounder and gross, and my weight has been going up, I went, "That's it, no ifs, ands, or buts, I need to stop procrastinating and being lazy." Especially since I saw a friend I hadn't seen in months, and she was so surprised at how much weight I had lost and said I looked really good. So, yeah. I am vain. I admit it. So no matter how tired I am, I'm going to put in at least an hour every day (with the exception of days I have acapella rehearsal in Osaka).

For some reason today, the rhythm boxing game just had issues recognizing my punches. So I was going "ARGH!!" at the game a lot. XD

Tomorrow I'm doing the obstacle course game, so I can only imagine the cussing and accusations of cheating I will be doing then. >XD

I'm glad I put in a whole hour today; I had forgotten how good it feels to actually hit that hour long point. I just have to keep it up. ^^;;;

And speaking of, now I have to study. I spent a good two hours after work at a coffee shop reviewing stuff I did over the weekend, and now I need to do my listening practice. I swear, I need to pass just so I have free time again. ;_;

Mar. 9th, 2010

Wii Fit Challenge~: WTF is this 'Tsugi no pattern' shit? We're done!

Time spent: 32 min.
Calories burned: 133
Current BMI; 27.58

I worked until 8:30 pm, and only left because my brain stopped processing everything. As it was, I was the last person to leave, and the researcher who left before me was shocked anyone was still there. I got home at around 9:30, and went, "...I have to at least do the daily weigh-in thing and put in all the walking I did," and dragged myself over to the Wii. I used the Wii Fit yesterday, but only for about 15 minutes, and figured I'd put in the same today. Yesterday was so short and I felt so dead I didn't even bother writing anything up; I just kinda crashed in bed afterwards and went ZZZ.

Today, though, I decided it was time to stop babying myself and do the whole damn 30 minutes minimum I had told myself--and in no small part because for four days it told me I was the exact same weight. It told me I lost weight today, but I'm going with "I haven't eaten dinner yet" as the reason for that (and I'm eating it now. Yay, conbini salads.) Actually, I planned for 15 minutes, then at the 15 minute mark went, "stop being a lazy fatass." ^^;;

Since I wanted to just get it over with, I made the mistake of choosing the ten minute "choujoukyuu" (super high level) of the rhythm boxing game. I saw "mistake" because after four minutes, I wanted to stop, crawl over to my salad, and eat.

And that was how I discovered the "10 minutes" is actually over 10 minutes. Because I started it at 10:10, and around 10:16 was counting down to 10:20. And when 10:20 rolled around, the 'instructor' kept right on going with his "tsugi no pattern da" (Next pattern!") crap, and I was yelling, "Whaddaya mean, 'tsugi no pattern'?! No, dude, we're done now!" Stupid lying game. *grump* XD;;;

ANd now I am eating my salad and will be going to bed, and will make the pathetic attempt to drag myself in to work an hour early (yeah, right).

Mar. 7th, 2010

Wii Fit Challenge~: Ah, my old nemesis, we meet again

Time spent: 1:06
Calories burned: 277
Current BMI: 27.75

I was going to just do 45 minutes today, but then I went slightly over, and was like, "Eh, why not go for the full hour?" then when I hit the hour was so close to 275 calories (which is what I'm supposed to do every day to make sure I lose weight) and was like, "Oh, I'm too close," and just went for it. Go me. :D I am kinda puzzling at how I'm at the exact same weight three days in a row, namely since while yes, I've been doing a lot of eating, I've also been doing a LOT of walking, so what gives? Bah.

Today, I decided to try the obstacle course for the first time since restarting up the Wii Fit Challenge, stupidly figuring, "Oh, I'll just do the first level, since I know how to do it." I started it up...and was instantly reduced to screaming and cussing at the game, and then go, "Oh, fuck you, I am NOT losing!" and doing it until I didn't FAIL. Right back at square one, but I did beat it, then told the game it lied like a lying thing, because that did NOT only burn 13 calories, what with me huffing and puffing like a steam locomotive and sweating like it was the middle of summer or something.

I swear, it CHEATS. CHEATS. BASTARD. asdfghjkl;

Victory will one day be mine, of yes. One day.

And god have mercy on my soul; I'm bumping the jackknives up to 20 starting tomorrow. I will get back to when I could do thirty and not hate my life, but it's taking awhile.

Wii Fit Challenge~: Wow, that was a mistake

Time spent: 17 min
Calories burned: 82
Current BMI: 27.75

My belly is still full from the uber delish Indian food I had for dinner. Considering how stuffed I am, I'm perfectly OK being the exact same weight as I was yesterday. XD

Also, my Wii lies like a lying thing and seems to think midnight comes a lot sooner than it does the bastard. So I got to track down were my info for today was, when it flipped over to tomorrow all on it's little lonesome. :p

So yeah, short work out, but given that a) my stomach is still full of butter chicken curry and cheese naan and b) my Wii decided it was already tomorrow, I was like, "Y'know, I'm OK with this." Especially since I did more balancing-on-one-leg exercises today and OH GOD. I was calling the trainer everything but a child of god, believe you me. And my legs are informing me that they hate me and want me to die. XD;;

I was walking all around Nara today, so I don't feel so bad about slacking off, but I also know this is the last week I let myself do it, to. I'm going back to Nara tomorrow, since I need more out-of-the-house time, and also, there is an Israeli cafe/restaurant tucked away on one of the streets, and D00D. They sell falafel pitas and hummus pitas and schnitzel. I am SO THERE tomorrow. I found it randomly, walking down the street when I suddenly saw a tiny Israeli flag hanging and went, "What the--?" and took a closer look, and went, "Curse my full stomach!" So yes. Tomorrow. :D

Also, the song I'm listening to is so going up on fictunes next month. I heard it for the first time today and went, "Gah, why didn't I have you a week ago! Curse my luck!"

Mar. 6th, 2010

Wii Fit Challenge~: Yay, the pin head look is gone XD

Time spent: 31 min
Calories burned: 126 (ish; I don't remember, since it was yesterday)
BMI: 27.75

Seriously, the Wii Fit weight gain shame page needs to have an "I'm on my period and retaining water, so FU" option. Gah. (which is why I'm rolling my eyes at my BMI going up; any other week but this week, I'd be wondering wtf happened; this week, I know damn well what's happening, and the game and all creation can go DIAF.) It also did they mournful, "What happened yesterday, jou-san?" because I didn't use it, and I went, "BLEEDING FROM THE CROTCH HAPPENED" at the game and rolled my eyes. I'd dragged my happy ass home and promptly crawled into bed and curled into a fetal ball praying for death that day, and was like, "Ahahaha, fuck you," when I passed my Wii on the way to the warm comfort of my bed and the healing embrace of painkillers.

But I worked out last night since I wasn't in as bad of shape as I had been in the day before and knew that since I was only just now getting back into the exercise habit, I couldn't let myself slide with a "I just don't wanna today," and told myself I had to put in 30 min. I could have exercised more--I thought about bumping up to a full hour since I wasn't that tired, then decided no.

On the plus side, the trainer's hair went back to normal. This did not stop me from laughing at him the whole time, but at least this time it was laughing because of the dorky voice and not the hairstyle. XD

Mar. 1st, 2010

Wii Fit Challenge~: Hey, my Mii is smaller!

Time spent: 30 min
Calories burned: 136
Current BMI: 27.45

So I stopped being lazy again and booted up the Wii Fit, and was mournfully told "It's been four days, jou-san! What happened?" And I went, "Pbbth," and went through all the weighing and balancing and all that. I still, the moment of "how high is the little weight bar going to go?" is the most nerve-wracking thing of all. But to my relief, it didn't tell me I had gained weight! And then I went, "....Hey, I think my Mii is thinner! ..:DDDD"

You must understand, for y'all who don't have a Wii Fit, that when your Mii is deemed obese or overweight, the game makes your Mii fatter. And not just chubbier, oh, no--it adds to the shame by not increasing the size of your Mii's clothes, so they're too tight and your Mii's belly is hanging out from underneath the too-small shirt. My Mii used to have a good chunk of flab hanging out from under the shirt, but now not nearly as much is sticking out. So, heh,

I'm still working my way back up to where I was--after thirty minutes, and doing level one of everything, I was like, "...dude, I'm tired. And also, OW," and decided yeah, thirty minutes was enough for now--easing my way back in, and I'll shoot for bumping myself to the middle level exercises next week. I should be able to get back up to an hour a day in a two weeks or so (that long because bleeding from the crotch time is coming soon, and that means YAY BLOAT and YAY LOW IRON so YAY FEELING LIKE SOUTHERN-FRIED ASS). I'm also doing a lot of walking, so I know I should factor that into why I get tired out faster, too.

Feb. 25th, 2010

Wit Fit Challenge~: Yeah, it's been a while. ^^;;;;;

Heh, bet y'all didn't think you'd see this again?

I kept putting it off and putting it off, saying, "Oh, I'll start tomorrow" or "Oh, I'll start next Monday," and it just kept on not happening, so today I said, "Fuck this shit," and started. This despite the fact I walked to the station from work (it takes an hour) and I was sneezing my brains out all day and feel, in general, like ass. I bit the bullet and booted up the Wii.

Exercise time: 16 min
Calories burned: 63 calories
Current BMI: 27.58

I had a pleasant little surprise when my weight popped up--I had been feeling rather roundish lately, but not like I was gaining fat; just losing some muscle tone. I was terrified that I would have gained weight, but no--I'd actually lost quite a bit of weight. Some of it, yeah, is muscle, but considering all the walking I've been doing, I shouldn't be that surprised, but yeah--I've lost nearly 2 kilo (so about 4.4 pounds) in the last two months by basically just walking my ass off, and have lost around 6 kilo (13 pounds) since I started trying to get in better shape in October. Go, me.

I was also surprised by how much I had missed doing Wii Fit. Once I started everything up, it felt really, really familiar and comfortable. I think I just had to get off my butt to do it the first time, and now it'll start to be routine again.

...but as my numbers for today show, I am fully aware that I am not healthy and also have not pointedly worked out in over two months (as the game mournfully told me). After 15 minutes, I was like, "...yeah, I'm done for today." I went easy on myself exercise-wise, too: just 10 jackknifes (OWWIE) and three minutes on the hula-hoop game, and the step game made me kind of tired. I need to ease back in, but I will.

I have a new goal (I need tangible goals), which is to not look as much like a chubby schlep by the time I move around the middle of April. I'd like to get under 79 kilo/175 pounds, which will put me at a net loss of 10 kilo/20-odd pounds, and will get me halfway to the "normal" BMI range. I still laugh in the game's face when it suggests my goal should be 65.1 kilo, because that will never happen unless I stop eating, and I like food. XD;;; Still, my longish-term goal is to get to around 70 kilo/155 pounds, and as it is, I put it in the nebulous "And while I'm dreaming, I'd like a pony" place. XD;;;

Once I hit my very modest "look less dumpy" goal, my next one is "be able to fit into a yukata this year for summer and not be terrified of a wardrobe malfunction." I think the small, concrete, two-month long goal works for me.

Dec. 17th, 2009

Wii Fit Challenge~: Down to the wire

Time spent: 40
Calories burned: 185
Current BMI: 28.7

I realized today that I'm nearly at the lowest point weight-wise I've been since I started--the lowest was the first night I went out clubbing and somehow dropped well over a kilo (so much the game warned me that losing that much weight at once isn't likely to stay off--which was true because it was all water weight, and came back a day or so later), and I'm only a couple hundredths of a BMI points off from that (it was 28.66). I'm also back to under 85 kilo. Considering I started out just shy of 89 kilo, yeah. Not bad in two months. :D

I fly back home Saturday, and my fervent hope was to have lost ten pounds--so just over 4.5 kilo--before I did. I haven't quite reached that point, but I'm close enough that it really doesn't matter that much to me that I didn't hit a random numerical goal.

I'll admit that I'm worried about going home for other reasons than just going home--that's going to be a week and a half of pretty much no exercise plus a LOT of fattening American food. Can't be helped and all, but ARGH, will it suck to go backwards after all the ups and downs and work to get where I am now.

Also, because I know myself, I'm making myself work out BEFORE I pop in FF13. XD

Dec. 14th, 2009

Wii Fit Challenge~: slack, slack, slack

Time spent: 33 min
Calories burned: 127
Current BMI: 28.8

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm slacking. I didn't work out yesterday, since I had been dancing for hours the night before at a club, and today I had to make myself start (I usually don't have to), I only half-heartedly laughed at the male trainer (but the "Dork!"s that came out unbidden were whole-heartedly, because AHAHAHAHAHA, DORK), then I got a slight cramp in my side when I was doing the hula-hoop thing, which is a first. So I figured I'm tired and should rest. I did, however, do 30 jackknives (I'm kinda proud of myself; I'm getting a lot better at them; yay, muscle!) and did the evil hold-yourself-up-by-your-arms thing I failed at every other time. I managed it, even though GOD, it was hard, and I'm sure I'll feel it later. I did those first, which is why I think my abs and sides were like, "...eff you, we're done." XD;;;

So, yeah, I made myself do 30 minutes, and now it's ramen time, since I'm le hungry.

Dec. 12th, 2009

Wii Fit Challenge~: still a DOOOOOOOOORK

Time spent: 1:13
Calories burned; 305
BMI: 28.9

I did more than I planned, mainly because I thought I was a couple minutes away from the "piggy bank" that keeps track of your time and calories turning gold, but nope--not thirty hours; it must be forty. ):

The male trainer? Still a DOOOOOOOOOORK. *dies* The little thumbs up never ceases to be wonderfully lame. >XD

I had intended to take it kind of easy today, heh. I mainly did yoga and weight training, though.

I was wearing a pair of shorts I, duh, haven't worn since summer (the style now is shorts, boots, and thick stockings, go fig), and wow, yeah, major difference. They used to be tight on the thighs when I was sitting down, and they totally aren't anymore. So this is yay. I also should be able to bump up to 30 jackknifes soon. I'm thinking next week I'll try it.

The obstacle course still taunts me.

Dec. 10th, 2009


Time spent: 1:02
Calories burned: 286
BMI: 29.09

So I booted up the Wii, decided, "I'm gonna do some yoga today. I feel kinda bleh." I went to the yoga menu, pulled up the crescent moon pose, then went, "Wait, what the--?" at the male trainer being on the screen.

"I'm doing it instead of the other trainer!" he proclaimed, and I went, "OK, what? First it changed hairstyles on me, then genders? Whaaa-?" and rolled with it. Or tried. But it was too weird seeing a guy with no ass and oversized thighs on the screen. I figured, though, hey, one day of a change.

No, it was just one exercise, then it went back to the chick. And I was like, "Hunh, just when I got used to the idea of using the guy trainer." And decided, "Oh, why not? If nothing else, it'll help with with understanding guys speaking Japanese," and went into the settings and told it to use the male trainer, and popped open an easy yoga pose.

Y'know, I don't think you're supposed to point and laugh at the trainer, but I did. Literally.

The male trainer? DOOOOOOOOOORK. I was yelling, "Dude, you are waaaay too perky!" at the screen when he was giving praise (I swear, he sounded like Koyasu Takehito's in seriously-need-of-ritalin little brother with ADHD or something), then I got four stars and he gave me this DORKTASTIC thumbs up (the woman claps, so you know) and I literally pointed and laughed at the screen. I got as far as, "Dude, if you start clapping--" with a warning finger waggle when he gave the thumbs up, and I swear, I lost it. I went from you-better-not finger wag to POINTING AND LAUGHING.

And it wasn't that first time, oh, no, it was every time, because it never stopped being laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaameriffic. >XD

I honestly thing that every time he went, "Gambatte!" I went, "Pffffftahahaha~ *snerk*" Which was really unhelpful in the middle of exercises. >XD I got some pretty crap scores today all because I was too busy laughing my head off at the trainer than to keep my balance. And ohhh, it was so worth it.

I did more muscle training that I normally do just so I could laugh at the dork. My arms currently want to fall off and die, but yeah, worth it. >XDDDD

Dec. 9th, 2009

Wii Fit Challenge~: I would feel bad, buuuuuut...

Time spent: 1:05
Calories burned: 300
BMI: 29.09

Yeah, gained weight technically, but I am caring not one jot because my clothes are looser and it's also ~the mooooooost wonderful tiiiiiiiiiime of the moooooooonth~, so yeah, whaaaaatever.

Although I am looking askance at how my body seems to really and truly like staying at a BMI of about 29. I mean, honestly now. :p

The obstacle course is still pwning me and hard. ARGH. I was, once again, SO CLOSE. asdfghjkl;bastard.

I also tried the golf bit in the Training+ section and was so bored out of my skull that I will never do it again, not unless I'm feeling uuuuugh and need to do something completely non-taxing.

I got a "perfect dance" for the first time with the step dancing thing, so GO ME~. I then proceeded to completely botch the march thing, though. XD

Today was also mainly muscle training--I figure next week I'll be a masochist and move up to 30 jackknifes. And try the pushups again and hate life. XD;;

Dec. 7th, 2009

Wii Fit Challenge~: batteries and pata-pata

Time spent: 1:08
Calories burned: 290
BMI: 28.66 <--I do not trust this worth a sweet goddamn. XD

Yesterday's Wii Fit Challenge~ started to happen. I changed into my workout clothes, turned it on, winced as I remembered, oh yeah, I needed to buy batteries for the Wiimote while I was out!, figured it could make it one more day, and did the weighing and balance stuff.

...and then, before I could push the A button to tell it to save, the screen went black with ominous red letters, and it informed me it had lost connection with the Wiimote, and to reconnect the Wiimote and press A.

The batteries were so dead it would not turn on long enough for me to save. So I had to change out of my workout clothes and messy workout bun into real clothes and bun made with my actually looking in a mirror, and traipsing to the convenience store just to buy batteries. It took me about twenty, twenty-five minutes total, and I grumpily decided that walking time was my exercise for the day, and saved. It gave me a BMI of 29.9, so I was like, "OK, fine."

I don't trust today's mainly because it was another "forget to eat" days--I spent all morning playing Hikari no 4 Senshi and forgot to eat, aside from a breakfast bar. I stuffed myself full of ramen later (I'm going to make more after my bath; eating late being bad for you be damned), but yeah. That BMI is so full of lies. XD

I was quite vexed by the damn pata-pata chicken game (I was Right. At. The. Goal! when time ran out--I started yelling, "NO! I was SO CLOSE! NO!!") and the obstacle course. Both of them like giving me the finger, but one day, oh, one day, I will emerge victorious. XD

Dec. 4th, 2009

Wii FIt Challenge~: four stars, bb

Time spent: 38m
Calories burned: 185
BMI: 29.10
Feeling: tired

I am le tired tonight, so short workout. And since I'm off meds but my throat is still acting up (I'm gonna make an appointment again before I leave for vacation), I decided pushing it too much would be a bad idea. On the plus side, I did the really high level punching game--it's ten minutes long, so my arms kind of want to fall off...but I did better at it on my first try than I have the other punching games--I got a four stars. I think it's because it's twice the tempo as the first one, so it's a lot faster--I tend to rush, so the faster tempo worked for me. :D

Also, the trainer's hairstyle went back to the old one. Eh? :(

Now to call my mom (about my trip back to the US) then hit the bath. I learned the hard way, that i I don't take a nice, long soak after I work out, I hurt, hurt, hurt the next day.

Wii Fit Challenge~: Hey, did you do something different with your hair?


I know I should weigh myself in the mornings, to avoid the "my belly is full of food" thing, but yeah right. XD

Anyway, yeah, my belly is still omfg SO FULL from the Korean ramen and real Korean kimchee my friend M stuffed my full of that I'm frankly amazed that I can even move. It all feels like a leaden in my stomach, so color me unshocked and my weight going up. XD I feel plumped. XD;;;

On the plus side, though, Korean instant ramen is pure win for spiciness, and the hottie working at the Starbucks we went to (I'm drinking so much coffee now, OMFG. Blame M and the yumminess of Doutour's caramel marron latte and Starbuck's gingerbread latte) made the trip out to study with her totally worth it. :D

The obstacle course still vexes me. I'm getting closer--I was yelling, "So close! I was SO CLOSE!" at the screen because I was a jump away from the end of the level I was on. *screams* I would have tried it again, but the game decided, "Oh, hey, it's tomorrow, so let's erase your time and calories burned! :D"

Yeah. ,|,,

Also, totally random, my "trainer"'s hairstyle changed. I was doing jackknifes and all of a sudden went, "Wait a minute, her hair wasn't pulled back before, was it?" and was so confused and trying to puzzle it out when I was coming up on the exercises and cold see the screen, until I realized yeah, the game had randomly given her a new hairstyle. I thought maybe she always had that hairstyle during the jackknives and I never noticed before because I was usually working on not dying during those. But when I jumped over to yoga, I realized, yeah--new hairstyle.

This is why I like Nintendo--the little touches. Last month, there were fall leaves blowing around one of the menu screens, and this month it's snowflakes. And if you "poke" your Mii on that menu, it trips the hell out. You poke its feet and it starts stomping and jumping; poke its belly and it flails, and poke its head and it starts trying to swat it away like a fly. XD

Dec. 2nd, 2009

Wii Fit Challenge~: YA-HOOO~

Time spent: 1:03
Calories burned: 280
BMI: 28.90

I skipped yesterday because I wasn't breathing well and also, yeah, I was too ragey for it. ^^;; But I definitely was going to exercise today. My throat is still kinda bleh, which is why I was, I thought, completely off on the rhythmic boxing thing--so imagine my shock when I got my second highest score.

I also got a "Perfect march!" on the marching-band game--a major step up from one time when I did it and the cable from the wiimote to the nunchuck thwapped me in the face and knocked my glasses off (I got l33t m4d SK1LLZ, y0~). I also tried the obstacle course, again...three times. There is something to be said for sheer, unbridled determination to not lose. I finally figured out how to work with the ice, so that's a major hurdle cleared, and I am very, very close to beating the bastard of a game.

I also noticed that jackknifes do not kill me as much as they did a week ago--oh, I still laugh at the game for even thinking I'm ready for even thirty, much less "challenging" the trainer--AHAHAHAHA, no--but I got up to fifteen before I wanted to die. Before, it was around ten. So, yeah, much improvement. I might bump it up next week. :)

The big thing, though, was my weight went down, quite a bit--I'm finally under 29 for my BMI! No more giri-giri obese! Just firmly overweight!--and it doesn't feel like the times when I would look at the lower BMI it spat out and go, "You lie like a lying thing. LIES!" The last few days, I have actually had that same "getting into better shape" feeling I had when I first started. So this lets me know my reassessment was right, and I'm on the right track. I do want to add more yoga in, but I think that's going to wait until the obstacle course is no longer rubbing my face in the dirt. XD

Nov. 30th, 2009

Wii Fit Challenge~: The word of the day is 'bitch'

Time spent: 1:09
Calories burned: 324
BMI: 29.2

The obstacle course is a punk ass bitch. Do you hear me? A PUNK AS BITCH.


I beat the beginner level--I started it, yelled, "I am going to make you my bitch today!" and proceeded to pwn it. No, it wasn't as high as the first and only other time I beat it, but this time I beat it at a walk and felt confident I could do it again, unlike the first time, which was sheer, unbridled luck and panic.

Since I had beaten it, it gave me the option of the advanced level.


*froth at mouth*

I am not even kidding, I was screaming at the game, calling it every filthy name in the book...and calling it filthy names because it obviously calculated the calories burned based on the "meters" you had progressed, not how much you did, because there was no effin' way I only burned eight calories one particularly bitchtastic time.

And what, you may be wondering, make the advanced level that much more of an evil bitch of a game?

The ice.

That's right, there are points where the platform is ice, and your Mii will slide right off if the next platform you need to jump for is out of position. All you can do is watch as your Mii slides right off the edge, because your other choice is to commit suicide and leap into the sea.

I was literally making infuriated screaming sounds that sounded like they should be coming out of the Hulk.


And to top it all off, I redid my BMI reading (because I was stuffed full of coffee and bibimbap when I got home) and when it finished the "balance" measures it told me..."you should do the obstacle course to help you!"

Thank god you can't really rage quit the Wii Fit, or else I so would have. XD

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